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>prions that affect the brain


fuck america

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nigga prions and shit oh no no no

cant fucking wait
zpoc here we come

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Classic fear-mongering clickbait bullshit news title.

>zombie deer disease
Fucking millenials getting their PhDs

it's happening lads all of those years of watching zombie movies is finally going to pay off

Don't believe their lies anons! Deer a cute! CUTE!

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>Fake and gay fearmongering

I live in a state which has had CWD for a long time. It might have even been discovered here. It's pretty simple to test for, and you can still eat most of the carcass as long as you debone it and don't consume the brain.

*zombifies you*

>affected deer, elk and moose across 24 states
>It is a wasting disease that causes weight loss, lack of coordination and aggression

Not exactly zombies but ill take it

Although it does freak me out, and I prefer not to eat meat that came from an animal with CWD.

It has never had a documented case in humans though.

If we can bring deer back from the dead like pic related, we can unzombify them

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>A weapon to surpass Metal Deer

Who wants to eat some deer brains with me to becomes patient 0?

I interviewed this deer, who confirmed it to be both fake and gay news.

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The only thing that will be spreading is those deers legs when I fuck them like crazy.

Sounds pretty great DESU

you have to FUCK the deer brains to get it

FINE you convinced me. I'll take one for the team so yo brobots can experience a z-apoc

>What is Alzheimers

oh and you also have to film yourself getting off to it and angle the camera in view of your ass

Good fucking riddance, i hope it spreads to the whole world and society collapses

It should be a crime against nature for you to have a keyboard

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I want to lick deer butthole

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>tfw no introvert deer bf to love and nurture

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>It should be a crime against nature for you to have a keyboard

y tho

>chronic wasting disease
>zombie virus

can we just line up these """"journos"""" against a wall and be done with this

>all those furry white asses
This is not the boner I wanted.

I like this post the most in this entire thread.

Please god I'm sorry for all those times I called you a nigger please let this happen

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>mfw ate elk sticks 3 weeks ago
>symptoms of "zombie" deer disease only show after 2 years
How fucked am I?

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>hear something stumbling around in the shadows
>see the silhouette of a girl crouched down against the wall of the alley
>"uh are you ok"
>no response
>you move closer
>her skeletal frame turns to face you
>drool drips from her mouth as she stares at you listlessly
>you nervously repeat the question
>"d-do you need me to call an ambulance"
>she fixes her stare on you and clicks her jaw rhythmically
>you hear a commotion further down the alley
>in the darkness more cadavorus shadows rise to their feet
What do?

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Then you are rarted

I've been waiting for this day my whole life.

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Well, we think 2 years. For all we know it could take 30 years, or it could take a couple weeks. Or the incubation could be longer than your lifetime, we really have no idea how mad cow disease, CJD, or wasting disease actually works. We don't even know if humans can get it from deer, you're probably fine.



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Kill her with the nearest object, poke her body because it looks funny, loot a near by place, prepare myself, then die after seeing a sexy zombie and trying to have sex with it.

Is it finally happening? Contagious prions?

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