Dubs decide if I kill myself

Dubs decide if I kill myself

Im not sad, just not interested in living anymore.
Its boring

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Don't you will end up in hell

Don't kill yourself. Satan is manipulating you.

>just not interested in living anymore.
>Its boring
fuckin tell me about it user, everything is the same every fuckin day. nd rolling for no so you have to live through this repetitiveness. im may empathize with you but it doesnt mean ill be nice kek

well at least you'll have good company in hell

Kys poststamp the gun

Well if you're into dying, then isn't suicide kind of boring way of dying, too?

I think provoking death is also a kind of suicide

Like suicide by cops

I dont have a gun user


What then?
Need instructions on how to make one?
Liting your ass sounds cool too

Have you heard about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Rip OP In Satans hands now

do a flip off a bridge

rerolly roll rollfl rollao

Get a friend or someone in your car under the guise you're hanging out, put a song that annoys them on, and get them mad as possible, then while you're laughing your ass off at them being mad, lock the doors, roll the windows down, and drive into a deep body of water.

Well do something to make it not boring faggot wow you're bored so you think well instead of doing something not boring you think let me kill myself maybe you should kill yourself this amount of stupidity should no be in the gene pool

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Dont do it faggot

You fag this can't be coincidence you literally will go to hell if you kill yourself

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allah willing my dubs will convince you to kill yourself

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Life has no meaning until you give it one.

Do it and forever join the idiots who died on Jow Forums.

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Adios, fagot!

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Dont do it user. Where there's life, there's hope.

get your head stuck in a toilet

trips. you gotta do it now user.

Oh lawdy, no dubs yet, don't do it you fucking edgelord

Don't do it
t. Actual Satan

>no dubs

OP is dead

Nigger you got trips yourself

nigga you got dubs yourself


Trips and you do a shooting.

Nigga you got dubs yourselff

how deep is this gonna go

Enlist in the army. Find brothers in arms and purpose.

You'll have a gun if you still want to die

go on some shooting spree or at least livestream it fag, do it.

Dont kill yourself faggot. Go down slaying the people who wronged you

if quads then OP should not an hero. Also, if not quads then OP is a nigger

user, if you wanna die so badly, don't let it go in vain. Murder-suicide time. Blow up some baddies

>asks for dubs
>gets trips
Go for it, user.

>Dubs decide if I kill myself
It's a bad omen, OP. If you do it you're going to burn. I'd wait if I were you.

sure kys see you in hell

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come on paypal you tard