Why fembots are dumb

Be 5/10 becky:
>can use feminist gender quotas for jobs they aren't qualified for
>can camwhore and recieve literally thousands in donations
>can settle down with some middle class or upper class guy and never have to work again

Be 5/10 guy:
>80% of women already deem you shit tier
>assumed of having some sort or privilege so don't get free college money and quotas
>have to actually be chad quality to actually get sex
>have to be talented, witty, or goot at video games to become a twitch streamer

"But...but...fembots have it bad too"
Being a woman is literally easy mode for life while being a man is dark soul mode because people actually expect you to accomplish shit.
Fuck it, let's do a woman hate threat for how easy women have it.

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Women hate threads are the reason I still come here. Let's do it.

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white women are absolutely BASED and REDPILLED

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Horny men like you are the reason thots are in demand.


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Do tranny scum belong in woman hate threads as they call themselves female? I hate them more than any thot on this world.

>you have to be over 6'3" to get on this ride
>no white boys

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>I have to slave away everyday, working hard to earn a decent salary..
>This bitch literally just makes meme faces and shows off her fat parts
Fuck this world..

>being a man is dark soul mode

you shitlords have no idea what we go through!

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B and R

based numbers but bluepilled

>Horny men like you are the reason thots are in demand.

All men are horny. Women will always be in high demand. This beta fantasy that one day women will be less valuable aka attainable to low value betas will never be real.

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>just look for a young girl user. Before she turns into a whore!


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I wish incels stopped giving these women 1000 dollars each month each so that there was zero demand for memefetish cosplaying and theyd starve.

>subscribe to my patreon to get my private snapchat xoxo

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>can use feminist gender quotas for jobs they aren't qualified for
That's not how it works you neet

>stupid thot goes to shit hole country for brown man cock
>suprised she gets attacked

Oh really? Just look at the musical composition major that became the chief security officer of equifax.

>marrying a man
thanks god i didn't fall that low

You'll wish you did once social security and welfare goes bankrupt. Fuck off you filthy thot

yeah, then you gonna crawl under our legs you subhumans, i can't wait for it

wow, oringially

>unironically larping this hard

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Get a lot of this guy

A 5/10 won't get shit from camwhoring. Also your math seems off, there are nowhere near enough middle class or upper class men for all 5/10's. Besides, why would they even settle for one in the first place?

Yeah man, it really is.

Those retards are a whole new level of degeneracy. I personally don't consider them human and they have their own hate threads.

Not the same guy but how fucking stupid are you? I've worked 15 years and I see this shit now more than ever (it's existed my entire adult life). soibois like to say it doesn't exist but I've never figured out why since there are issues with this bullshit constantly. If the University of Michigan gets sued for the third row in a year for not allowing Asians in, I'm going to laugh so hard. The penalties for affirmative action policy aren't strong enough to actually change a thing, these schools and companies should simply cease to exist when they're caught.

Women destroy western society

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Nice try
But still shitty bait

those are two different people right?

You sweet summer child...
You are still drinking the instagram koolaid.

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We must go even younger then.

Good luck with that.
If you live in america you are shit outa luck.

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>If you live in america
Hamdulillah brother, I don't live in this cesspool of degeneracy.
I'll marry a traditional girl from my homeland but I'm afraid leftists will taint her with progressive bullshit.

Imagine actually telling yourself that
>feminist gender quotas

Are a real thing because you failed in life and need to blame DA FEMINAZIS

Holy shit thank you for introducing me to her I am fucking diamond at work and i get to go home in 7 minutes and bust nuts to her taking that jungle dick raw

I think he is trying to say that the reason there are SO many thots today than a few years ago is simply because men are allowing it and paying subpar women for their "services".

Omfg yes if you google her name there is a compilation and I doubt its real but there is one supposed pic of her getting DV fucked by two thick black cocks raw

>TFW you will never marry Chloe Bessen and sleep in the guest bedroom of your house while Umbekwe from Africa lives with you and owns her pussy and the master bedroom

Feels bad man

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more and more instagram whores are making the switch to cosplay instagram whores. a lot of them haven't started "gaming" past the point of posing with a controller yet but they will.
fucking onions cucks giving these women money

5/10? You're being very generous OP.

