Islam isn't the true redpi-

>Islam isn't the true redpi-

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Muslims would be Jow Forumss unironic bros if they weren't brown

And against bacon, beer, sex, and generally everything fun.

As a Saudi Arabian muslim i find this a completely ridiculous idea

>Muslims would be Jow Forumss unironic bros if they weren't brown
No, what you see is both positions being based on natural law.
I.e. pre-"enlightenment" the West and the rest of the world shared common banal truths such as women being inferior etc.
You could make the same argument abotu buddhists or anyone really

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pol is pathetic cucks compared to saudis

>As a Saudi Arabian muslim i find this a completely ridiculous idea

Yeah who gave those whores phones in the first place

Polygamy is allowed in muslim countries, so it would just be chad hogging all the women anyway

>be saudi woman
>get tracked
>want to leave country
>ditch phone

Easy as that.

based ISIS

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fuck islam it's a fucking cancer on this earth.


People on Jow Forums claims those are degenerate.
Maybe the bacon part only

a)You fucking apostate
b)I genuinely think we're in the end times now, the world is so ridiculous now

t. muslim

2)literally every person who has ever lived thinks they live in the end times

Sounds exactly like Jow Forums desu

>natural law
>women are inferior

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that image is right and wrong because while it is true that everyone has the same rights it's untrue that rights actually exist.

The idea is that rights are a metaphysical reality, we as humans can only become aware of those rights, but we cant grant or revoke them. Of course these rights are not a physical reality, so they arent always embodied, but that doesnt mean they dont exist.

Rights do not objectively exist. There is no such thing as a right. You don't even have a right to be alive. They're pure fabrications to help society move along better, and if they don't do that, they aren't rights.

wtf im wasabi now

Nonetheless, some humans, by their depraved behaviour which goes against natural law whilst affecting others' dignity, bar themselves from deserving to retain such rights (e.g. sodomites and child molesters).

Imagine being so cucked that you turn to Islam.

Islam > Atheism

t. anti-Islam Christian

The Bible is. You gon' burn for eternity.

>You gon' burn for eternity.
For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Except their destruction of Western culture, nonstop rape of our women, violent nature, constant infighting and warmongering, etc.

2016 has come and past. Jow Forums is basically /b/ lite with politics now.

JIDF, Shariablue bots, boomers and NEET gender studies graduates have flooded Jow Forums with low quality content to the point where it's hardly interesting anymore. We had to go somewhere.

you don't even know what natural law means in philosophy, wtf is that ancap hippie BS

>silicon valley sharia
I chuckled. Also everyone in this thread
>implying it isn't going to be some kind of chip hidden in their skin/dress that hides their whole body

Does it ever baffle anyone else that an entire "civil"ization came together and said "Yeah we gotta cover all the bitches up or else." AND THEY GOT THAT OFF!?

you know islam is basically the same premise as christianity right

they even recognize jesus as a big prophet

KEK, imagine if muslum was western religion. or born in the west. pol would be sucking their balls empty 10 hours a day

what the fuck? tracking chips/devices/apps have existed for decades. mothers use the shits to track their children.why would two tech monoliths have to work together to create technology that already exists?

No wonder you quasikike faggots and the British get along so well