Those of you who spend the majority of your waking life sitting at a computer; what do you do on the computer all day?

Those of you who spend the majority of your waking life sitting at a computer; what do you do on the computer all day?

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refresh the same few pages and sites, play some vidya, think about playing vidya only to start it up for a minute and then turn it off

I have knowledge and understanding of this specific feel

Mostly watching Youtube videos. I'm getting fed new vids daily.

Check my email. Go on Memetube. Check Jow Forums, refresh and refresh. Yup

Browse the same pages, jerk off to the same porn, get bored and wish I could find joy in going outside, but people think I'm weird, so I'd rather not.

>Jow Forums
>basically everything except music

discord, youtube, reddit, league of legends, tekken 7.

Ewww discord. Do you main my boy Noctis?

>think about playing vidya only to start it up for a minute and then turn it off
a-are you me?

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hell nah fuck that dude, im main Steve Fox.

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Mostly play league, if i start lagging i go on reddit, youtube or Jow Forums. Sometimes I look at properties and imagine dropping out of my degree and buying a 1 bed/ studio and living the rest of my life in it. Tax would fuck me up though

Aww. What a shame user. Love him so much. I would've been happy if you said yes. Let me know when you do start maining him though, so I can love you for it

i considered buying him before, but after i got my ass beat so many times by my noctis main friend i just hated the character

I see. Well I'm glad you considered him buying him at least. Thank you for a nice little chat. Have a wonderful day user

Im glad we had this little chat, you have a nice day too

I fantasize about playing video games I own.

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>think about playing vidya only to start it up for a minute and then turn it off
Why does this always happen?

I imagine because we used to find video games fulfilling but now they do absolutely nothing to us.

Music is my hobby
I'm working on this atm:

>producing music
>infinite ammounts of Jow Forums
Sometimes I'll dabble into something new like learning a language and drop it within three weeks.

Yeah, but why don't we find them fulfilling anymore? It's like there isn't any point to them. No excitement or sense of progression at all. The last game I even enjoyed playing was Factorio, and got bored with it in a week. Literally the only thing I still play is tetris.

think about killing myself and replying to threads that i'm thinking about killing myself

i am a web developer

also i am doing research to make a video presentation / documentary on a historical subject

>i am a web developer
Can you tell me why Mozilla keeps making Firefox consume more and more RAM, with little to no speed improvements?

1. I make websites, I don't program web browser software

2. Mozilla firefox is shit now. The guy who invented javascript created it, then he left because he publicly opposed same sex marriage. I suggest a different browser.

ask Jow Forums for advice on a browser. It all depends on what you're looking for.

i browse
i uhhhh watch things?
i used to play vidya but now i can't even motivate myself.
everything is miserable.

Play games so I don't have to think about anything else and YouTube

Sounds good, user. Keep at it

What type of games did you enjoy? I recently got into Everspace and it's bretty good.

mostly fantasy RPGs and the like.
i miss enjoying things

I spend 8 hours working in one, then I come home and spend another 6 shitposting/playing vidya/watching anime in one.

That's coolio

Read a metric fuckton of comics or talk to random people I know across the globe. Mostly the comics thing. God I love comics.

Turn based or real time? Single player or multiplayer? Give me some examples.

good work french fuck

>watch porn and fap
>look at NBA and MLB stuff
>spocle quizzes
>check email
>watch YouTube
>listen to music
>Jow Forums

Same reason anybody grows out of their childhood activities, you just grow old of them I guess. Just a part of getting older, which I'm okay with.

I listen to lectures, debates, and the news just to forget about it the next day.

I also started reading shit from the Washington Post, and the New York Times. However most of my time is spe t refreshing the catalog and staring angrily at my phone.

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Finishing my achievements

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Browse this cesspool, listen to the same handful of songs on repeat, watch movies, tv shows and Youtube videos.