Ran over a raccoon last night on accident

>ran over a raccoon last night on accident
>heard a scream "YEAAAALGGGHJ---" as my truck hit a slight bump

Please forgive me. Should I turn myself in to the cops?

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Did you eat it or did you let its death be for nothing?

Fuck raccoons. I lived in rural Oklahoma for a while when I was a kid and those cunts were a nightmare. The biggest faggots of the animal kingdom.

Poor raccoon. They really are pretty cute even if they are trash bandits

Why is your life so shit avatarfag, every day you manage to shit something up

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that's pretty hot not gonna lie


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Seriously, it'd be comical if it wasn't so pathetic. Poor retarded twink

>retarded twink

i think his IQ is in the low 90s and severely gay

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Raccoons are assholes. Don't worry about it.

>>heard a scream "YEAAAALGGGHJ---" as my truck hit a slight bump


You both suck.

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>biggest faggots
>not cats

t. citydweller

I might actually have to agree with that. Feral cats basically killed all the cute wildlife in my trailer park.

Don't run my fucking cat over again

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Coons live in cities too. They're all over the place in Toronto.

Yeah but the cops can take care of coons. They don't do anything about raccoons.

>Don't run my fucking cat over again

>tfw had cat that got ran over like five times
>got more retarded and cross-eyed each time but always survived

What was it then? It was so grim sounding. I'm pretty sure it was a raccoon.

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>What was it then?
you ran over a child fucking avatarfag

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