Oye whiteboi, you're not leaving until you make mami cum

>Oye whiteboi, you're not leaving until you make mami cum

What do you do Jow Forums?

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>blank stare

My dick is too small to make anyone cum

Tiddies mmm

Would probably try too hard and cum in her multiple times without being able to satisfy her.

>oye Whiteboi

this is why im still here. shit cracks me up

The racebait threads are honestly the best part of this board imo

big race bait for big bois

I have to warn you: my dick is very small and I don't know how to use it.

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why not become the girl user? my girl to be exact ;)

Im 6'4 user, if I could've become a cute girl I would've switched long ago

as long as your not manly user i can deal with it im 6'

is this the same retard making these shitty racebaits? kill yourself already

hey thats great you can be my qt boy along with at this rate i caan have a personal harem

laughing out loud

She appears to have some nigger admixture, post a better latina next time

>She appears to have some nigger admixture
Even better desu

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alotta latinaposting lately....hmmm

It's the same handful of people. Dont mind tho, latinas are top tier

ok, i'll fist you then, Puta

Nope niggresses are ugly apes who deserve to be incels

knock her out
when she wakes up she's tied to a bed and I'm working her whole body over with powertools

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Leave my white friend to his fate obviously

Proceed straight into anal without any lube.
According to the porn I was watching earlier, that should make her cum

>Si, senora!
Then I pound that pussy with my 6.5" white cock.

her tits are ugly and deformed looking

>giant brown baboon nipples
>thong (likely yeast infection)
>huge misshapen brown areola

thank you for reminding me that Slavic girls are the best

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Better Latina

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"Sorry lady, I only date girls who could overpower me."

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ugly brown tits

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looks like a that small sassy boy gorilla from jungle book 2

Obese white tittywhale < lithe african qt

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the IDF shills are going hard with the race programming threads today huh

white girls stay winning (in this thread anyways)

Find me a white woman hotter than this black woman.

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I wonder what horrors lie beneath that makeup

he littteally just posted two

Then you've littteally got shit taste in women.

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aero pls fuck off no one cares about your forced shilling i know your life is so empty and worthless that you have to constantly attempt to manipulate people for your own joy but do us all the favor and kill yourself

ugly, pube like hair patterns, no chest and looks like a gorilla. sorry black fembot, white skin and pink nipples are the cutest and most feminine

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