Tfw no matter what you do you'll never get a gf like this

>tfw no matter what you do you'll never get a gf like this.
Why are you guys even trying?
If you can't have the best of the best, then there's no point. Don't waste your time settling for less.

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I will never drive the best car in the world, should I just stop driving?
I will never eat the best food in the world, should I give up on eating?

Imagine wanting this sticc.
Regardless, you are right OP, I will never get a super gorgeous girl. I gave up a long time ago

Flat ass and tits? No thanks.

>no ass
I swear niggerification of beauty standards is the death of aesthetic in the west.

I'd much prefer a simple sticc goth gf over her. Seriously

>tfw I'm more attracted to my GF than her
The key is to have extremely specific fetishes so you'll have atypical ideas of what is "the best". For example I'm incapable of loving non-virgins, so this stacey does nothing for me.

>a gf like this
flat and with drooping ass?

You can't tell if someone's a virgin just from looking at them

>flat ass
>drooping ass
Nigga, it's not huge but it's hardly flat.
It's clearly shapely and round and proportional to the rest of her body
Have you guys forgotten what a normal ass looks like...?

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those are different things and you know it.
Food is a necessity, and a car is literally an object.

>a car is literally an object
How is that different from a gf :)

Yeah you can never be 100% sure from appearance alone, but someone with that combination of looks + personality is most likely not a virgin. It's enough to kill my boner anyway.

Go ask your mother.
I'm sure she'd love to hear why you consider her an object and not a person

I was born in a lab.

I'm a programmer so I think of everyone as an object.

That woman right there has never been the western beauty standard. You need to look at more Greco-Roman statues.
I'm more attracted to my gf too.
Now that's a much better ass, it doesn't look like the same girl tho

>it doesn't look like the same girl tho
That's because it's not...
As far as which is better you're only seeing the back angle, and it's not hard to make an ass look good when it's literally being squeezed together

I could never be comfortable with a girl that attractive, I'd spill spaghetti all the time

she is a jewish NPC though

>he doesn't program in haskell

It's not something african at all. A male's primal instinct is to seek fertility. Wide hips and round ass for childbearing indicate this. Tits merely indicate breastfeeding ability, which is why it's an inferior indicator. My hypothesis as to the reason some demographics evolved to instinctively prefer tits is that the farther away from the equator, the scarcer food was historically due to ice ages and brutal winters, so a females ability to feed the child was more important if she could even birth the child. This is no longer a thing thanks to agriculture and industrialization, so the real fertility indicator is returning to prominence.

Same, just imagine all the Chads you'd have to deal with flirting with and ogling her up while staring you down knowing you don't deserve her.
Just give me a regular plain girl that doesn't draw too much attention and I'll be happy.

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>that chick
>regular plain girl that doesn't draw too much attention
lol. are all incels this delusional?

>regular plain girl
Ok bad choice of words.
How about a average qt girl then. She's not ugly, but she's far from being a head-turner either.

And any female who does what this one is doing here or even looks this good is an obvious narcissist and rides the cock carousel.

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I mean she is cute and stuff but, that's just it.

I bet that she has some sort of narcissism complex, or something.

I just want somebody to sit and talk with me, no need for tits, nor blue eyes, no need for egoticism and nor "games" or "mindfucks"

I just wamt somebody willing to talk with me, no egos, no best-interests, is it really too much to ask for?

At this point i feel as if the only way out is to take a notepad and write short stories including me and the other person having conversations, it's the only type of simulation that i will be getting. please tell me this is how low humanity has fallen, or is it just me? am I the problem perhaps? somebody please answer, im suffocating with all of these thoughts, i can't bear it anymore

>I just wamt somebody willing to talk with me, no egos, no best-interests, is it really too much to ask for?

Everyone has self-interest as their #1 priority whether they realize it or not. It's not a bad thing either, you just have to find someone whose interests are aligned with yours. I don't think humanity is at a low point, it's probably much better off in general than it was in earlier times.

i guess you are right origigigi