When will stop being so childish r9k?

When will stop being so childish r9k?
You realize that its all your fault?

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ya. its my fault. but i can certainly blame you and my government for putting me on a TIP list.

>beer, pizza, and video games with the bros
Women cannot give me such happiness

ya bros are good, they dont hurt you like women do. and im not blaming women, im just saying men get hurt for getting rejected, thems are the rules of biology. theres no way around it, i dont blame women for life's side effects.

2:02 relates to your post.

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I've seen this thread a hundred times

you'll keep seeing it because that's r9k.

>tfw we're actively ruining women's lives by being dropouts

Feels good man, take that you fucking roasties

Yep, it probably is the fault of men. The conditions of the deal need to be sweetened but we all know that won't happen.

>playing games is childish
>having flings and sex with a different new male at least every single week for 10 years is not slutty or promiscuous.

>making this a woman hate thread

fuck off CIA.

problem is that guys cheats way more often than women

>it's always the man's fault

guys getting more and more pathetic, they can't get enough money for family or even find a job, they are lazy, play games and they are so weak, can't even hold a hammer, they don't know how to even use it... and their bodies, years of laying in bed and playing made them so unattractive.
what happened? where are those strong men that could make stable life for all family?

They wouldn't be if most women such as you weren't such annoying, stuck up cunts.

approach me and I'll put a baby in you

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so men cheats more than women? i can see you now user, they truly cheats more, you are right user, guys are faggots

i rather die than go through a 18 yr prison sentence raising a child, i love my freedom to much to be a parent

They getting better lives instead of dealing with cunts like you. Same with women who aren't dating men with vaginas.

>hanging out with your friends is childish
Women really are miserable cunts, huh.

Everything is too expensive. We simply do not have any money. Get your own.

Memes aside, men actually are getting more childish and it needs to stop. You can defend it all you want so you can spite roasties, but do you really want more soiboys around? Because soiboys are the epitome of childishness and what a man shouldn't be.

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that kind of guys disgust me

Unironically agree with OP, both roasties and "men" are to blame.
You hear it all the time from normalfags posting on here, they just wanna play "vidya" and "get layyyyid".
Those are the average millennial male in the currentyear.

The few well intentioned roasties who might wanna stop riding the carousel can't because of manchildren.

It's a self-fueling endless spiral.

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>Well intentioned
Orbit harder nigger.

>women only sexually desire top tier men
>men who aren't top tier instead go focus on other things
>"you are immature"

I'm sorry, but I'm not following

it's click bait my dude

>the workforce is equally split between men and women
>women want to marry richer men
It just doesn't work.

yea it does. they're fine sharing rich guys with each other.

>The few well intentioned roasties who might wanna stop riding the carousel can't because of manchildren.
Lets not delude ourselves. Sluts want to marry when they're around 30 and their looks are going downhill fast and they're cynical as shit at this point.

>normiefags getting mad because men are enjoying their life

They're fine with sharing a Chad boyfriend for fucking or tolerating their husband having an affair, but they won't share a top-tier man who wastes resources on other bitches.

Who cares? I envy guys who can cast aside all the vapid roast beef for something that will actually give them happiness.

already married to nice wives who locked us down in high school

wrong. just go look at dicaprio. they really dont care all that much about sharing those guys, they like being in a harem.

>Orbit harder nigger.
some are, and are victims of the sexual market almost as much as incels or "nice guys"
There's sluts and there's vanilla women who just *have to* sleep around due to systemic mechanisms

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>be an alright looking guy and not a bad guy in character BUT with an average pay and no rich dad
>want to have a nice family
>no gf would get serious because I'm not "ambitious", which is simply a code word for moneys
I'm 31 years old and starting to get seriously bitter about this shit.

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>womens having kids late

litearlly 90% of the women i went to highschool
with have children in them right now

>Start college a few years ago
>Never had a GF
>Fire rises and the feminism/sexual revolution gets worse than ever
>Wymyn nowdays have many STD's or many exboyfriends and they re not even 17
>Monogamy is a thing of the past
>Still a virgin
>Get drepession and suicidal thoughts
>I discover the SK games
It was godsend for me if it were for these videogames i would shot my brains off

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jokes on you I dont even want get laid anymore. There is nothing more boring than talking with women. This half assed thread is beyond the majority of female thought. Men only put up with them to gain access to pussy.

Give me one good reason why I should marry a woman and have kids in 2019?

>born poor
>not that attractive, very average
>good looking 7/10 girl takes care of me and provides me money and fucks me a few times a week
>has confessed she loves me
>I haven't
>this has been my life for 11 years

works on my machine user

In the same way that women aren't seeing much of a reason to have sex with or give attention to beta males, beta males aren't seeing much of a reason to find and settle down with a gender that has only ever rejected and mocked them. Once upon a time, women were wiser -- they knew to hide their contempt for beta males and throw them the occasional pity date/fuck, but now they just completely disregard them until they're done riding the cock carousel and are surprised to find that, in that time, they've removed themselves from the dating market and found ways to cope.

based. fuck roasties, fuck normies and fuck society

But you're not married and don't have kids.

