Try out group therapy

>try out group therapy
>always stutter, but it's filled with other autists, mainly old people and some in their early mid 20s
>qt girl
>smile at her
>she keeps looking at me and smiling back
>always follows my look and keeps giving me this warm smile
>continues for a few days
>she approaches me and says hi
>we talk
>she tells me how amazing I sound based on what she heard while talking during group sessions
>stutter some response
>tells me i'm cute
>say thanks you too
>sits near me during the break and keeps asking to play games with me
>come back next day
>she never comes back, just disappears from the program and I never see her again

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>group therapy
How is this supposed to help people

What was she in group therapy for? Was it anything relating to anxiety? If so, she probably liked you but felt too anxious you would reject her. If thats the case then it is literally her not you.

>see user, you're not the only one who has problems, you're not alone!
>>literally everybody is bitching about normalfag non-issue bullshit that doesn't relate at all

if you're thinking about stalking her by getting her medical info somehow, stop right now retard

I lost so much fucking money on 1-on-1 therapy that was forced on to me, never again.

Group therapy wasn't the right word I guess. Mental day care that involves group therapy. Basically coming at 9am and staying until 12 or 2pm while being part of various therapy sessions (arts and crafts, physical exercises, talks, one on one therapist talks, relaxation etc).
Anxiety, depression. She stumbled upon her mom when she slit her wrists and killed herself when she was young and it messed her up.
People there had strong cases of autism, dementia, previous suicide attempts or years of abuse. It seems like it's where you go if you're stable enough and want to try and "go back" into society and it's usually where you go after being hospitalized. At least that's how it worked for others there.

it's called intensive outpatient care
but yeah, usually done right after an inpatient stay at the mental hospital

why are you there user, who hurt you

She was sent there to torture you.

Damn, dude. My gut wrenched when I read that last line. I'm genuinely sorry :(

I see, that's the correct English term then.
I sabotage my own life. There for OCD and panic attacks that cause me to black out mainly.

Fuck that should of messed her up. Any other stories that other people shared? Are you supposed to just share these things?

people arent there to hook up you neurotypical scumbag

>go to group therapy
>look like a normie
>have good social life
>no problems with girls
>only got sent to therapy because I have a strong social life but still feel so lonely I cry most nights
>walk out because I'm good looking and can get sex therefore I don't have any "real" problems

I'm going to start going to group therapy soon because I accidentally almost did a suicide the other night but everyone thinks I meant it, what should I expect?
It's not intensive outpatient but it is at a mental health facility. i've done group therapy before and kept having homicidal thoughts about one of the girls in the group, as well as about the therapist facilitating the group. My uncle recently passed and made it on the news and I've been doing crazy stuff since, including the accidental suicide attempt, but recently I've done something that really sent my senpai over the edge and my dad says if I don't start getting help and support then he will make sure I join my uncle in heaven or whatever.

I said senpai I meant family....

Did you try to diddle your little sister? What third world shit hole do you live in to where your dad is threatening to murder you?

No my family is muslim and I stopped wearing my headscarf recently, so now my family thinks the recent death has sent me over the edge. I also live in the USA, albeit the south.

She was just a figment of your imagination. Hate to be the one to tell you this but you're going full cn crazy.

You should suicide bomb your family and/or a public place. Has your dad raped you when you were a kid like your prophet did to a 6 and 9 year old girl?

This most likely.

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I suggest a tulpa.

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Easy, some people have problems talking about what botheres them and try to keep them hidden. By engaging with a group of people that shares their issues as well you're supposed to learn how to express your woes and that it's okay to talk about them, helping you also to formulate your thoughts and giving you new perspectives.

It mostly sounds like garbage to me, but I can see how some people would find merit in it.