Why the fuck are women allowed on this site anyway? What """robot""" does this happen to? Lol. What fucking trash

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calm down incel your sugar will spike

don't censor the name you fucking pussy

imagine being angry because someone else is happy instead of being miserable

Dude it's well established among any robots here that the only females browsing this board are orbiter seekers, camwhores or twisted psychotic thots looking to torture incels and prove they actually would be cucked doormats with no backbone at the faintest whiff of potential cyber pussy.

There is no such thing as a fembot. Only the occasional weirdo Asian femvolcel, but even they usually still want Discord orbiters.

Not going to expose her. I am pissed, but not vengeful. No reason to be. Just kind of surprised.

They're all retards user, think they can be lonely and can't. Also who's this? You're talking to her or what?

Lol, fuck you and fuck her. Why should I care about someone who led me on for months, only to do this?
Starting to look that way.

Yeah but who is she though? How'd you meet and stuff?

Yeah, met her on here. She gave me the usual "I am depressed" and "lonley" speil. Pretty funny how it worked out. I really don't know how they can think the belong any where on this board, lol.

if you're interested in a girl and don't ask her out within the first week, you're officially in the friendzone

"led you on" more like you added her looking for epussy and got buttmad when she got a bf

beta faggot

Thats why you don't talk or associate with girls unless you're fucking them. They don't give a fuck about you they just use you

damn you got btfo hard

On a thread on here. I don't remember what about. Seemed cool, but I guess it was just another cunt looking for attention. Whatever, at least I know she is addicted to this board and is hopefully ITT. I really don't know what she expected. No guy wants female friends. Yeah, she was really nice and stuff, but honestly, fuck her. I really liked her too, which is what sucks.

Never asked her out. Talked for a few months.
Either white knight, or you are her. Either way, fuck off.

The worst ones are the girls that detail their sexual life and tastes when they know you're a friendless kv who doesn't go out. I don't care if you have a bf but don't talk to me about how much you like to fuck him, that's just nasty.

Maybe I know her user, give more details I've talked to a bunch of girls """robots """ like that, so probably I know her.

Yep. The kicker is she was incredible sweet and kind. Literally never once was she not nice, but I guess she just used me as a stepping stone for her """depression""". Fuck her. Hope she rots.

>No guy wants female friends

Yeah but you need to actually tell them that and make it really clear to them that you will actually go through with the cutting off all contact shit if she's not willing to be involved with you sexually/romantically.

They've got dozens of "guy friends" already so why the fuck would you be any different, especially considering you're uglier and more of a loser than the majority of her already acquired guy friends and orbiters.

there are fembots, but they're lesbians. The only way to be a girl incel is if you want to fuck other women

wait, she was nice to you the whole time and now you're angry because you didn't get to smash?

makes you think

She never did. She was always really shy and cute. At least, I thought she was.

Rape her and kill her OP. Take what's rightfully yours. :)

Tfw sounds like my gf

Wouldn't she happen to be German, n-no user?

>makes a friend online
>happens to have vagina
>only worth talking to because she might let you fuck
>doesn't let you fuck
>she's the problem here
I don't understand how you don't understand why you're a robot.

Yep. Fuck her. She literally spent hours talking to me, and showed me all the stupid fucking things in her life. Her stupid fucking boots, telling me about her stupid fucking day, using me as a shoulder to cry on. The lonely girl turned out to be Chad's slam piece. Who would have thunk?

Yep. What's her name?
She could hold a conversation. I'll give her that. I really liked her. From the way she spoke, and even in the OP you can see, she was always nice, so I thought she liked me. Whatever.

She thought you were friends, retard. The reason you idiot incels don't get gfs is because you don't view women as being of any value other than being fucktoys.

God forbid someone talks to you about their life without offering pussy, theres a reason you're stuck complaining on Jow Forums

She was literally so sweet and cute. Damn shame. Damn.

Yeah sounds very weird, almost like she thought she was having conversations with another human being rather than a desperately angry sex pest. Hmmmmm. Strange.

Is she a spic from LA?

Yeah, I thought we were friends as well. But what use does she have for me now? Let her cry on his shoulder. Let her spend hours talking to him about her stupid fucking boots. Useless skank used me to deal with her shit. Let her fucking rot.

Wow you're clearly her. Fucking kill yourself and never return to this board again you rancid cunt. Fucking die in a fire.


