Gangstalk you for years and do their worst to bring out my damaged side

>gangstalk you for years and do their worst to bring out my damaged side
>"just be normal kiddo, its your fault."

yea, but you arent helping.

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If you genuinely believe the don't actually want terror attacks/mass shootings etc you are utterly deluded.

that will raise their budget.

Exactly. Imagine if people actually realized most incels were harmless neckbeards who had just accepted they were going to be foreveralone and had decided instead to withdraw from society like most Islamics who don't want anything to do with such a degenerate and haram society.


too many acts of terrorism, that plug is no good with me. and against civillians, not defending their nation.

You are mentally ill storm cuck

>show of power by calling me out
>"heheh see? no gangstalking at all!"

Id love to be gangstalked by the CIA, I'd be able to prove that I'm worth joining the CIA

i WISH. but im a pothead, gotta have a clean, drug free card. i wish.

a birdie once told me that you like this song

post songs the CIA enjoy

NSA lost control of RAGTIME, their program that tracks potential terrorist threats. It is now in the hands of foreign agents.

>cia had to make up a story for widdle ole me

im b a s e d

feds in the chat all npc fakes having convos

bet you two are in the same office. And no I'm not OP. We all know you gangstalk and dogpile onto threads. Because you're too fucking obvious. fuck yourselves smug cowards

What does the CIA have to do with this?

Its so funny to me how feds always have the haughtiest, most dismissive tones. Makes it obvious doesn't it OP?

>tfw i can detect federal agents through ANONYMOUS text


hopefully nothinggg

OP they want to get to "hard to reach" individuals like you and I, and Jow Forums and social media are the only way they can reach us with their programming. Teach yourself how to spot a fake idenitity (usually there will be serveral who dogpile in at once making it obvious) and laugh at them. They will never break you and I, OP. Don't let them.

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Like I would tell you stupid feds
How's the office today guys? Coffee cold again? Your eyes hurt yet?

im not hard to reach at all. just a lonely guy too dumb to leave the only website that gives me the conversation i crave.

boy, did i get what i asked for - whole lotta stimulation.

OP, I can't reveal how but I can assure you there are at least two spies on this thread. You should abandon it

oh so you're just a schizo

bye bye then

okay! jigs up. im not a fed, just a private investigator. i was hired by my client to observe the 600 lb Russian hacker known as "Jow Forums".

please do not sully the good name of the men and women working for America's finest servicemen.

did i give you some yummy evidence? squeeze my brain for research.

What exactly is the point of this post?


to flex. to catch and release.

>there's someone out there in the CIA/NSA whose job is to, day in and day out, 9-5, make gaymers rise up we live in a society image macros

What a story Mark.

Your brain is damanged, ill, defective. The CIA does not want it.

What did you catch my son?

thats gotta be one of the best jobs. do they have massage parlors on base too?

somebody that i never wanted to pick a fight with ever.

do u guys have massage parlors on base too? probably not. but drive down the block, make a right???

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don't the CIA focus on other countries, tho?

yea. where else will they talent the talent for massage parlors.

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