Who /wallpuncher/ here?

My fuckin hand hurts still. Its broken and i have it wrapped. going to ortho in a few days.

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Based & Redpilled

this is why most males need to be castrated after birth

poor little white boy


I've punched walls a few times but never that hard
You also should see a psychologist

>i punch walls
>but never hard enough to hurt the wall

>not /mirrorpuncher/
Punching a mirror and then looking at your broken visage in it will surely make you reflect on yourself.

lmao, toxic masculinity strikes again

fuck i need to get into this. is this more masculine n epic than punching ur own head till ur vision is blurry???

lololololololol rite?!

me man, only express emotion through violent out buster, me can't get girlfriend so forced to punch wall instead of soft woman, wall hurrrrt

Violence is not only inherent in mankind, but it is celebrated. from gladiators to MMA fighters, school yard fights to drunken brawls. Where there is a man there is a fist.

knocked the closet door of it's hinges after i went down a train of thought that was not fun
i got a dog recently and it's helped me do this less, he gets scared when i do it and it makes me feel really bad so i don't do it as much and afterwards i'm compelled to pet him to make sure he knows im not mad at him

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Get a punching bag, you'll toughen up your hands and won't have to buy anymore plaster assuming you punch your own walls.

treepuncher here. wood cuts skin

Doorpuncher here. I've been using filling/paint in a half assed attempt to fix it. It paint colour isn't quite right either...God I wish I wasn't so stupid

thou shalt not punch the wall

dont punch the wall bucko, instead clean your room

Last year I punched the wall so hard
>hand fractured
>one month with plaster

The worst things are doing the shower, writing and fapping. I hope that your hand will be ok in the near time

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punching trees is actually a great way to strengthen your knuckles. it causes microfractures in your bone, which is harder after it heals. they did this as a karate exercise in okinawa. you need to punch a smooth tree like a birch, though, otherwise you will cut your skin on the bark

yeah i really fucked it up

take a look at the difference between those two, jaking by my right hand hurts a lot now

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The only boyfriend I've ever had was a wall puncher. He was deeply in love with me but I couldn't be around him and his violent outbursts any longer. I'd get control of that before you blow it with someone who loves you in the future.

>be extremely drunk one night
>cant correctly type password to computer
>after a few failed attempts punch the monitor
>remember how nice it feels to punch things
>beat the monitor into oblivion, punch keyboard into tiny piece

well lads thats $400 down the shitter again

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>make holes in walls and doors
>hand doesn't break
Drink more milk?

I wonder how long it will be before you start beating the poor thang.

$400 is nothing compared to both broken metacarpals faggot

that would be awful, and it hurts me that you'd say that about me. i love my dog.

I just punch myself instead.

bones heal faggot
computer equipment doesnt

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its funny how your type calls it "love" when you beat an animal nearly to death lol

sometimes I use weak joint locks on my cat when he pisses me, never will I punch him, he's 18 though ...

the only animal that's gonna get beaten is you, femoid

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this goes also for this

This is just animal abuse, doesn't even belong in this thread. Fuck off, sadist.

kill yourself unironically you piece of shit

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noy him but id rather be a disgusting femoid than an animal abuser

fuck off, you pet owned betas, I ve never hurt him, I just push him a gentle way when he tries to be the homes keyzer.

You're just a sadist. You're so weak you feel as though your dominance is threatened by a fucking cat. Pick on someone your own size, omegafaggot

im not an animal abuser wtf i hit inanimate objects exclusively

Why you punch a wall OP?

poast pix plz

>I just push him a gentle way
Nice way of saying you fist punch his head and also its spelled kaiser, cunt

Its just a matter of time before you start beating the poor pooch senseless.

My own size ? I height 70 fy and weight 180 lbs I'm not a weak ass like you weeabos, I'm not a sadist I love this pet, I just give him punishments time to time when he deserves it as would you do with your children.

This. Men shouldn't be allowed to adopt children or own pets unless they have a girlfriend.

Why did you do it, user?


