Males cannot be Robots

It is often said on this board than women can't be robots when it is actually the reverse. If you are an ugly man you can

>get a good job
>get interesting hobbies
>become more confident and charismatic

Your appearance doesn't matter as much.

Whereas if you are an ugly women, you are fucked. Every movie has the shy nerdy guy get the hot babe. When has the female love interest ever been ugly? Men don't care about anything outside of what gets their dick hard, your only option is to try to rectify your ugliness with makeup or plastic surgery

>b-but you can get pumped and dumped by sleazy guys on Tinder!

Empty meaningless sex is no better than jacking off. There is no fulfillment or love, you are just a bit of flesh to nut in. You are as lonely and depressed as ever.

>r9k CANNOT refute this

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Also if you take the Tinder option you will be seen as a worthless whore, now you definitely won't get a loving romantic boyfriend with commitment.

You can't change your height as a male.
>get a job
You say it, like it is the easiest thing in the world.
Good luck in finding one, if you have mental issues.
>confident & charismatic
Doesn't work if you are ugly, charisma is basically how your face looks and your voice sounds.
Now kys

>empty meaningless sex

the mere acknowledgment that this is a possibility for you, already precludes you from being a robot


Both genders can have mental issues that prevent them from finding love. I'm so fucking sick of fembots threads.

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Women can work out and get a nice butt, that alone will make men want you
>get a good job
With all of the diversity quotas jobs are trying to enforce you can get just as good of a job if not better
>get interesting hobbies
Literally play any obscure video game and the male players will flock to you
>become more confident and charismatic
xd just b urself bro, bitch are you retarded
You bitches are just mad you can't get an 8/10 brad while looking like a dumpster you can literally get any guy below a 6/10 if you don't have any deformities

Why does the nerd always go with the hot cheerleader rather than an ugly nerdy girl?

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Timmy literally ends up with her in the end though. It's exactly what you describe.

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That literally doesn't happen irl, betas would never set their sights that high

While I do largely agree with your post, I would like to kindly ask you to fuck off back to your shitty femoid imageboard. And before you ask, yes, I am salty because I got banned from there.
Women should not be allowed here.

i love these threads, op said truth

but im atttracted to girls most would consider ugly

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Lets not talk about that fucking film degenerate

bum bump :0)

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for males attractiveness is just a mean to get pussy for girls you are brainwashed to bashe your value over it

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unless you boyfriend of the tinder matches? stupid whore

I loved a fembot who had fucked up eyes and was 250 lbs at 5'2". Literally, shed call herself Quasimodo. She was a 30 year old virgin.
She started taking birth control and then decided to fuck the first brad who talked to her randomly.
She got pumped and dumped.
All I wanted to do was love her but she broke my heart and fell in love with Chad who didn't love her at all.
If all women want is someone to love, then why would a fembot do such a thing?
All you want is chad. You want to trade up at the first opportunity.
I just want to die.

Women literally just need to not be fat. That's it.
As a guy you have to not be fat, have a job, be over a certain height, not be hideous, be confident and the list goes on. Fuck off stupid "fembots" you don't exist, you just come here for lonely guys to fawn over you, you don't understand the robot life.

Would you date her? She also has no boobs and small ass. At least she is thin.

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>>b-but you can get pumped and dumped by sleazy guys on Tinder!
Just pick the less attractive ones and you'll be in their league.

I don't care about any of that, and yes I'd date her. I'm just shy.

At least TRY to be good bait.

Yeah absolutely I would.