LMFAO bro, if she had all the qualities of a good and interesting friend, why is she worthless to you now that she isn't gonna let you smash? Do you only befriend dudes like that for their sexual appeal?
Just saying how she probably sees it.

No, I just want someone to hold. I am waiting for marriage anyway. I enjoyed speaking to her. She was cute and sweet. Believed in similar stuff. Guess she was just lying.

No, German.
OP here. I agree with this lad. You used me, and have the gall to

>She was cute and sweet.

No girl is. I guaran-fucking-tee you absolutely no girl is cute and sweet. Even the autistic nerdy Asian sister you think must be a virgin and even possibly asexual will have turned out to have fucked a nigger before when out drunk.

I guaran-fucking-tee you, pal. Every single one of them is a worthless, festering whore.

Sure, I. I know it is you. At least fhcking admit it. I never wanted sex, although you clearly have it now, I just wanted to talk to a cute girl I thought was interested in me.

>No, German.

Is her name Constance, perchance?

Oh no, your friend talked to you about her issues and appreciated your support. Now that she has a bf you can't even treat her like a human being?

Honestly it's incredible how ignorant you are, she's probably upset at how quickly you abandoned her as a friend

9 out of 10 here are not fembots, user. the 1 of 10 is often a lurker anyway. They do post, but most posts you see are roasties and poasties.

It is starting to look that way. I feel hurt. I cared for this girl, and I thought she did for me. Guess not. I largely abandoned this board after meeting her. Started using only fit. Only came back because I know she'll see this. Maybe she can see how much she hurt me.

I know it is you, Izz. You think I wanted to do this? I really cared about you.

fembots arent real, women cannot be lonely

>Maybe she can see how much she hurt me.

But they like that, user... they get off on that. She made you feel, doesn't fucking matter whether it was positive or negative as long as she impacted your emotional state in some notable sense.

You should have very calmy and matter of factly told her what she did and how unacceptable and shitty it was while also making evident how little this imapacted and how little you care.

I'm a gay man posting from the bath, you could not have guessed more wrong. If you were too scared to ever make a move on her how is this anyone's fault but yours? Your impotent autistic rage is pretty funny though, good job.

learn your lesson, either you ask her out right away or you accept that she'll just be a friend, which in most cases isn't very interesting for men and is certainly no reason to listen to all the stupid shit women have to talk about. If you think by listening to her talking about her boots she's going to jump in your bed, it's actually very much the opposite

Are you that delusional that you think everyone who disagrees with you is the chick you were talking to?

Seriously, I think you need to reevaluate your views on things and realise that women aren't obligated to give you pussy because you're nice to them

but roasties amirite?

Did you ever make any move on her? Ask to meet her? No? Then it's your fault, retard.

>I'm a gay man

Stopped reading right there. You'll be the second to be rounded up and taken care of after the fem0ids in the final stages of the Beta Uprising. You're just a roast with a cock.

Mark. My. Words.

>Why should I care about someone who led me on for months
If you never showed your feelings and your attraction after so long, then the blames lies in you.

lmao did you even try to make a move on her?

seriously, fuck """""""fembots""""""""

>women cannot be lonely
Just cause most women can get laid easily doesn't mean they can't be lonely (and this is men's fault btw, you're all desperate)
If you could fuck an 1/10 tomorrow, would your loneliness go away? I don't think so. Women want a relationship, not to fuck some gross incel they found in a dating app.

Hah, sure. Every gym is packed full of fags while all you breeders guzzle onions milk. I'm so fucking scared. This threads not quite turning out the way you hoped is it? There's no safe space for people of your ilk.

based gay user

Fucking ame a time and place and I'll end your miserable existence right now, fag0id. Every faggot I know is a twink bottom that would be overpowered by most fem0ids.

actually op reading your posts i have to say fuck you too, you are part of the problem. just one of the desperate orbiters who beg for contact info in every """fembot""" thread, shit on robots and then crawl on the floor when some attention hungry roastie appears. so fuck fembots but also fuck you, fuck normies, fuck failed normies and fuck incels. only volcels should be allowed on this board

>I just wanted to talk to a cute girl I thought was interested in me.
So you just wanted to use a girl as an emotional tampon without committing to a relationship and then blame her when she goes in a relationship?
You're really pitiful lad, pitiful and contradictory.

Fair. I was duped.

You gotta move to em before this happens stoopid

I really don't know how you are lacking this much critical brain function. Clearly, my intention was to be in a relationship with her.

not gay user, but hahaha jesus, its hilarious how you lack the self-awareness to realise that this attitude is why you don't get pussy

rot in your parents basement incel

OP here. I am not that guy, just fyi.