>>have to be talented, witty, or goot at video games to become a twitch streamer
Is that all that matters to you? Are you an actual child? MODS, WE HAVE AN UNDERAGE B&

>can use feminist gender quotas for jobs they aren't qualified for
The reality is even worse. It's not gender quotas, it's biased employers who prefer to hire attractive women--usually white, thin, and bubbly. Women with actual qualifications get overlooked if they're ugly/fat/dark.
>can camwhore and recieve literally thousands in donations
You, as a male, can put a pink streak in your hair and start playing fortnite on camera and receive the same amount
>can settle down with some middle class or upper class guy and never have to work again
This is retardedly nearsighted. The only reason this structure is in place is 1) unfair gender norms for both men and women and 2) how many jobs women are locked out of, it's not like the Becky from your first point is getting hired to be the CEO

tldr get a job incel

lmao yeah that was the funniest shit

What jobs are hiring unqualified women just to fill quotas?

Dare to complain about this unfair bullshit and you are immediately labelled an incel who wallows in self pity. Men have to provide everything while girls literally have to be born with a vagina.

Those aren't mutually exclusive. That's like a doctor saying to a cancer patient "you're not sick because someone in England has AIDS" .

Nice strawman bro. I have a successful job that I had to work my ass off. In software engineering you see shitty women who haven't even mastered shitty html and css yet they earn 40k a year doing fuck all but you see men who are jack of all trades who still have to work their asses off

You literally ignored 2/3 of the post just to focus on a single point wew lad you're stupid

Equifax with largest data breach in history. In california they passed a law that you kust have 1 female on your board of directora. You either live under a rock or you're completely ignoring the problem

The chief doesn't do the work, user.

Ouch man. You didn't think this through very well.

Another fembot infiltrator.
To your first point, incorrect. Look at fucking tess holiday, lena dunham, and the bitches from ghost buster. All unattractive women of different races who literally make money off the fact they're unattractive and bave vaginas.
The female at Equifax was a fat landwhale.
Trying to pretend only attractive white women are taking these jobs is stupid and delusional.

>wah wah unfair gender roles on both side
1. Not having to sign up for draft to vote
2. Welfare and social security going to primarly women
Yeah life so hard
>get a job
"Everyone who doesn't agree with me is a lazy neet" get fucked

She has nice feet, I want to touch them

What men do you think they were gonna hire to be the female ghostbusters?

Feels when all you want to do is be a house wife serving your husband's needs and look after the children but noone is interested

>Being a woman is literally easy mode for life
go back to anatomy class, sport

I already have a child. Will you look after him?

They got rid of the draft almost 50 years ago dude

>a robot complaining about women
Who is the dumb one?

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The delusion is real. She was told multiple times to do something about the breach but ignored all warnings from supervisor qnd higherups until the problem became too big

So her qualifications weren't the issue. Interesting.

"Wah wah shit out a baby so hard"

being a man is literal easy mode. anyone can complain about someone else. ugly manlets can be hollywood stars.

Negative, I want them to be of my own stock

>Dumbbots cry that women are constantly getting money and dick thrown at them.
>Also makes threads to keep encouraging this behavior

Can we make a thread about how retarded robots are?

Lmao has Jow Forums become so infiltrated with simps and cucks and women who literally ignore reality.
>hired a music composition major
>was told multiple times to do something about the problem
>ignored warnings
>data breah
"So so her qualifications weren't the problem" grasping at literal straws here. First you tried to act like she had no actual job because chiefs supposedly don't do anything then when proven wrong you move the goalpost. Pathetic.

That wasn't meant to be a retort of your entire post. There's a reason why you're deflecting right now instead of retorting my post, it's because you know I'm right. It's incredibly childish to legitimately care about Twitch politics. You're either an actual child or a manchild.

>be 2/10 henrietta
>can't get hired by entry level jobs
>can't even look at self in mirror let alone show self to people
>can never hope to be anything but a pump and dump even for a 1/10 man

Yeah so it sounds like her not listening was the problem. Not her qualifications. I got it. Sorry her being a woman, the very gender that won't have sex with you, bugs you so much.

Then why are you here again? Delusional sweetheart

lena dunham is in the category of fugly white women who started from big money and forced themselves into the industry

I never said the chief doesn't do anything. You're just so mad you can't read properly

women are more prone to age related health issues, especially issues that hinder mobility, than men.
acting like a retard is about the same thing as acting like a girl. so good job falling for (((their))) forced feminization, bitching about women with your boyfriends like a teenage girl.
kys tranny shill

You can try. But they have strong cognitive dissonance with gold medals in mental gymnastics.

I responded to every single point you made. You literally ignored it and just focused on the insults yet you call me childish

>All men are horny. Women will always be in high demand. This beta fantasy that one day women will be less valuable aka attainable to low value betas will never be real.
In the past this was achieved by killing off most of the men via wars and such.

