Be me

>be me
>have a qt3.14 7/10 sub gf
>be together for 1.5 years
>suddenly she starts gradually becoming more and more boring
>meet a 8.5/10 qt3.14159265359 ginger
>i feel the butterfucks in my stomach everytime we talk
>she inveted me and some freinds of hers to smoke a few joints at her place this saturday
>idk if i romantically love my gf anymore
>still care about her and dont wanna break up
>at same time want to smash some ginger cheeks
>what do anons

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kys normalfgag

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>what do anons
quit taking drugs you degenerate normie.

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Both of these. Your gf deserves someone better than you op, and I hope those degenerate "recreational" drugs kill ya

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Dude, you never loved your girlfriend. You were infatuated with her. Now that the puppy love phase is over, you're infatuated with someone else. This is why retards get into marriages thinking they love someone when it's really just infatuation and they want to divorce when the magic is gone.

Learn from this. It was infatuation, not love. Real love is choosing to stay with someone and be committed to them after the infatuation leaves. Either work on things with your GF or break up with her.

Best advice you'll get here.

Hopefully you get ran over and killed

>been lurking r9k for a while
>finally decide to post something
>9/10 comments tell me to kms

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im pretty sure its love, we have helped eacother out of some serious shit, like i said i do still love her but im in doubt since im only 19 and feel like if i commit to one person now ill be throwing away my youth, and thats one of my greatest fears

this isn't true love, you are just used to having her around.

they're not wrong. You just want to "smash ginger cheeks" because you're a pathetic scum who doesn't care about other peoples' feelings. Stop stringing along your gf if you don't like her anymore. Also, get off my board and kill your fucking self you normie scum

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damn i think that might be it

even so does loosing feelings for her make me a bad person?

and is it immoral to not break up with her if i have thoughts like this?

thank you for the help user

Same user. Adding on to this, if you want to stay with your GF, you have to drop the ginger. Its okay to be in a relationship and develop crushes on others. We cannot control that these feelings come to us. We can however control how we act on them. It would not be okay to keep spending time with the girl you like when you have a girlfriend. You need to make a healthy decision. Choose whichever makes you happy, but always remember, real love is not infatuation. Infatuation could last anywhere from the moment of dating to 2 years.

I don't know what you expected. I've never felt the touch of a woman, I don't even have friends, and you come and complain about your relationship issues. It's like approaching a starving african and expecting him to understand your daily stresses.

tkae off your fedora m8
i was just trying to be funny to get attention, its not like that do you think i would be here if it was like that?

Polyamory. Its natural yo want to fuck others.

Genuinly consider suicide trash. You don't realise how lucky you are. I hate you.

>I was just trying to be funny
Well you aren't faggot, get out of this board.

it's perfectly normal. this is the way most young relationships end. You grow apart instead of together. You don't have to break up with her doubts about relationships are often normal. I recommend breaking up with her before you sleep with somebody else, I made that mistake and I'm still suffering because of it.

thank you for your words user, they mean it means the world to me that someone wiser than me is willing to help me in this time of need, thats why i love this board. Everything you said is true... i think ill go hang around with the redhead girl this Saturday to see what it will be like, i cant decide which will make me happier if i dont try it, and even though i know its not okay to do so, i just have to because otherwise i know ill regret it. i have no intent of cheating but still i got to go, atleast we wont be alone there will be other people aswell


Fuck off, you don't have autism. A real autist wouldn't have a 7/10 girlfriend or the chance to get an 8.5/10 ginger girlfriend.

You are a normie.

in my mind im an autist for getting myself into this fucked up situations

that's not what autism is... you have to realize that this board is filled with actual autistic people.

No problem, user. I've done a lot of research into this and it's trial and error from all my past relationships. But I think you wanting to keep trying thingsnout and seeing if it works out with the ginger isn't such a bad thing to do. I especially congratulate you if you can get through it without cheating this weekend. But as always, right back to it, remember if yiu choose this ginger, guard your feelings because infatuation is blinding. Always be aware of what is really going on. I hope it all works out for you. Love you, user.

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Will do!
Watch the board sunday morning/saturday night 4 updates
Love you too

Will do. If anything, I don't mind chatting on discord if you have one. I like meeting anons and getting to know more about them lmao.

Cool samefagging dumbass

For a sage, you're not very wise.