I don't fucking want pussy. Why would I want to stick my dick in a creature I literally fucking detest and have near debilitating rage and hatred towards?

Why do you know loads of gays? Loads of gay twinks you want to overpower. Is there something you want to get out in the open user?

womens definition of loneliness is when their bf is away for 8 hours at work so they go online and cheat on him

mens definition of loneliness is going months or years without human contact.


^pretty good explanation in this vid but I doubt you have the attention span to watch it.

also most women are whores who don't want a relationship

I fucking wish I was every day of my life.

OP here. I have to go now. Keep the thread alive, or don't. I am going to go hit a PR today at the gym. Learn from my mistakes, never trust a woman go care about you. They never will.

you sound like a mgtow
kys faggot

damn, you are pathetic, i don't even feel bad for you. you should show interest in her, said something, that u like her a lot or something, but she thought you like her only as a friend. so it's your fault, she thought that you friendzoned her and after time she found someone. so pathetic. get over it, stop begin shit crybaby and find new one.

You should bash a fem0ids skull in with a dumbbel while you're there. Why the fuck are women even allowed in gyms either, they literally only go there to fuck Chads anyway, useless fucking distrctions and temptresses as always

you forget to take your autism pills this morning user..

no i won't watch it because i have a triple digit iq unlike you lmao
have a nice life, continue hating women and being miserable. it will get you nowhere.

OP ignored all the questions asking if he even tried to make a move at all, so i'll take that as a no and assume he simply orbited in hopes of getting pussy, pic related

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>Clearly, my intention was to be in a relationship with her.
Now you've made things clear for us.
What about her? Did you ever flirted or mentioned any romantic feelings you could have for her?
I highly doubt so.
And if you did and she didn't give you a clear answer, you should have forced a definite answer.
Based and redpilled, fellow volcel.

men are hopeless... they can't really use brain i see, they are truly subhuman

the only misery I have ever suffered has been caused by women. take your 75.5 iq and go cheat on your boyfriend somewhere else please

>be me
>actually want a solid relationship
>not a virgin, always get fucked over/cheated on for "i am not satisfied" reason
>literally have less luck with women than your average robot, they actually have female contacts
Woah, no man, it's not just robots. You got to act like a fucking clown or entertainment actor to get a girlfriend at this day and age. they want something serious as much as your average guy at the bar on saturday night

I know it is you, because how the fuck else would you know I never made a move? Despite the fact that I thought it was clear.

i wish i was her and so i could laugh crazy now but no, i'm not her. i just assumed that by your retardness that is common here. it's so clear that you didn't write to her about your feelings so she assumed that you friendzoned her, you are only one to blame. get your faggot ass together.

Sure, I.

imagine being as mentally ill as everyone in this thread

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Jesus Christ. How are you beta orbiters still doing this? After all the education that's out there about female nature? What has to happen for you stop wasting your time ever expecting a female to meet you halfway?

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Beta orbiters are simply born that way, as women are.

>oscar got another one

The worst is when they tell you they love you after a couple of weeks of talking then two weeks later when you say it back they say "sorry user I'm with someone now" bitch what the fuck is wrong with you. But yeah stay away from internet relationships don't take them seriously because girls won't take you seriously you'll learn to just use them to nut

I talked to like 3 girls off Jow Forums and they do type exactly like that lol sorry op but you might have luck with random girls on discord if you're more like me (pic related)

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>meeting thots on Jow Forums
4chan is a male space
Any bitches you find on here are chameleons, like gymthots and tradthots.

That's why you pump and dump, faggot. Women are completely useless regarding anything outside of sex.
Women aren't friends, or companions, or helpers, or conversationalists. They're just meatpuppets. If you expected to get anything but used by a fem"bot", you deserve it. lmao

Okay OP but

Did you actually expressed your intentions and feeling toward here in any way whatsoever ?

Did you had any plan to meet her up irl ?

>led on for months
this is why you don't add robots/incels, they think that just because you talk to them, that you're interested

this happened to me and it really fucked me up.

I have noticed that I no longer feel a strong attraction to women. Sometimes I think about sex but only on a shallow level. I used to fall deeply in love, to the point where I would feel it physically in chest.

I'm sure it'll be a very long time until I actually do get a GF. Girls are gross and I hate them.