Which board has the best girl?

which board has the best girl?

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Oh just fuck off with this shit already.

major lols at the bich smoking a black n mild. they're shit.

Orbiters are worse than incels and Normies

Crispy hands down

Bottom tier is

Very bottom tier

"Ciara" is very obviously a man.

Kennedi is the best.

-Actually makes art and music and is pure, unlike art hoes.
-Youthful appearance will keep her attractive for many years to come.
-Actually smart
-Very nice
-Hates the attention she gets on Jow Forums and never posts herself.
-Literally autistic and has OCD
-Will talk to you as long as you're nice and ask questions

I swear. Her mind is like a magic world

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>the non-white oldest hands down
Stop it.


This is not /a/ so we're going to have real waifus that we fawn over. Not everyone is a literal faggot you know.

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id say mu but i dont know kennedi at all, id say tahlia because i like her name
honest tho probs audrey cos she can protec me or agatha cos shes lesbian and would be my friend and cook me food.

I think miru and anzu are older than crispy though

Not the point. This board literally is full of assholes that go against the grain for no reason. Sure there were Crispy threads, but they were equal in size to the PRUNED threads of cute white girls. Then we all mostly hate fags, we have fag generals. Hate race bait, it stays. See what I'm getting at? I figure she's being chosen as best just to piss me off.

Then again, I've been doing nothing but shitposting and lurking for twenty-four hours or so, so maybe I should go to bead at some point. I might be taking things too seriously.

Then again, this thread will be pruned, so I'm right.

Get a load of this guy.

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This. Orbiters should be placed in re-education camps.

Tell me more about Muffy. I've never actually opened a link to s4s.

If you don't choose Muffy you have shit taste.

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She's old news,should be replaced with the superior goth desu.

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She's a nice girI.

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>not choosing aggie

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why would anyone care what you think enough to choose crispy? also you should get some rest

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Tell me more. Why is she s4s' chosen? What's her story? How did she gain popularity?

White girls aren't that attractive but If I had to pick one... Crispy.

>Operate in her

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Having waifus, fictional or real, is autistic and you should be ashamed.
Also how is Crispy /co/? I browse there regularly but haven't seen a single post about her. Then again, I do filter posts relating to waifus.

It's based on their interests, not which boards they're posted on.

Muffy, Crispy, Kelly, and Sunny are pretty spot on, Brooke and Agatha not really, wouldn't have recognized them without their names written

she's just a fake goth that OP randomly chose s4s for because there's no board to really represent her. she's not associated with s4s

>Also how is Crispy /co/?
>I browse there regularly but haven't seen a single post about her.
it's about their interests, not boards they're posted in.
Crispy talks about spiderman, marvel, southpark, and other western cartoons and shows all the time

I've bitched about the categorization myself. OP image is autism, half probably never posted here on the site nor were posted via those boards. we are the lonely board that would worship them, maybe /b/ too.

My computer haunts me. It keeps me awake, beaconing me to shitpost and the other wishes me to learn how to actually use a computer.

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She was spammed there for a month or so and is pretty much a meme now.

How is she a fake goth?

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>I've bitched about the categorization myself. OP image is autism, half probably never posted here on the site nor were posted via those boards.
read and >maybe /b/ too
Crispy was first posted on /b/, with way more threads she ever had here, with a lot of edits and shopped porn

you don't know shit about goth culture if you think she's goth
she's a tumblr girl who wears black and likes japan

Sunny, ciara, audrey, and Tahlia are all confirmed posters to r9k and other boards.

/wsg/ has bonbi

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She always posted goth music on her tumblr. The Cure, Siouxsie, MBV, Bauhaus, etc.

not him, last time i asked a true goth what he thought of fake goths, he said there's no fake goths and that not everyone has to embrace every aspect of it to be goth.
"You only like to dress in black and goth themed clothes but don't care about goth music, goth culture, goth literature and any other goth stuff? You're still goth"

She's 15, fuck off

Cool so you know nothing about her then.

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mbv is shoegaze. the rest you mentioned being goth would be saying "i like indie :^)" then saying you like melanie martinez. women ruin everything

15 is legal in most places in the world

Thats retarded. Goth is a music subculture. To be goth you have to listen to goth music which Muffy does She also really liked HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Frakenstein and other gothic literature.

that makes the term meaningless then, goth is so shallow and vain and based on aesthetic judgements

>>she's fifteen, fuck off
Top normalfag my lad.

I know some of them posted here. I figure most did not.

I never cared that much to make that conclusion, as I am only into the three, Agatha, Sunny, Ciara, but Sunny posted here not aon pol as far as I know, so I always rolled my eyes and neve though about how often Agatha cooks to make the silly connection.

