Dudes, dudettes, and dudettes(dude), I have a question for you

If you could make your dick or boobs as big or small as you want, what size would you choose?

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Personally I think 9 inches would be ideal. The extra half in makes all the difference.

14 inches to beat the world record.

I'd go for about 6.5 inches. Above average but not too big

>The extra half in makes all the difference.

I'd get rid of my mantits and I can live with a slightly below average penis, want to roll for a gf who wouldn't mind it

I'd crank my my dick up to 7.5 inches, not too big, not small either, seems credible.

dudette (dudette) here, can I add a dick? I'm thinking 6 inches.

I'm at 6 inches in length and 5 inches circumference when it comes to penis size. I'd give my dick another half inch in both categories. I know I'm technically above average but it's not big. I want to be well above average.

this. 7.5 is the ideal cock length. god I wish I didn't have such a tiny dick

Big enough thAt I could suck my own dick easily. 8"

I would add half an inch, round it up to seven

pic related, because robots don't understand bra sizes
but really i just want them to look normal and not noticeably small

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10 inch dick with long foreskin and 3 inch diameter.
It's big as it is, but I could just imagine destroying my future husbando's digestive system with that monster.

As wide as the sun, as long as the galaxy.

I would like to have a little weenie. ^_^

8.25 inches, 5'11 and reasonably flexible here, unless you're significantly shorter than me, that's not gonna cut it. I can just barely lick it. I'd say to suck it you need to be at least 9 inches.

I would kill for small boobs. A cup definitely

Why though?
Also you know you can get them reduced at any time right?

Dick would be 7.1in long, 2.3 in around and my nuts would be allllmost ping-pong ball size, like the size of big marbles (not the little marbles, but the one you use to hit the little ones)

Erect of course

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I'd crank my chest up to d-cup and add an inch to my dick, then I'd do squats to get a nice round ass.


I would size up to the length and girth of this 24oz can, and scale up balls to match.

this is the can

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If it didn't affect my health I would want it to be 20 inches just to have it dangle around between my legs for the fun of it
Also I'd be able to ram it into watermelons and stuff it into my pillow as a full length dick warmer

I'd make my dick 10km long so that I could die from lack of blood.

world record is 20 inch

>2.3 in around
That's inhumanly thin. Do you mean 2.3 inches wide?

>I'm bigger than most of replies
This confuses me.

Im not a dicklet at 9 inches, im 10 rn.
I guess 25 inches so top 10%

7.5/5.5 dick seems best all around

Current dick size

Would change to 7x6

Would to anything to get a bigger dick...

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Under 10 inches is dicklet, 15 inches is average, 25 inches is perfect

7.5 inches with 6" girth. Any bigger than that and you reduce yourself to just size queens, with this you get all.

Who are you trying to fool?
Don't get me wrong, I'd love a dick that's up to my collarbone, but that's medically impossible and no girl would want to take that.

>Any bigger than that and you reduce yourself to just size queens

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Pfft triggered dicklet

Ditto. It's a weird feel isn't it.

Yeah, it's surreal. I'd be pissed if I woke up tomorrow and my dick was only 7 inches.

You're right I don't because I'm not a woman. Can you clear uo the confusion I have on the size of a woman's breasts?

Tfw 7" by 6.5"
Feels good lads.
And i got some fat nuts too

Wouldn't matter to me cause I'm not using it. I don't think I'd want to be any bigger than 8.5"x6" though. I'm content with it.

I dunno, I'm about 8.5x5.5 and I kinda want to be a ridiculous size precisely because I'm not gonna use it either way.

Hes a dude
shes a dude
Were all dudes

I gave up on that mindset cause it's either too risky or too time consuming for minimal gains with all the techniques out there now. Judging from first hands accounts of people my size online I'm either perfect or slightly too big. I just hope if I ever do have sex it isn't with a virgin. I will probably send them to the hospital.

Oh I wasn't even thinking about jelqing or anything, I just meant that if a genie offered to make my dick as big as I want I'd pick something retarded since I'm not gonna have sex anyway.

>Judging from first hands accounts of people my size online I'm either perfect or slightly too big. I just hope if I ever do have sex it isn't with a virgin. I will probably send them to the hospital.
Yeah that's about what I've gathered too. It'd be nice to find out first hand though.

It hurts bro.
>tfw dicc 2 bigg

I would leave my dick alone cause women always seem to like it a lot.

probably just 7 inches. Would fool around with shape tho

Futas usually have huge cocks, but you do you.

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already at like 7 inches long

i would just add some girth to be 6 in around

would play with the shape a bit though if i could too

>only 6

Make my dick shaped like a tuna can

Big enough that I would be cast in 100s of porn despite how ugly I am

nonexistent. both boobs and dicks.

3 inches
a cups
male here