Daughter or Son

Which one would you prefer having and why?

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Son. Daughters are of no value. They won't carry your name or legacy.

a son
I will only ever have kids if I end up with a partner that really wants them, so seeing my boyfriend/husband bonding with his son would be the most satisfying for me

Both I want like 5 sons and 3-4 daughters

Is his crotch photoshopped?

neither but daughter because you can't fail so you don't have to pay attention to it

>They won't carry your name or legacy.
If these superficial things are the only valuable things you see in your children...

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I want two sons and a daughter. The daughter preferably as the first or middle.

Daughter so I can spoil her and dress her up in cute stuff like a little doll.

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>you can't fail so you don't have to pay attention to it
you can fail if you don't pay her enough attention, actually

Daughter. So I can creep on her when she gets older.
Plenty of used garments at my disposal, and I'd spycam the house

Me and my daughter get by on our own. It's a lot of worry though that I don't think would be there with a son.

To bring a young man into this world is to condemn an innocent soul to suffer without reprieve until the day he dies.

Nope, and it's the first result, lmao


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son for sure
>pic related

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No kids. No funeral

>raise a girl for another man to enjoy
Only if she becomes a prostitute or pornstar, brainlet.

i genuinely hope you are an incel and never contribute to the gene pool

none because i am a subhuman and i do not want to spread my genes/contribute to global overpopulation

not saying she will despite how much you educate her not to be, but this isnt a reference to just prostitues and pornstars. literally a 50/50 of her getting fucked every week by some chad and me paying for pregnancy costs and seeing my only child suffer for that

I'm a single father of an amazing boy

>i genuinely hope you are an incel
Pretty much.
Even I doubt I'll ever have offspring. I might get lucky one day though who knows.

Daughter. I have 4 cousins. I look after them since I was 12 or so. 2 boys 2 girls. i love them all, but the girls were always easy to handle, while the boys keep doing stupid shit and I always need to keep a watchful eye so they don't kill themselves. Maybe it changes when they hit late teens. None are above 13 yet, so hard to say.

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It's called atheism. You've made your bed, now lie in it.

I see no value in having children whatsoever actually. If anything I think it's pretty reprehensible to bring more innocent people into this hellhole of a world. But the question was what I would prefer having and my answer is a son. In reality I would never have either.

>single father
That takes a special kind of dedication. Good job.

>tfw no single father+daughter kino life

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>I think it's pretty reprehensible to bring more innocent people into this hellhole of a world
You sound like a sodomite.
>my answer is a son
Of course.

but then you have to watch her become a thot getting fucked by tons of men and maybe even beaten. you really only get about 14 years at the most.

i'm sure there's levels to how well you raise a daughter, but you as a matter of fact cannot fail.

>you as a matter of fact cannot fail

Why does he have a boner?

To catch her if she falls

Thanks that means a lot. It's not easy

being caring sometimes gives men erections, so does cuteness

Healthy blood circulation while lying down.

I really can't decide. But if I absolutely had to choose, probably a daughter since they aren't as hard to raise.

Son. Raising a daughter makes you a cuk.

Getting an erection from touching a cute girl is a normal biological response

Daughter. But there's a catch.. You're poor as fuck.

Son. If I had a daughter I would kill her and the mother. Fucking bitches.

3 Sons 3 Daughters.

You're doing a great thing.

Strange how Jow Forums seems to love single fathers while DESPISING single mothers...


You can't teach your daughter anything (she'll never care or learn anyway) and she'll never love you or listen to you. You'll never see her grow up to be a smart, successful, respectful young woman. She'll grow up to be a disgusting rebellious worthless piece of shit whore.
Sons only, so you can actually feel proud of something you created. Not just revulsion and shame at a useless skimpy mindless creature crawling around your house, going out late at night to fuck Chad and Tyrone, drinking and doing drugs, ruining and wasting her mind.

Yeah, this is exactly what I came here to say, but I would hate it if I had a son and he got brainwashed into being a faggot or a tranny.

Transgender girl (boi) they can help fight male toxicity and bring equal rights, thankfully trump will lose and genderqueer will be equal

Daughters are usually easier to deal with before puberty, and sons are during or after that (unless they end up as robots).

Most likely my boiwife and I will adopt a asian or black son to help fight racism, there is to many kids with no parents and whites are privelaged scum

I think that's because children with single dads will be more successful than children with single moms

I would like at least 2 boys and just one daughter, that way I can focus on spoiling just one qt.