Your ability to liftmax depends on your insertions and you skeleton. Nope.
>>get a good job
This just makes you open to being cheated on, as you're a walking wallet. Beta buxs; alpha fucks.
>>get interesting hobbies
Women don't care about hobbies. They only try to slowly erode them because it's a focus of your life that doesn't revolve around them
>>become more confident and charismatic
Memes. Being attractive makes you "confident" not the other way around.

based user, this dumb roastie just got BTFO

Its the same for both sexes. ugly looks arent necessarily a deterrent if you are realistic and not shallow. But along with being ugly you will often receive a lot of shitty treatment from people, you are bullied, shunned. Made to feel worthless. You often end up a shell of a person with no self esteem and poor social skills.
And that is the killer when it comes to loving relationships. If you don't have looks you have to have the personality to make up for it. Similarly hot people can get away with being shits because they offer the fact they are hot, the most desirable of traits.
again I must repeat this goes for males and females. It isn't that nobody would date you, its just impossible to get to that level. I never believed anyone would want to date me so I never approached people, that requires confidence ugly people dont often have. If someone had approached me (on the offchance I went out to socialise) I would have assumed they were making fun of me, or that they just wanted to pump and dump (men have no standards for that in general)
and then you have the ugly dudes who I would have loved to have been approached by. They are often in the same situation so its a fucking stalemate isnt it. How many of you robots really approach females who arent realistically out of your league? with genuine intent of getting to know and love?

True. Thanks user. Good luck lol

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>Its the same for both sexes
No it's not.

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>you are fucked
You're fucked from getting the cream of the crop but you still have options. Men often have no options.

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Kind of is. Can you honestly say you have approached an ugly girl with no social skills? and sure men will approach them often enough to pump and dump but that does not mean they would do anything more for them. I'm not wrong. You see ugly men in relationships every bit as much as ugly women. I would even say the majority of the people in my life are below average in terms of couple attractiveness. But they are good genuine people who are pleasant to be around and didnt have crazy high standards, nor did they shut themselves away from the world blaming everyone else for their issues.

I do feel sorry for genuinely ugly girls. A man's appearance is just one of several factors that decide his value, including his wealth, his charisma, his social status, etc. But a woman's sole value is her appearance. Not even a loser like me would want to settle for an ugly girl, no matter what other positive traits she had.

no cuz that'd be a double wammy
ugly face and no curves get the fuck outta here

at best she's a cum dump

A girl can improve her wealth and charisma to she just can't be a sugar baby. But she can be a sugar mommy

and they probably wouldnt settle for a loser like you. Nobody is losing out in this situation lets be honest

There are literally thousands of makeup tutorials that can cover 90% of that up. transformation asian

No actually because I've had to reject ugly girls before and I always feel bad about it afterwards.

> Can you honestly say you have approached an ugly girl with no social skills?
Yes. Frankly, ugly autistic girls are more picky and harsher than regular roasties.
>You see ugly men in relationships every bit as much as ugly women.
Only because the majority of men are considered ugly, brainlet. You're also conflating aesthetics with sexual appeal, when in reality they are two separate concerns.
> But they are good genuine people
The natural world doesn't run on justice, sorry.

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they probably see you as in their league, and were labouring under the assumption you werent a cunt. They arent the ones who will end up alone at the end of the day

Ugly women have options, i had to reject one for work-related reasons, but i still saw that she had orbiters following her on FB among other social media.

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The ugliest woman's sexual market value is still higher than that of a robot. Fuck off.

the real world does. This board is filled with sheer delusion and blame shifting. Not wanting to accept the fact that maybe they are undatable because they are unpleasant to be around

>OKcupid men are all ugly
what else is new lol.
>majority of men are considered ugly
nah, almost everyone gets laid

>they probably see you as in their league
Because women are hypergamous whores who always try to bat out of their league. The second you're equal, she'll drop you. It's just the way their lizard brain works.

Wow I didn't realise women had it so hard. Lucky for you, I'm more than willing to be your boyfriend. Let's go on a date.

sexual market because men are so thirsty and have no standards. It is definitely not as simple for them to actually date if they have accompanying poor mental health and social issues. Of course still easier than for males

>the world works on a magical karmic system

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This is why I've always said that if you're not a millionaire or an immigrant, just give up on women and go gay. Women only sleep with black/brown people and the rich.

This comment will not get a reply.

