You become a normie

You become a normie.
What do you do with your life now?

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>going out every weekend
>not thinking about anything

basically this

Life has no value unless you are born Chad

fpbp and dubs confirm

I contend that anyone who posts here can never become a normie.

i'm a normie, i come here to either give advice or just feel smugly superior

Life has no value, it's fucking pointless.

How do I get a gf I'm so lonely

be delusional but happy. i like being happy

Stop working on all of my projects and be content with working 3 part time jobs.

>no more depression
>multiple meaningless friendships
>shitty side job for getting wasted on weekends
>stop reading, following politics, studying...
>wear gay-ass clothes
>stop playing vidya, only acceptable way to have fun is drinking or getting high with friends
>no more depression, or at least too normielike to acknowledge it

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Take care of the children, go to work, get a mortgage.
Oh wait that sounds gay as fuck.
Just blow my brains out instead.

>no more depression
Depression is as normie as it gets

If I were to become a normie I would literally be unstoppable. All the ever holds me back is my mental illness and abaolute fear of other people. I would be able to press my will on others with charisma and act on all of my ingenious ideas that come to mind. I wouldn't be afraid of asking out women and I would be able to get any job and complete any task asked of me with reasonable time to prepare.

I would literally be a god amongst men. Too bad Im just an autist with psychotic features

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the only thing I can't do with my life now enjoy it

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i will end it

I'd bet that close to 80-90% of posters on this board are normalfags

>no more panic attacks
>comfy job
>comfy apartment
>7/10 gf
>no more existential dread
Really does not sound that bad...

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>actually get a job
>can actually feel and express a wide range of emotions
>finally move out of my parent's basement

post merylls

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Pursue a life of riches.

Same, except I haven't made the full transition into normiedom. I'm kind of a hybrid now.