Daughter for the kid's own sake, because nowadays it's better to grow up and live as a girl than as a boy. I'm unmanly, so I would also be a bad role model for a son.

what makes you think you can fail? kick her out at 16 and she'll float on her vagina for the rest of her life.

>tfw no daughter who loves daddy

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>tfw when you qt starts calling other guys daddy

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Betrayal desu

They only do that because they really want incest but it's not allowed due to the laws of this land.

Only sons, daughters terrify me, imagine having a emotional attachment to this little life that I've created, now imagine knowing that this little beloved life is sooner or later gonna get rammed by a bunch of cock, and there's nothing I can do about it legally, I have no legal power to do anything, I can but observe as she's rammed by man after man, and any sign of my disapproval will only increase the amount of cock she seeks out.

If I have a daughter I'm just gonna go Chinese on her and leaver her in the woods somewhere.

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>rammed by a bunch of cock
>she's rammed by man after man, and any sign of my disapproval will only increase the amount of cock she seeks out
This is all avoided by being a very loving, physically (not sexual) and emotionally affectionate father with a very strong bond and close relationship with her during childhood and continuing to adolescence.

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If you stay around and don't abuse her and give her the love and support she need she won't call anyone else daddy

Both preferably. My fiance and I were discussing this recently, and we concluded that we would want a son first, and then a daughter. It may be "cucked" but my fiance wants to be able to have a daughter to relate to so.

>My fiance and I
why are you on Jow Forums?

3 holes > 2 holes

Daughter, cause it's like my wife took my genes into her and turned me into a girl. I hope to see my daughters grow up to be huge sluts and have many kids.

A daughter. I'd love having a qt to cuddle up with while watching horror movies.

>cuddle up with while watching horror movies
What else?

A daughter. I don't want to raise a son because I wouldn't him to be like me.

Sons, I'm an elementary school teacher and I always find the boys more interesting and advanced than the girls. Girls are catty snitches and too eager to grow up, the boys just want to talk about Sonic and show me cool bugs in their encyclopedias.

i would prefer neither

I'd take her to soccer games, have her sleep next to me whenever she's frightened, and have little father-daughter dates with her.

>have little father-daughter dates with her
How do you envision them?

Taking her out to dinner, giving her candy or another gift at the end of the night. Have her know she's appreciated.

*hits pipe*

you know the rest

A girl until the age of 12 and then I'd like to swap her out for a boy, thank you very much. Obviously 2d

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oregano lol

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whatever it may be ill teach them my hobbies and also teach them to not listen to their mother

I have both and it's fucking awesome

Neither. I don't put people in danger of hellfire like an absolute dickhead.

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Daughters are more cute and I would have one if they stopped growing around 4-5.
I can't accept raising a daughter in this modern age of degeneracy.

>not posting the modern day re-visioned version

Wouldn't you? I mean look at that cunny

Fuck...this image hit me hard for some reason. I wish my father didn't leave when I was born...
Daddy issues are legit.

Yeah that's what everyone says. As a father you can only do so much.

I would rather have a daughter because I'd prefer to deal with someone more submissive and compliant and those are more feminine traits. Unfortunately all women are whores in this era of degeneracy and she'd have fucked 9 niggers and 20 chads by her 16th birthday. I guess I'd want to live in the 1950s and have a daughter...

Don't worry, I will be a very good daddy to my little princess.

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Daughter, I really want a cute girl to wear dresses and to reach her not to be a thot.
If she became a thot I can always disown her and not show up at Tyrone's wedding. If you raise them right they'll sell your approval.

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I already have a daughter and I'd like a son I guess.

I'd prefer a son but I wouldn't mind having a daughter, especially if I already have a boy.

It'd be very hard not to spoil my daughter. I'd shower her with affection.

i would prefer a cute daughter
i would spoil her

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Came here just so I can post that image

Same here...lots and lots of non-sexual physical affection. I will adore her.

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lesbian tomboy daughter is best of both worlds


As much as I want a family, I know I'd be an utter shit father. Even though I'd care about them more than anything, there's nothing to stop them from becoming a socially inept misanthrope shut-in.

I'd rather not make another generation sit through the same shit.

Hmmm...(pic related)

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really makes one think desu

We need to have a serious discussion about this. It's very important.

I agree, let's have that discussion.

Alright, let's go. Let's have that discussion!

I have both. Daughter is a baby, son is in preschool.

Never believed it when I was young but when your parents say that they love you and your siblings both equally but different, its really true.

I would never have a daughter because if she grows up to be attractive, her father will be attracted to her. I believe this is a big secret all fathers of hot daughters share.