>She just has to sleep around
Nigga, if they change to such a degree just because of the system lole , then they were not good women in the first place.
This is why there are no good women in the first place. they all bend rather quickly to society's big dick

>if they change to such a degree just because of the system lole , then they were not good women in the first place.
that's the nature of women, more victim of societal norms than men.
>This is why there are no good women in the first place
there were NEVER good women u sperg, my point is even the less bad ones HAVE TO conform since they can't do otherwise due to man children

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>anime chicks are bigger sluts than irl ones
>user even showed slut anime girl pic
>he choose anime ones
you are truly an idiot user

Pros of being manchild
>Get to do what you want regardless of age sterotyping
>Video game time as much as you can when not working
>Hang out with like minded bros anytime you want
>Masterbate all day everyday if you please.
>No expectations from anyone about what kind of job you hold, just have to work enough to live and play vidya.

Cons of being a manchild:
>Don't get to have sex because women find you off putting.
>Non-bro society looks down on you for not conforming to the "adult" image and doing work shit outside of work.

Pros of being a non-manchild:
>If you are decent looking and have social skills you can have sex pretty regularly.
>Have a family
>You get to look down on manchildren to make yourself feel better.

Cons of being a non-manchild
>Having to worry about your wife leaving you for a different person.
>Having to worry about your ex-wife filing for alimony and child custody rights and probably getting both.
>Having to worry about paying for a wife you no longer fuck and a child you no longer see while simultaneously trying to support yourself.
>Having to do busy body work that you don't like doing because its what adults do and people will think you are lazy if you don't.

Gee, I wonder why manchildren are on the rise.

I look like a child. I convinced myself I was "still growing" and that my looks would fill out, but no, my growth is actually stunted or something. I'm 25 and I look 15. Everybody thinks I'm 10 years younger than I am.
I know looking childish is unattractive, too. Girls my age hate it.

> kids late in life
> my fault

Does she not know that there's an endless fountain of sperm that continuously spurts out of the cock carousel? Just hop on the cock anytime you want, and 9 months later you'll get a baby.

And it's somehow my fault that she doesn't know this?

anime grils can be whatever you want them to be

On the bright side when you're 50 and look 20 you'll be scoring younger puss left and right while all the roasties your age will have slammed into that wall.

and all weebs choose them to be sluts, all your waifus were fucked and hot glued by men all over the world, enjoy it my brother

what are these SK games you speak of?

since when is CIA so based?

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Women actively seek men like that because they're "not childish"

Female tastes have barely evolved since the dawn of time. In fact, I feel like online dating has allowed them to regress back to their baseline of going for men who provide the basest forms of athleticism, aggression and security.

If I marry a legal loli I'm like 90% sure my kids will be age-proof. I'm basically a legal shota.

Then we agree, they are all shit.
Im not gonna feel bad just because the system they made is turning the less smelly shit into a huge turd just like the rest.

>Im not gonna feel bad just because the system
nobody is asking you to feel bad, but keep in mind even potentially decent companion are getting ruined by the system.. because they don't know and can't do any better

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You just have to take the Blackpill. There's no hope so just give up. A life of hedonism will get you as far as you need to go.

In twenty years, when it becomes possible to grow a baby outside of a woman's womb, these debates are just going to get all the more crazy. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I seriously need someone to talk to. Does anyone here know where I can find that?

This is not what I needed to read right now

Thing is, I don't care

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Then why don't they just have kids with these manchildren? Oh yeah its because of the hypergamy.

Good, i don't give a shit about kids

There's no reason to. You're retarded if you think that would even work. Manchildren and crazy cat ladies will be replaced by immigrant families. That's how history has always worked, with or without overall population growth. You're lucky that you weren't sent to fight in a war.

so pick a guy who can't even get a girlfriend

the problem with you women is you aren't solution oriented.

Those are effiminate faggots. Children will bully those.

based OP spiting out the truth

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the culture war and general societal unrest in combination with single-motherhood has programmed girls biology into thinking it's a time of war so they are developing earlier and employing r-selection strategies and with birth control they can satisfy their biological r-selected slut urge without any repercussions. and they also want the backup k-selection strategy as a backup for after they slut around and hit the wall at 26.

not to mention that women are naturally competing with eachother to be prettier and the sluts ramp up this process by showing more skin and putting out easier so girls think they have to compete and become more slutty themselves or they won't ever find a chad mate. this is ramped up also by social media.

women want it all and the chads are outcompeting the k-selected bros by sexually satisfying sluts, but women are so stupid that they think they can actually get chad to settle down with them and make him a provider.

women ruining everything once again. can't wait for artificial wombs and reproductive sex robots so i can see roasties freak the fuck out that betas are reproducing at a way faster rate and they can see into the future of society only being comprised of low quality betas to choose from. really fun times we're living in.

this. it sucks that so many men leave their families

You live in the wrong place if these are the only woman around you.

