Ive provided enouf emotional support to yall so its meh turn to bitch


>best friend is having several breakdowns cause of school and i havent talked to them in weeks
>im stuck in a foreign country so i cant be a neet anymore and must learn the language n get a job
>another e-friend just shotgunned himself
>had a chimp out and cut my own hair with paper schissors and know have to wait to get it fixed
>dont want to talk to orbiters cause theyll probably think im just talkin caus im sad

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Shut up retsrd

m a k e meh n ggr

>dont want to talk to orbiters cause theyll probably think im just talkin caus im sad
So you want new orbiters to feed you attention?
Leave this place, cunt.
Guys, x don't forget to sage if you can't help but post.

by orbitters i mean the 5 poo in the loos from gram

im that ugly pls dont ask

>im that ugly pls dont ask
Heh, playing the pity card, huh?
"I'm too ugly, I only have 5 orbiters but they're ugly creeps, lol".
Do you think anyone cares?
You're probably underaged.

> you have orbiters

confirmed trash. leave this board and clap yourself. no excuses. THOU SHALT NOT TRY TO FILL THE VOID IN THEIR LIFE THEY GOT BY BEING A SHALLOW WHORE WITH R9K INCELS. BEGONE THOT.

allthough i used memey terms my point is that they barely speak English. Even if they did and i was a popular 7/10 i wouldnt vent to them neither, why would i vent to thirsty fucks when they clearly arent here for that
no just a neet and meh friend is a collegefag

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trash whore kill yourself

You have human orbiters.

You're complaining that their not good enough.

Am I supposed to give a shit?

see i practically dont again i meant literall pajeets

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This had better be bait you smelly roast

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I am faggot hence the art

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Let me give you tonnes of snuggles *tonnes of soft, sensuous snuggles*~~

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same to you friendoriginalo

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Even worse. Kill yourself and never return

Cute pic. Do you like to do that or do you like it to be done to you?

Then dont talk to them. Retard

well thats my point thats why im hre

Is typing like a fucking melvin part of your schtick?

Pls answer my question

Ok well fuck off

You barely speak functional english, cunt.

>no just a neet
Wait is this another gunjy thread