Sad feels alone on Valentine's day

>thursday morning
>all the normies are walking around with a glimmer in their eye
Valentine's day is the most depressing holiday for robots, we're all alone and no one gives a shit. Post valentine's day feels, good or bad that you've experienced before

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>other people happiness angers me or makes me depressed
I could never relate to this. It just all feels indifferent.

Not really a feel, but will probably an hero soon. Would it be pathetic to do it on Valentine's Day? Probably but I don't care.

>could have several women as my mate
>none of them fit the bill
>choose to sulk and drink in loneliness

Fuck roasties.

>mfw we don't have Valentine's day where I live
get fucked

I've literally never had a single opportunity for a relationship, I'd take the chance if I had it. No woman has ever gone out with me or responded positively to me talking to her, you normans don't understand

I'm in a polyamorous relationship this year so I'm looking forward to a VERY active Valentine's Day.

It's a Thursday, who gives a shit. I'm going to have all weekend sex starting Friday with my gf.

If you do decide to do it make sure to take some normscum with you.

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>sharing your woman with other men

But Valentine's is about love, shouldn't slutty groups who grind on each other celebrate one of the weird Pagan orgy days instead?

Yeah, they're both technically cucks but whatever, more penis for me.

No, Valentine's Day is about buying me shit and fun sex.

wowsers, how'd you make that analogy there genius?

>buying me shit
So you all get each other valentines?
That's retarded- do you like all go to fucking costco and get the big ten pack of boxes of chocolate?
Beyond goofy.

No, they buy me stuff usually. I do plan to cook them both a semi nice dinner. They don't get each other anything because that would be fucking gay.

How did you get them to buy you stuff? Been in a relationship for almost two years and my boyfriend has never bought me a present.

>more penis for me
>doesn't buy the things
>cause that would be gay
It's like those first grade word puzzles, but the solution means that you're a lady whore who's gonna get spitroasted tomorrow. I gotcha now.
"Polyamorous relationship" sounds bigger than a trio so I imagined this big group of at least six bugmen/landwhales who all had to go through a Valentine's rigamarole round-robin style.

>never bought me a present
That's not a boyfriend, then. You're their slampig.

He gives me his attention and ignores other women. I believe he cares but is clueless about relationships in general. I met him here.

I was in an open relationship with a girl, did it as more of an endurance test than anything. but I was still able to pull other girls while doing it (got my dick sucked twice in one day but 2 diff girls, not a cuck). Let me just say that open relationships are disgusting and you should feel bad.

For fuck's sake lads i just want a
>qt fembot gf to love and appreciate
Is there even such a concept as qt fembots in this twisted reality? I don't wanna do the "i deserve a gf" meme but god damn it i know i'm not bad and that there's worse than me. Brussels nights are oh so cold and lonely. So if i had to summarise it in one sentence, all wish for is that
>i wanna know what love is

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They just do, that is what boyfriends are suppose to do. I've literally never asked for a gift before and they just get me some stuff.

post smug anime girls if you have a date tommorow

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I like my anime smuggies because they're 100% original.

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eh, alone as usual. I stopped caring, much rather be doing LSD.

the only gf ive ever heard broke up with me last week so this valentines day is more depressing than usual

Accept that there is no hope. You will feel much better after giving in.

Wtf where do you live user?

Oh, fair that you didn't realize I was a female at first but poly in itself doesn't really imply any particular number so that bit is on you.

People touched your penis. Nice.

It seems weird but I'm really happy, heck I could do with a 3rd guy most of the time but I know one would suffer when work or something picked up again.

There fucking is tho, and that's what's pissing me off so much. I can talk to women, but 99% of them are as vapid and shallow as they come. And the ones with a wonderful personality are always la creatura fat goblinas. Why must it be like this?
>thanks for (you)ing my autistic vent

There are words for groups of three though- like trio.
Trio's fun, it's like you guys are heroes on the quest for double penetration.

just remind them of the shooting last year, we always have the anniversary of THAT for ourselves

>get fat gf
>tell her to be less fat
That's the secret to a lot of women, they'll do things you tell them to.

I remember being 13 in school, big crush on girl in another class, told my friend to tell her etc etc the usual childish shit.. it worked and suddenly i was together with her, we didnt do much besides stand together during breaks,lunch and after school and just kisses on the cheek because i was too autistic and shy. anyway, valentines day passes by and i get her nothing because she said she didnt want anything and i a was a retard for not getting anything. after school everybody is giving gifts and cards to eachother and we just stand there and talk but i saw in her face she hated it.. week goes by and then a friend of hers said she wanted to break up and i said ok.

Whats the point of a polyamorous relationship if all 3 of you dont love each other to some degree?

Whats the point for them*
Since youre getting two guys(?) it seems and they just get you.

>that is what boyfriends are suppose to do. I've literally never asked for a gift before and they just get me some stuff.
That is really sad. I'm starting to think my relationship is bullshit.

>caring about arbitrary normalfag holidays
you were never gonna make it

No, sometimes you're just not interested in someone. It doesn't make you a normal.

Hey maybe there will be one this year too and we can have some nice memes from it.