Why don't you just date a foreveralone girl from the 13th to 15th only, Jow Forums?

Why don't you just date a foreveralone girl from the 13th to 15th only, Jow Forums?


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I once fucked a foreveralone woman. She had shitloads of cats. She had shitloads of emotional baggage and hated men yet wanted a man. She had some guy who loved her in college who she turned down and kept as a friend and was supremely angry that he married someone else.

I saw pictures and she was like a 5-6/10 in college, but by 32 she was pretty ugly.

I was gaming with her a lot and she'd say perverted shit to me all the time. Then one night I was drunk and we were talking, and she let all that foreveralone baggage out. Also found out she lived an hour away. She apparently already knew I lived that close somehow. I took pity on her. I set the ground rules and was straight up that I didn't want a relationship with her. I said I'd go over and have sex with her for a weekend. I video chatted with her drunk off my ass and knew she was kind of ugly.

Wasn't too drunk to remember, so I went over the next weekend. She had a shitty poor run-down house that was left to her. It smelled of cat piss. It was a really small house. She cleaned her bedroom but it still looked like a dump. I arrived Friday night, we watched some TV and she ordered pizza. She wanted to make out but I didn't want to. She started trying to give me a blowjob but she was honestly just ugly and I stopped her because she was about to ruin the whole thing.

I stuck to the ground rules and told her we'd go into her bedroom. I turned out the lights and told her to get undressed, and I did too. Then I went into bed with her and spent some time getting into the right mindset and just letting her feel my body and got more comfortable with hers. She really didn't seem to know wtf she was doing but got me half hard, and got a little horny and kissed her all over not thinking about how she looked or anything. I focused on the sensations only and her voice (she had a sexy voice) and I fingered her and then fucked her really hard missionary position.


I didn't cum when I fucked her, but it also wasn't bad. I was just really tired and started falling asleep, but her bed sucked and it smelled like cats everywhere. I started finally dozing off about 15 mins later but she went under the covers and started sucking on my balls and my now soft dick. Again she obviously didn't know wtf she was doing and it was a little weird and inconsistent, but I did hard again. Then she started randomly talking about taking care of problems that she knew were bothering me (the cat smell mainly but, and it was just really uncomfortable in the bed and hard to stabilize myself for sex because the mattress was like ancient). So I started getting soft again, then she started giving me a really bad blowjob again but still kept fucking talking in between. I put my hands under the covers and helped guide her head and she was fine with it so I started somewhat fucking her face and using her mouth how I wanted, then as I got into it and felt like I could manage to cum she gagged and stopped and started talking about random shit again and then apologizing. I was frustrated so I tugged the covers off and flipped her over and told her I needed to take care of my erection, and she practically squealed "yes!". I expected to take her doggy style but she didn't seem to know wtf to do so she layed on her stomach and I just drove my cock into her flat on the bed. I looked up at the ceiling while working her pussy around my cock, got into the right mindset about 10 mins later and lots of squealing and at least a couple orgasms from her and just straight up fucking flooded her cunt with my semen.

nobody's going to read this shit


Now I know what you're all thinking. It was a stupid idea to flood a foreveralone femanon's cunt with my man juice. Well like I said, ground rules. I knew she was on the pill. I witnessed it over video chat, and I saw her take it when I showed up. I was honest with her and she was ok with it, so I made sure.

Rest of the night was uneventful. I rolled over and went to sleep. Woke up Saturday morning and suggested what we needed since I was staying there until sunday afternoon. I really meant if she had the stuff around... air freshener and extra blankets to pad the bed. But she immediately left to go to the store. I looked in her kitchen and her cats were on the counter. Her food sucked, it was all junk food and shit. I ate a few pop tarts and microwaved a couple eggs because I didn't trust anything else in the kitchen. She came back with bags of air freshener and blankets and pillows from wallmart.

I decided fuck it, if I'm staying here I don't want to stay in a dump, so I grabbed her cleaning supplied and helped her clean up. Told her what needed to be done, told her to throw some shit away, told her to move her furniture around and to open up the windows (she had disgusting old drapes that blocked nearly all of the sun). It actually wasn't half bad by noon.

Then we ordered more food, and I joked around with her like when we'd game together and we started talking shit about another gaming clan we always played against. She showed me her rig which I didn't notice in her bedroom the night before, and we kind of played together with me over her shoulder. It was really bad so I told her to load up TF2 and grabbed some beers, and we drank beer and fucked around on voice chat while being terrible in the game.

Somewhere in her laughing and the beers I got super attracted to her. It was weird. Like I still thought she was kind of ugly but I got a huge boner. I fucked her in her gaming chair but drank too much beer so I couldn't cum.


For something like 2 hours I was fucking her. First in that chair, then bent over her desk, then she started blowing me while I drank another beer, then I fucked her on the floor before taking her to the bed. She made a fuckload of noise and later told me came "like a million times". I finally got her in doggy position and grabbed the headboard and pounded her relentlessly and came.

I fucked her pretty much all of Saturday night but wasn't able to cum until the early AM when the beer was out of my system. There were obviously gaps where we weren't fucking, but mostly it was her cumming a lot, then me trying again, and again cause I needed to nut again. Early Sunday morning after her riding me I got up and busted a nut on her face, then immediately fell asleep.

Woke up I think like 4 hours later with her blowing me. I didn't really know what else happened when i was sleeping but I had lotion or some shit all over my body.

Fake story or very stupid, the pill doesn't work that way.

She was already on it dickface. For other reasons than sex. I just needed proof that she was on it.

i did because i have no life
>chicken strips
that's how you know she's a fatty

So you saw her take it once on vc and then in person.

And that's your proof that she was "on it"? Then yes, you are very stupid.