I've had 2 girlfriends cheat on me, 3 girls cheat on their boyfriends with me, 4 of my friends girlfriends have cheated on them, my mother cheated on my father
And that's only the stuff we know about

Guess how many men I know have cheated on their girlfriends: 0
Every guy I've talked to always has a story about a cheating whore

It's like none of the people who spout this kind of shit understands that social problems and economic problems are solved in the same way.

>I want you to paint my house
>Incetivize me
>Here's money

as opposed to:

>I want you to man up and marry those sluts
>Incentivize me

That's on top of the point that in today's world, money goes a lot further than a woman. Get a good job, sure, but do it for your bank account and investment holdings. Don't do it for anyone else.

it's the mothers fault 100%. women are supposed to choose a mate that can stick around to provide and protect his familyl. except again women are so stupid that they just want chad cum because they percieve it as high quality offspring but they don't realize it's just going to be a pump-and-dump situation and the guy will never stay.

maybe with gene editing we can remove women as an organism all together so things will actually run correctly and they cant fuck absolutely all of society up.

guy is a tool just because he wanted kids doesn't mean everyone else does

Yeah that's nice but we need to figure out why so many dads just leave without warning or reason.

how about women just choose guys that stay instead of passing on the genes of guys who just leave? maybe women can do that since they're the ones who choose the future of the gene pool?

fuck outta here roastie, better luck next cock?

Women are having kids later in life because they are going to college and graduate school you nincompoop.

women don't choose lol you feminist. men choose who they propose to and then leave unexpectedly.

>Women blaming men for being undesirable

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The irony here is that women (correctly) perceive that a man who lets himself be turned into a betacuck provider is a weakling and coward.

The whole system is garbage, sure if you're Chad you get to have fun times but women will more likely than not abort any kids you make accidentally or not, and if you try to go the responsible guy route women will hate you for being a cuck bitch and treat you like shit (women secretly hate guys that settle into monogomous relationships because it's viewed as a kind of surrender/submission).

Just stay home and jerk it to Mongolian cartoons, that's what I do

>men choose who they propose to
>if a man proposes you can't say no

>Girls my age hate it.
Date 18 year olds, then. Or younger if legal in your area.

beer, vidya, and bros aren't responsible for giving me suicidal depression after a breakup either

They don't WANT to, though. Because the kind of strong-willed, independent guys that are more likely to walk out on women are also not surprisingly often most attractive.

This is where the women-like-bad-boys cliche comes from, but when you think about it, there's nothing "bad" about what bad boys do, and nothing "good" about what good guys do.

Bad boys defend their self-interest, and good boys subordinate theirs to society and women (and get shit on for it).

I feel like part of the reason society treats men so badly in divorce is because behind the fake smiles and professions of gratitude and respect for responsible married men, people really don't see them as better men on a base, animal level. Deep down, people see them as cucked weaklings, and actually respect cads, niggers, playboys, etc. more.

>I seriously need someone to talk to. Does anyone here know where I can find that?
you can try 7cups.com if you think talking online would be sufficient

I have no social circle anymore and have never had a gf so hanging out with my parents and their other 60+ year old friends occasionally is really the most I ever get to do with anyone else.

Roasties actually coping this hard, it's hilarious to watch actually

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Who gives a shit.
Original comment. Like honestly just fuck off if you're so upset about it.

Because if you don't leave after the divorce is filed or finalized, she'll have men in policeman costumes forcibly remove you.

I think that's a thing of the past. I only ever knew one guy who cheated out of all my friends, and they all had gfs at some point. I believe the modern woman cheats a lot more than the modern man as long as we aren't talking about the mongoloids on both sides who can't stop themselves from fucking anything that moves.

>get married
>have kids
>gain nothing
>lose everything

It really is that simple. Men simply don't need women. The only two uses a woman has is to be fucked and to cook and clean. They mostly don't do any of that even at the best of times, and I'm not even getting into the whole roastie and Tyrone shit.

It just makes no sense. Sex? She'll never be as good as my imagination or hentai. Cooking? Men are better at that. Cleaning? We don't give a fuck. And on top of that sex is cheap if you really want it. Women have made themselves worthless and we just moved on, that's all.

B-but muh white babies

Maybe if women didn't feel as if they're entitled to make men's life a misery and expect us to thank them for the privilege this wouldn't happen.

Relationships are a two way street. And until females start treating men with actual respect I don't see why I should give them any mind. Fuck em. This is the future they chose.

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Have you tried being Chad tho