Favorite boards are becoming more and more natsoc and anti-black

>favorite boards are becoming more and more natsoc and anti-black
What is the most active black imageboard?

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nappy headed retards have no right to exist on this earth fuck off and die

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There's nothing stopping you from just arguing, they aren't silencing you

I already do, it doesn't make a difference.

If you act just as retarded as they are. They will accept you.

isnt there an imageboard literally made for niggers?
anyway, if you want a hugbox for blacks you can go to reddit

>anyway, if you want a hugbox for blacks you can go to reddit
No I need one without names.

Go to black Twitter bitch

being natsoc is hard
legit natsoc women are almost nonexistent
i think i met like one but she was too pure even for me
and you dont want to settle for something less, because women don't change

Considering this website has changed from a neutral/semi-tolerable viewpoint of Asians to "kill all chinksects" in a matter of less than a year, I can't comprehend how you'd see a problem, most of the pressure aren't on the blacks right now.

/co/ and /a/ no lie

just use the coli, literally black Jow Forums

I don't see what that has to do with OP's concern though.

It means that things aren't too bad for blacks, either that or attitudes towards them have always been unfavorable.

Probably Jow Forums, legitimately 75% non-white

allhiphop.com bbs forums

OP here, it's always been the latter but it's just obsessive and spammed in every thread now.

I thought people only made fun of hapas, and the chink thing seems to be Jow Forums centric.

The only places were you can have a sympathetic viewpoint towards the Chinese (not their government) would be Jow Forums and Jow Forums, I've been wanting to leave this board for ages in hopes of filling the gaps with my own interest boards, but I always keep returning here. Sometimes it's the most rejected places that accepts the most, I think you shouldn't take that for granted, this board, despite all its flaws, is a nice place.

>It means that things aren't too bad for blacks
In your opinion.
Are you chinese? Chinese hate isn't really on the same level as the kind of hate blacks get, and honestly probably never will be. Most of the anti-chinese comments on this site come from your fellow asians anyway.

>tfw even nigs dont want to touch each others hands

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>Most of the anti-chinese comments on this site come from your fellow asians anyway.
It would have to be the Australians and Americans. The Japanese and Korean flags usually fight amongst themselves.

i'm sorry blackbot. the natsoc idiots do seem to be really growing.

The internet was created by white people, if you dont respect and worship them you need to stop using it.
He cant win against facts and logic

Don't use their words. They are nazis.

surprised on one said Jow Forums

There's not THAT much natsoc shit going on here. Few neonazi shills from Jow Forums here and there, but it's not crazy like you're exaggerating and it's easily ignored.
Maybe you should leave, though. If you're THIS thin skinned, you have no business being here.

/gif/ for sure.

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this, THis, a thousand times THIS

No. Nazis use the swastika. Not all natsoc use these symbols or are pro Germanic. All are equally as bad but some Natsoc are Spanish or Greek. Or slav even. Nazis hate all of these and consider them subhumans.

what's your discord? I'm looking for black friends

most black guys go on /co/ and /a/, as mentioned there's also a blackbot disc server but to get in, you'll have to send me pics with confirmation that you're black.

is it a male only server?

I'm a brown jalapeno sucker can I join?

Do you honestly think anyone on Jow Forums is white?

Porn boards do not have real communities.

The joke is that's there's plenty of blacked porn jackass

then don't argue, just accept it.

Nearly everywhere else on the internet is censored in order to be accommodating for niggers. Can't you just fuck off there instead of complaining?

i heard worldstar is full of niggers op, you'd feel right at home

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