What mental illness is making you a robot?

What mental illness is making you a robot?

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it's not really a "mental illness" more like a personality type

"schizoid" is what they call it

nah, i just like the stories

Autism and Doom

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PTSD, depression and social anxiety..

Even been into a long stay treatment center for my social anxiety for 5months this past year, now 3months later ive just resumed my daily slug except i live in a cozy appartment now wich is kool i guess

probably not a single mental illness, just a combination of crappy personality traits that have slowly been fucking me up since childhood

>implying schizoid exists
who are we kidding? this is just depression as a way of life.


i don't really feel depressed. i just never enjoyed being around people like that. i hate small talk

the collection of symptoms exists, but i wouldn't call it an "illness" just a personality type

I have an anxiety but also I don't know if this is a mental disorder but I don't know how to do conversations. Like people will talk to me but I can't think up an answer quick enough for it to be a real conversation. Maybe there's a word for it but I'm not a psychology. I also don't think I feel emotions at the same intensity as a normal human being.

Probably some form of schizophrenia

Paranoid schizophrenia. It's tough, but I think I understand death better because of it. I'd like to die in the summer looking at the blue sky while life goes on around me. People drinking, children playing, birds singing, bees buzzing. I leave this world and its questions and doubts. No more winters. No more pain. Infinity.

did you overcome the social anxiety

I don't think I am mentally ill, I never been diagnosed.
But Im guessing things like bpd, schizoid and definitely bdd

would you agree with the premise of this paper

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>traumatic experiences
> autism

Gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety and possibly ADD unsure

probably. being NEET is probably "linked" to being obese, right? well, there's nothing stopping a NEET from going to the gym 5x a week and eating healthy. Even if most don't do it.

If, say, 90% of schizoid people are "lonely" compared to, say, 20% of non-schizoid. Then it would be concluded that schizoid is "linked" to loneliness. Despite that 10% of schizoid are not lonely at all!

Also, it could be that the loneliness contributes to the development of schizoid. It could, in fact, be a way of coping with loneliness. It is like saying "hospital visits are linked to death and sickness"

OK, but we know why that is, right?

Some people can be "lonely" while surrounded by other people they don't bond with. Some people can be "not lonely" simply by being part of an online community in a topic they autistically obsess over

My original diagosis was depression with psychotic features.. but after I stopped sleeping 16 hours a day and crying all the time they changed it to 'schizoaffective'..

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The only diagnosed disorder I have is OCD which I went to counselling for in my youth but it did not help. My rituals are mostly the same but the reasons have changed. Now, there is no reason.

i'm not mentally ill, i just suck at being with around people


Origato oregonami

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schizophrenia but I'm now under control after 2 years in and out of the hospital and constant change of medication.

are you sure you are not just autistic?

nope, and i have to make a decision tomorrow to go into another treatment center or risk loosing my benefits

Whatever it is I couldn't tell you, for I don't know what it is.
Whatever personality disorder comes from physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse from your own dad, physical, verbal and emotional abuse from your own mum and physical and verbal abuse from a step dad.
Then being put in a foster home where the parents only put you down and have never praised you for anything.

But yeah, that

autism, faggotism (gender dysphoria) + probably some undiagnosed shit im unaware of

Depression isn't a real mental disorder. It's literally just being a special snowflake. The world isn't fair, you don't deserve everything handed to you on a silver platter, get a job and clean your room, Millennials. Stop crying over everything.

>get a job
what happens if you're depressed BECAUSE of your job. you quit, and you're happy again (but NEET). then get another job and become depressed again?

Don't quit. Stop crying. Just do your job. No one likes their job. This is what happens when an entire generation is raised watching anime and playing video games that diminish the reality of hard work. It never gets better, it's always hard. Hurrrrrrrr durrrr

I never liked anime or playing video games. I have personal projects i want to work on that aren't fun, but I feel that they are important work that needs to be done. Unfortunately nobody will pay me to do them.

>It never gets better, it's always hard.
My work isn't hard, the only "hard" thing to do is not kill myself out of pure misery. The only thing which keeps me going is the knowledge that my parents will probably die in about 10 years, and I will have saved up more than enough money to retire in my 30s if I can just move into their house

Why should someone do "hard work" if they do not have to? What's the point?

You admit:
>No one likes their job
Which isn't true, but anyway: if you don't HAVE TO work, why do it? Why do something that makes a person miserable and force yourself to be in a situation which causes depression, if there is a choice?