Imagine what it feels like to have a gf...

Imagine what it feels like to have a gf, then you can finally stop worrying about dying alone and focus on things that actually matter

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like raising my replacement, to wage and support this system to the end of their mortal days. maybe theyll get put on the TIP list too, or the improved version.

TIP is just modern mk ultra

What is TIP, user?

Is that a woman OP?

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shut up incel, you'd be lucky to have her

But what if I was successful, happy, and alone in life?

she looks sad..was it her birthday, user?

I was less stressed when I was single. Now I always have to be thinking about interesting things to talk to her about, I have to care about my appearance more, I worry about chad taking her from me. And all the responsibilities that come with eventually starting a family. Being single gives you the luxury of not giving a shit about anyone else.

This makes me sad because if I had a gf this is probably what she would look like.

Only one girl has ever been interested in me, and she looked pretty much exactly like that. It's only fair though.

>I worry about chad taking her from me.
Honestly, I'd think he'd give her back once he'd finished with that one.

but i bet you're way below average. you dont deserve a Stacy.

having a woman is like having a baby that is intelligent enough to command you almost every waking minute
fuck I wish I was incel, >tfw gf is a meme

>being this bluepilled

Google hypergamy.

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Hypergamy is not a bad thing.

the girl in your pic related looks like the Russian sleep experiment bandaged thingy user

It is for individual people, who gives a shit about the human race after were gone?

guys can be hypergamous too. If you get an opportunity to be with someone who is just straight up better than your current partner, there are few people who wouldn't go for it.

Who cares about those individual people, except the individual in question?

>Russian sleep experiment bandaged thingy

No, she's the famous hairy girl. Small hairy tits. Super-humongous bush.

Guys can be hypergamous yes, the likelihood that they are given the opportunity to be so is far less likely than that of women. You don't have guys turning down girl after girl after girl because they feel they can do better.

>but i bet you're way below average. you dont deserve a Stacy.
I know that your retard What part of "It's only fair though." don't you understand?

you forgot the "un" part