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I never said that as such. But can you even begin to deny thats the case for most robots.. I mean probably not. the denial of incels is strong

>Actions Don't Have Consequences Woweeee!
I bet you $50 that if you don't eat for a year you wil die.

Nobody is involuntarily celibate, we are involuntarily unmarried and single.

>>OKcupid men are all ugly
Have you seen the whales on there? The man WAY outclass the bottom-of-the-barrel single moms.

>>majority of men are considered ugly
>nah, almost everyone gets laid
You're logic doesn't even follow. I'm saying the class of men that gets laid is all considered ugly. Hence the "ugly men get laid too". Actually ugly (bottom 2%) doesn't get laid.

>im gay for men
people don't generally fuck who they think is ugly, but you're right, most guys that i would consider ugly are putting their dicks into warm vaginas regularly

> never said that as such.
>the real world does. (run on justice)

>implying it doesn't (run on justice)

>>the world works on a magical karmic system

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>he magically can't read

Nobody is saying its voluntary, but it also isnt anyone elses fault. It is of course easier said than done but how can you hope to get anywhere if you just blame the world and make no attempt at self improval.

it works on people taking responsibility for their own failings mostly.

>the entirety of my experience with understanding beauty standards literally exclusively comes from high school and i do not know any other adults nor do i talk to anyone besides my mom.jpg
ugly af manlets get pussy all the time. women date and marry men that are not conventionally attractive all the time. just look at any italian or french politician's mistress. you have to be seriously shut in, or just not have any human contact to believe this meme. women very often date men who are much older and much less attractive than them. go outside.

exactly this. the average normal person/couple on the street isnt a pair of beautiful supermodels. Its a pair of realistically matched people of mostly below average looks who appreciate each other and arent autistic blame shifting shallow pieces of shit

When exactly did this board turn into r/femcels/ Lots more fembots than before.

>be bitter, miserable revirginized incel
>scroll through pages of girls faces on
>immediately feel less bad about being alone on valentines
You're not wrong OP. Also the number of guys who view and use ugly girls as practice gfs

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I think someone here, male or female, is constantly making new fembot threads. And since fembots are usually the topic of these threads, the they reveal their gender in these threads more easily, which results in fighting and insulting.

yup. you can just go to walmart and see a million ugly manlets with their ugly wives waddling around with their ugly little goblin spawn.

height is a literal meme and if you bought into it you deserve to be alone
if you think charisma is solely based on appearance, explain danny devito?

Ugly women cannnot
>get a good job
>get interesting hobbies
>become more confident and charismatic

So in addition to being ugly, you're also stupid?

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>be ugly woman
now a mannish ugly woman
>get a good job
many men are actually turned off by women that are more successful than them, so now my potential dating pool is smaller
>get interesting hobbies
men give zero shits. or worse, they think you're fake if you like vidya. you must be new to r9k if you didn't know that.
>confident and charismatic
so you're ugly and now you're confident? men and women will both find that annoying, not to mention men give literally zero fucks if you're a confident uggo. guys only want assertive women that are attractive.

ugly women can do all those things. none of those things will make them more attractive.

* unless you are short because it is the original sin for females

You will not become mannish by lifting. You wont even get abs without dieting. Your body will get more definition rather than being an Amy Schumer blob.
>men are turned off my successful women
Wrong. Women are turned off by less successful men. No man has ever cared about what kind of job or income his girlfriend has, unless it's a slutty job like being a porn star or a stripper.
>men give zero shits
Wrong. Men are bored to death of their girlfriends because they don't have any hobbies. If you are passionate about anything other than shopping or social media you have a leg up on other women.
>ugly and confident?
If you would lift you would't be ugly. It would even change the shape of your face.


You can. But you won't necessarily get visible muscles.
>>get a good job
>>get interesting hobbies
>>become more confident and charismatic

Not if you have delayed phase sleep syndrome or some other condition that stops you from participating in society.

robots don't understand that. they think all women are 10/10 Stacies fucking Chad

I agree, for men, you do need to do all though. They are null and void though if you are short, ugly and have a small dick.