And you only need to look at some of the examples in this thread to see women going to desperate lengths to avoid supporting themselves or becoming contributing/productive members of society (i.e., even "low value betas" in the West don't want them).

You need to be more specific about what you're whining about, because this is already the case once women reach a certain age and realize their vagina coupon has expired.

So no actual argument I see?

"Women have some health problems so that's why they deserve welfare" lmao hilarious

>makes a lot more money than pornstars for doing a lot less

Actually pretty smart, ngl

"The chief doesn't do the work user" your own words retard

So no actual argument I see?

men do have life on easy mode, hence male privilege

You never addressed my single point to begin with. You only said
>hurr durr I said other stuff in my OP and you didn't respond to every point I made
Great point, mate. Astute observation bro. You're a real bright one. Now stop deflecting and explain exactly how it's possible to care about Twitch politics and not be a manchild or an actual child.

where did I say anything about welfare?
your self hatred reeks, if you had any self respect you would want to walk run bike climb and swim easier in your older years like a man can.

I'm here for the laughs, kiddo. Studying delusioned individuals in their natural habitat.

I'm waiting bro. Or is this you admitting you're actually underage? MODS MODS MODS BAN HIM, WE NEED A MOD IMMEDIATELY

They reserve the right to bring it back
And every man in the US has to volunteer to get drafted first if they want to vote
>inb4 they would never bring it back
Yea supposedly they were also never gonna take peoples guns but we live in a society

>it's not like the Becky from your first point is getting hired to be the CEO

Granted this is for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, who choose the CEOs, not for CEOs directly.

Whether a board of directors gets poisoned by people who think genital shape is an occupational qualification is hard to predict, but due to greater male variability it is a straightforward observation that there will not be enough equally qualified women to fill the legally required quota spots.

It MAY BE a more prudent business decision to fill the position with a grossly unqualified thot (who knows she's only there to fill the quota and will quietly collect her paychecks and look pretty) than to install someone who mistaken believes they earned their position.

Yes, we know how not getting enough condoms is exactly like cancer. Go neck yourself, white knight faggot.

Oh and you have an absolutely stunning argument.
>ugly manlets can be hollywood stars.
I take it you've never heard of Amy Schumer or Leslie Jones.

The sort of male personal/social dysfunction that made a housewife a necessary domestic accoutrement is no longer prevalent. What you're describing is now primarily accessible via a fetish context.

Personal/Social dysfunction actually flip-flopped a bit, since a lot of girls these days seem to develop minimal domestic capabilities because apparently knowing how to feed and clean-up after oneself is PATRIARCHAL OPPRESSION.

Fucking kek. What about that lardass who makes money modeling
They never got rid of the draft, retard. They just haven't had a war big enough to use it for.
Let's go ahead and hire a fucking music major to head a major tech company. Are you even listening to yourself? Are you fucked in the head? Are you so fucking high on social justice you delude yourself into believing that a music major is a qualified candidate? You're arguing an indefensible position just to 'dunk on those incels brah'

Looks like he's back and ignoring this. If he's bothering you just ask him to explain how he cares about twitch politics without being a manchild/child and it's checkmate.

>women are more prone to age related health issues, especially issues that hinder mobility, than men.
A man who has an incipient mobility issue is at greater risk of fatal occupational injury. This idea that women develop a greater number of "age-related" problems is a statistical anomaly of men dying young before their developed health-issues are categorized as "age-related".

so if i am am average looking girl, 5/10, i can make thousands of dollars online? yeah, NO. only stacies can do that

Chick in OP isn't a Stacy. She's a 5/10 with no makeup/cosplay. Any woman can use makeup and clothes and cameras to fit that role where they can milk thousands from virgin teenage boys and men. But it is an abuse of those men, those men are virgin retards that are getting used for their money.

>have to be talented, witty, or goot at video games to become a twitch streamer

That's not even true. If some good looking guy wanted to pander to homos he would make as much as any typical female thot, especially if he went the trap route! And on the flip side, if you are a plain looking female streamer that doesn't make sexy content, you only grow slightly faster than the average male streamer at the expense of getting harassed twice as hard.

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Belle is at very least a 7 to most people, and much higher to her niche. She looks young for her age, and has a very narrow frame with small shoulders and hips. Compare someone like Indigo White, an uglier ethot that panders to the same demographic but fales because she is uglier.

Also, any slim man can do the exact same thing as a twink or trap.

She's caked in makeup. If you took it all off, she would be average. Stop lying.

I hate Thots so god damn much