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>The forefathers of goth
>not goth
Okay pal. Post punk and shoegaze have a lot of overlap anyway, music genres aren't concrete.

can you give me a quick rundown and rating of every girl in the op

did any of these those tits or gtfo? I want tits. how can you orbit these whores when they didn't tits or gtfo

>>I'm only into the three

>rundown on all of them
I'd likely fail.

Ciara/Eliza did, and supposedly so did Sunny, but I doubt it. I never went looking but Ciara def did.

no he can't, in the past threads he showed he knows close to nothing about them except agatha, ciara, sunny, and maybe kelly

Also, she was underage when she did, so you might want to refrain.

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Ciara did, she was underage at the time so dont ask, google it.
Sunny did as well, but only in private and they were only passed through discord, maybe posted here once or twice, but no one can find them so it might have never happened

Yep. I only know keywords threemilk for agatha, insoniachan was sunny's old trip name, ciara/eliza was doxxed and can be looked up, works at target, etc etc. Just the three.

insomnia* chan


>apu agatha

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If you are still curious you can hop down the rabbit hole to infinity chan's second Agatha board, more than just her is circle jerked.

>Muffy is getting married to one of her Jow Forums orbiters
Do you ever just let that pain sink in for a bit.

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there's nothing special about these camwhores besides they posted on Jow Forums a few times. Plenty of better girls irl

Deep down that's why they orbit. I know better, but it builds my imagination to see people. Living alone and not people watching would be horrible indeed.

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crispy is so ugly I just want to punch her face

rolling for ashleyj

Muffy was different.
Crispy is the cutest on that chart though.

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Finally someone agrees with me. She doesn't fit into the arkanine waifu archetype.

Crispy looks the least innocent, the most elegant. It's why she doesn't fit, ethnicity facial chemistry being off notwithstanding. She bugs me.

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She wasn't different. The fact that you think this makes it clear you're a normie. girls like muffy are a dime a dozen on tumblr

Why isn't this thread kill yet anons?

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lmaooo, i know i kennedi from years ago. poor girl being posted here

She looks the most innocent though. Big doe eyes, small round face, etc.
They're all whores and leftists though.

>creepy mexican mime

How do you know she's getting married to an orbiter?

He posted in a thread about her a few months back. Too lazy to dig through the archive.

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>believing random claims on 4chin

muffy is average politically

She needs back to Arkham.

Absolutely originales

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she's a sexy mexican mime

He posted an unseen picture of her as proof, plus it correlates with her Tumblr posts about getting married.

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>implying Jow Forums waifus should not be left wingers

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what makes you think she's not

various threads in which he posted with various legit proofs(phone chat conversations with never before seen pics), with info that matched with what she posted on her tumblr.
it's not an orbiter though, it's a random normie who was inked one of her threads by friends, and who suggested her to drop any contact with Jow Forums, which she did

I dunno user, but if someone posts screenshots of a conversation with never before seen pics and info, and 2 days later she also post similar info on her tumblr, it seems pretty legit to me

no way man. Jow Forums is brexit muffin

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She's also 15 and very well off

roll for Rosmarinus

>well off

I forgot how many random cute girls were in my folders to be honest.

Is this early Muffy? I used to wonder who she was years ago.

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Serious question: Did a woman make this?

No, it's not Muffy. Forgot that girls name though

*crack* Rose; now there was a real e-girl *siiiiiiiip* sure don't make em like they used to

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>why isn't innocent?
Because looks matter most when it comes to pretty things.

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That's kc lespo.

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Probably just someone who knows brooke really well.It's so accurate kek.

>saves pictures of cute girls

Absolutely bitter incel hates women because they don't like him

Her Instagram pics were posted on pol. Many holidays out in the sun. Besides, the clothes she's wearing there aren't cheap

this is literally what 99% of people off the internet believe, she's not right wing

and anti porn is a feminist stance believe it or not. just not the queer feminist stance. all the 90s lit on feminism was anti porn

muffy probably wanted to vote for bernie

>this is literally what 99% of people off the internet believe
On Jow Forums maybe. Say that on Facebook or Twitter and you'd get banned for hate speech.
Either way, radfems are 100 percent more tolerable than libfems. They're in the minority though sadly, especially when it comes to these alt girl types.

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that's not an answer
if looks matters, then it's subjective, crispy looks the most innocent to me.
Why doesn't she look innocent to you?

does this look innocent to you user?

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Just because something is evil doesn't mean you can't like it anony.

I'm jealous of the evil.

We're shallow shallow creatures.

And she's creepy.

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What an odd name to remember.

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Kelly, Anzu, and Ksenia are fucking aliens

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Crispy got THICC

I honestly don't even know who any of those autonomous vaginas are...

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Ourgirl is streaming now.

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she's just sitting. girl thighs squish when sit