For a women, you literally need to do nothing and some guy will date you because they are that lonely. This photoship pig lady got 200 messages. Let that sink in.

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>Both genders can have mental issues that prevent them from finding love.

80% the women on this baord hav bfs/husbands and they are mentally ill.

Men will overlook mentally ill women. Women wont.

Hearing the truth hurts, doesn't it

I know a manlet who went around telling girls he had a tiny dick, he would even whip it out at houseparties. He wasnt really facially ugly but he had a mouth of rotten teeth and certainly not really above average otherwise. He had no shortage stacey girls who would fuck him because he had charm and confidence. I don't know how the fucker did it

Low IQ bait, user.

And a non-ugly face can take you far.

Men will overlook a lot of things to get their dicks wet with a pretty girl. WHo mostly have meme depression and anxiety anyway.
But People in general will put up with so much shit in a relationship.... of the person is hot.
Mentally ill AND ugly isnt a desirable thing for anyone

Exactly. But his non ufly face was no worse than many incels who sit on here seeting. Attraction is mostly about personality at the end of the day, and incels dont want to admit that because it means they can't blame others.

anyway i'm just saying he didnt fit this apparent long list of traits that robots think all women have in order to find a man attractive. Fuck he didnt even have a job

What truth? The anecdotes online and real life aren't enough for you.

Doesn't change the fact that these girls are all in relationships. But strawman some more

>delayed phase sleep syndrome
>stops you from participating in society

do u hear urself bigga

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Yeah user. We sure believe you.

I've been told I'm a 7/10 but I'm insecure and always wanted to feel like the hot one in a relationship. I would marry a 4/10, possibly even a 3/10 girl if she would obsess over me and treat me like I'm a 10. I think I basically have an ugly fetish.

Im an ugly mentally ill girl who has never had a relationship. in hindsight I have had a few men who seemed interested in me but damn if it didnt even go right over my head in the depths of my self loathing. Im not saying it isnt easier for women to find relationships in general but it certainly is very possible to be trapped mentally. I have never really been mentally capable of a relationship. Im too unstable, I would bring misery to anyone. And I don't even have the looks to make up for it. The social skills to even find someone. I have definitely been lonely in my life. I don't think I would have spent the last ten years on Jow Forums otherwise

i promised that isn't made up. Granted he had pretty low standards and hit on a friend of mine who was a kissless virgin and had an actual facial deformity. She turned him down because shes a sweet girl and hes a dick.
But my point is. Chad attitude gets you far. Or even just not being a bitter asshole. Not everyone in a relationship is hot. Open your eyes, enter the real world for once. Uggo couples everywhere

>>get a good job
>>get interesting hobbies
>>become more confident and charismatic
makes you a normie newfag

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>r9k CANNOT refute this
I can refute it with anecdotal evidence. Seen plenty of ugly women with Chad looking husbands. This is as a customer service wagecuck.

No I do believe you. I also believe you and I have different views on what a Stacy is.

This is the first good argument for this I've ever heard.

>Every movie has the shy nerdy guy get the hot babe
Movies =/= real life.

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It may not be as easy but you will absolutely find men tolerating the most atrocious behaviour from utter trolls they married because the other option is dying alone.

Or because they believe themselves to be unpleasant to be around.

>Every movie has the shy nerdy guy get the hot babe
And reality has Chad fucking pretty any girl in his vicinity

>Empty meaningless sex is no better than jacking off.
Not even (You) believe this.

Maybe. and you will probably find this girlfriend of his I found to be ugly. But she is the typical popular party girl with a thousand facebook likes which kinda says stacey to me

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Believing is halfway to being. We make our own reality. I have been guilty of this. It might sound like corny bullshit but if you don't believe you are capable or deserving of love then you wont get it. Male or female.