I was sober and hard and flopped her over for missionary sex. She started kissing me all over my face and I just jackhammered her pussy but couldn't cum. We had a few hours before I'd go so we went to her couch. She didn't put clothes on but I did, and she kept trying to get me hard. I let her snuggled with me and stroked her hair, and she ruined the moment by unzipping me and playing with my soft dick. Then she went full sadness and said she knew I was just doing this for her but that I'd never date her. I felt bed and told her to straddle me. She got up and started grinding on my dick while still sad. I kissed her and stroked her hair and said it's alright. I pulled her in and hugged her, got hard and put my dick in her, then I gave her a nice passionate ride with lots of kisses and compliments. Surprisingly, I started getting extremely horny from this and came inside her while kissing her.

Then I packed my shit and said goodbye, and she started crying. I told her not to cry, and that I'd be back next weekend. She accused me of lying acted like a douche, so I walked out.

Next Thursday I texted her asking when I should come over. Told her that her yard needed work and she needed someone to help her move some old furniture she didn't want. She was really happy, and I brought a bunch of tools and a lawnmower, and helped fix up her shithole property. Because I'm a nice guy.

Do you really come onto Jow Forums and make up a story about having sex just so you can act superior and nonchalant about something that we have been deprived and denied of? Christ dude, and you people call US pathetic


Really though I was interested in that last fucking we did, where I got super horny kissing her and being really sweet to her. So Friday night of that next weekend I had her ride me and we did the same thing, and I came hard within 5 minutes. It was embarrassing actually. But she kept slowly riding me, with my cum in her, and grinding, and we kept kissing, and I got hard again. It felt great and we spent an hour like that, then she rode me hard and had a screaming orgasm, and my body went into full cumming mode when she did. Something was definitely happening where our bodies were like syncing up or something.

Saturday we were really sweet to each other and I helped her fix some stuff then dug out a dead bush in her front yard. When we got in I was sweaty and she didn't want me to take a shower, and said she wanted it rough like that first night the past weekend. I stripped and said some kinky stuff to her that was actually pretty embarrassing and we kind of laughed together as she got on her knees and tried to play into it, and there was this weird 10 minutes where I was facefucking her in between joking with her when one of us would break the mood. I guess we were roleplaying at that point. Then we reversed the roleplay and I ate her out. I was afraid she'd taste bad desu, but her pussy was actually better tasting than any other woman I had been with. I had a lot of fun making her squirm and flicking her clit with my tongue. Then I got super frustrated and told her I needed to take her, and she really liked that. She was a bit fat but I really felt like testosterone was pumping through me and by the gods I lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom... with my fingers in her cunt which was dripping wet by then.

I dropped her on the bed and asked her how rough she wanted it, and she said a bunch of nasty shit about wanting me to wreck her pussy with my cock. She could really take that dick. So I went full viking and told her to put her ass in the air, put a hand on her shoulder, and fucked that cunt with the power of Odin. It was fun as hell and occasionally we were both randomly laughing while fucking. I forget what I said but I remember really well how I was pulling her hair and fucking her quickly and we were both laughing and moaning together. It was intense. Then i started spanking her and pushing deep into her cunt, flipping her into different positions. She kept saying to use her cunt and so I took that pussy in every single way I wanted. I think I came 3 more times into that fuck session. We were both covered in sweat.

The weekend went on like that. When I started to leave I told her not to get sad on me. I told her to forget the rules we made about not getting into a relationship. We dated and fucked for about 6 months. I ended it because I wasn't going to marry her and she started having those kinds of ideas, and it wasn't fair to her. I explained it. She was sad, but she got over it ok I think. She's still single now and we still game together now and then.

I'm just sharing the story because OP is about foreveralone ugly women. I've fucked a few of them. Their pussies feel as good as other pussies. The main problem is their emotional baggage and insecurity.

>deprived and denied of

What are you talking about. Most women want to have sex lives. There's a lot of sex to be had out there. You don't have to be perfect to have sex.

>herp derp I'm a Chad I fuck the women you want to marry herp derp just fuck my sloppy seconds no marriage for you though she only wants it with me because I don't want it herp derp
Hope you get penile cancer.

Woah dude. I'm not a Chad. And so what if women have wanted to fuck me. Women like sex. They especially like guys who are ok with them liking sex.

You act like robots can't ever have sex. Damn.

This. I just hid all of his posts to keep them from clogging up the thread. Plus, he's a tripshit, so he's got nothing worth reading anyway.

Thanks for sharing, user. I was more interested in your emotional development than in any sexual scene.


user, have you ever been on reddit? I opened an account there once, and I got more abuse there in one week than I got from years of posting on Jow Forums. People there will always misinterpret what you say and assume you meant the worst possible interpretation of it.

I was too especially in those first weeks with her. I actually learned a lot about myself both emotionally and sexually with her. Not denying at all I kind of went into it as kind of an asshole. I considered her a friend but felt like I was kind of just doing it all as a favor. And the initial sex was bad for me and very frustrating. I had never been that frustrated but it was also the first time I tried having sex with a woman I wasn't already physically attracted to. It wasn't until I kind of opened up the all the good reasons I even liked her as a friend in the first place and started really connecting to her during sex that some really surprising stuff started happening for me. Everything after that is still some of the best sex I've ever had.

The upvote/downvote system makes people conform and act like retards.

Well what did you write there originally, user?

Tell us about the first time you fucked her in the ass user.

Also, how did you initially met her?

Yeah, you feel like you are constantly being scrutinised. There is a massive incentive to say popular things, and not say unpopular things.

I politely asked someone whether they had a specific mental illness, even going as far as to say "no judgement intended if you do have it". Somehow, they took my question as an accusation that they did have that mental illness.