Have you ever had a girl show interest in you?

Have you ever had a girl show interest in you?

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Plenty but I always either fuck it up or ignore them

Give us an example please

yes tons of girls

many times but I have never shown interest in them because I am incredibly anxious and have very little sex drive

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Back in high school there was a fat druggie girl that *might* have been interested, and that's it.

Back in elementary school yes.
Not after that.

one girl but she was kinda ugly and weird, nobody spoke to her in school

>how do you know that she liked you?
she blushed and looked embarrassed every time she was near me, I could just feel that she had a crush on me

even now I wouldn't date her though, she's just not my type

Yeah but girls and women are vacuous as they are vapid. I want nothing to do with them.

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The girl is very interested in me and is flirty and keeps initiating convos but I sperg out so much and act like an awkward unstable loser until she loses interest

Or I completely ignore them because I already know it will end like what I said above so there's no point even starting

Two girls told me they'd date me or something. They just weren't my types and weren't attractive for me though so I had to ignore/friendzone

>Have you ever had a girl show interest in you?
I have never had a positive interaction with a girl

a couple women at work were always rubbing on me, and grabbing my arms.

Unbeknownst to them, I despise all women and won't be reciprocating.

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what's with all the normies?
fuck no

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All the time. I'm good with girls, though.

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Having a girl interested in you doesn't make you a Normie. Just like being so repulsive that nobody likes you doesn't make you a robot.

that's where you and me don't agree fucker

a couple of times at work. I just act dense or just claim to be busy until they lose interest. It was a couple of cashiers and customer service girls at some stores i got sent to work to

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I had girls like me up to around my mid-teens but then the autism came out and there's been nothing since then

About 4 girls that I know of, one who became my now ex-gf

objectively wrong
why anyone would want ot larp as a robot is beyond me

when I used to work at stores part time, the teenage girls that came in seemed pretty interested due to my really deep voice and being 6'. but being that I was legally an adult (even if they were only a few years younger), and that they would probably be better off not dating me(my issues(like memory loss) might make connecting hard, and therefor make them sad, or if they just become uninterested like most girl when they learn how boring I am), I would never pursue it.

A girl at kindergarden told me she liked me.

Three times recently

>cute latina asks me stuff and we talk in spanish afterwards
>she cheers me up when she sees my dead stare

>some cute shy girl who tries to talk to me in class but i dont give out good signals, never spoke to her again

>cute cashier at the cafeteria
>saw me twice in a non-professional setting
>insisted on cheek-kissing (custom here)
>wanted to know my name
>always smiles when i come near her

But I dont love any of them...I love one girl, who never loves me back

I did back in high school but I figure she was just making fun of me so I did nothing but ignore her.
Still to this day I have no idea what her deal was. But I remember hearing other girls say oh that's user the boy what ever her name was likes. Yet again I figured they also were in on this big conspiracy against me.