So you're a fatass and you torture small animals. Wow, really strong there, Mr. sub-70 IQ

are you german ? if you're not fuck off with the spelling.

my IQ is around 120, try again you limbed pickle

70??? lol and you're also a child abuser

>he abuses animals
>he uses buzzwords

Very doubtful, bitchboy. Anyone with average intelligence would know that harming small animals is a sign of being a fuckup. Shoulda been aborted, lard-ass.

The krauts have been my allies twice i respect their language, animal abuser.

my bad, I meant inches, americunts measurement system is strange fuck

that's a small IQ. no surprise there

ew nasty fat spic.

allies ? are you hungarian ?

so a manlet, why am i not surprised by your bitch like behavior

Neither am I fat nor spic, I'm French from spanish descendants, and moreover I'm bulk.

I deal with the violence by either running or teaching my little bro how to fight. I cant really hit him so i just push him. The pain i feel from his hits helps calm down tho.
And for the roastie writing shit, he asked me to train him. Thanks to the training he is not pushed around in school.

1m78 is a manlet height ? kek


>1m78 is a manlet height
Under 6 feet is manlet-tier, chunky.


autistic typo

its 1.77.8 cm which is 5'10 which is under the eu requirement of 1.80 and its under the us requirement of 6",so yes a bitch boy manlet hateful at life abusing innocent animals

Negative, original was already used

In France being above 1m70 is fine, only low esteemed faggots like you feel concerned about it.

the requirement for sucking basket ball players dicks ?

>being a little boy in France is fine
lol good insult on the French, animal killer

Yeah during napoleonic times when everyone was shorter, lol cope more manlet

No just to be considered a man, cope more sissy boy.

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had any of your pet lived for more than 15 y ?

You're only 15?? LOL

while your irish, english, french and german ancestors were struggling in a canoe to reach your so called holly see

he's a 18 yo cat, my age doesnt concern this debate. I'm sure I'm older than you all though

Lol? Im not North American and its sea* not see

nice, I'm done

lmfao what a fuckin faggot. stupid white male cry baby rage never makes me not cringe. grow up

>animal abuser
yep it checks out

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>being a grandpa manlet who hurts animals

i would abuse your mom desu. fat ugly bitch. kys

its just a fucking cat you ugly worthless NEET-bastards.

the offspring of your father mating a gorilla is none of my business, nonetheless if your really want to debate about monkey genealogy meet me at zoo the vincennes.

>things you would never say to a person prone to violence face to face
fite me bro

I fucking hate it when my little brother does this. I hope that his fucking hands fall off one day

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why did you punch a wall user? what could possible elicit that kind of anger?

>I'm French from spanish descendants
buhahahahahahahahah, you're a fucking mutt dude

yeeas feed into your peoples stereotype, manlet

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ahah keep playing around, I'm working in IT whereas you jaking in your mom's basement

poor guy, good if its true we dont want mutts doing front end jobs

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I'm fullstack on angular, java EE, nodejs and oracle what about you ?

>going to ortho in a few days.
Don't fall for this meme. Just bend your finger (I assume it is your fifth the one who broke) in a 90 degree angle and push upwards strongly and you will reduce the fracture.
Assuming you won't get access to plaster, just buy a splint for a boxer fracture that most specialized stores can get you for cheap.

if it's broken he must not follow your advice.

Im a 6'2 215 lb fit boy with a PhD in neuro science who has sex regularly and comes to this board to laugh at virgin manlets.

I beg you pardon Chat Thundercock the almighty

I've only punched a wall once. I'm more of a monitorpuncher. I punched my laptop last week and it broke. A couple months before that I punched my asus PC monitor and it broke. Now my PC is hooked up to a flatscreen tv.

autism legit and actual. i went into an autistic fit.

i just punch my other hand so i can get 2 broken hands

I was a wallpuncher when I was an angry teen. Had to replace two closet doors and patch a lot of holes in my room when I moved out. Also punched a wall at my highschool that had cinder blocks behind it and broke my middle knuckle which has pretty shitty arthritis now.

Now when I occasionally have the violent need to punch something, like when my wife and I have a big fight, I just punch this metal locker we refurbished into furniture. But honestly that's only happen twice in ten years.

t. seething wife beater