I want to kiss your feet user OwO

I want to kiss your feet user OwO

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no i want to kiss YOUR feet. UwO

then kiss them :3

*uwu* *uwu* smooch smooch

holy fuck this thread is autistic

good boy, you deserve a pat on the head.

*raises her feet and wiggles toes*
Well I'm waiting.

*smooch* *smooch* OwO;; delicious feet

i-i'd rather kiss male feet, it's awkward around women

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You have to suck my toes too

this is a good origafeeli thread

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>tfw no robot bf to worship you

Of course! Every one of them. Can I lick your soles too? Maybe you can also rest your feet on my face.

Why is worshiping so hot?

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You can sit at the end of my bed and lick my soles until I fall asleep. I find that super relaxing

I just love having complete control over someone else, specially when said person enjoys paying me tribute and really groveling at my feet

I'd do that every night~

I can't understand a dominant mind, but yeah, it's pretty hot for me too, especially if the guy likes being superior

Time to get busy then

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you're giving me a boner !

Go to hell thot.

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No way user~ my feet are incredibly touch-sensitive to the extent where I'd squeal and kick like a little girl from even the lightest touch, there's no chance of me letting you touch them for any reason ever. And don't even think about playing with my toes, that area is totally off limits!

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i wish i had a footstool gf.

are you that guy from Jow Forums

i'll never have a gf that wants to lavish my feet and maybe even have me bully her with them. will i?

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I'll have to tie you up first then !

my feet are very ticklish! you'll make me giggle...

>my feet are very ticklish! you'll make me giggle...