What do with that few ?

what do with that few ?

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im guessing that's crack or heroin.

cold like a fridge

don't use hero, opium not cannabis if your normal behaviour is chill.


(OP here)

Jow Forums never used cocain did they ? don't be surprised if Chad Thundercock is way far away from your ass low level in matter of virginity.

Is it true that Weed is a leftist drug ?

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Flavourstop? lol Been clean for a cpl months now I need dopamine.

go see a doc and ask for ritaline

Probably wouldn't like it, currently working on getting an addy script, and I have one for concerta which is the same active ingredient as ritalin just make me think and move slower, I hate it.

havent heard of this, will check this right now. concerning coke, I bought 1g last week which has taste and smell of lemon/orange, seller on DN told me it was due to kerosen mixture, plus he told me it was almost pure, I got sever left ribcage pain...

wtf is that ? MDMA ?

The shit is cocain ...

its barely a thing
just wait til u cop more

you think that ordering more would have the seller not send me shitty coke ?

Molly has a crystal structure normally brown from being produced from safrole oil occasionally white if fully synthetic.

All coke is cut don't forget that anyone selling "pure" cocaine is lying or hyping up their product. It's gonna get cut before it crosses the boarder either by the cartels in Mehico or from the producers in South America. It looks fine to me but flaky shine, or fishscale, as people call it can be from a boric acid cut/levamisole. Only way to know if it's good is by trying more and more coke until you know for yourself. You're doing the right thing by going through the dn though street dealers unless you know someone high up are gonna have coke cut to shit.

connoisseur :) Only used MDMA when some people offered me some, didn't so shit as I was already high by c and alcohol

is that all that came in the baggy? how much did it cost?

i'd be pissed off if i were you

I know there's no such thing as pure c, I trusted the seller ratings, the latter said their dope was almost pure, already bought from someone who guarenteed theirs was 85% and fuck it was, it's all upon the seller. The 85% dude is a trusty dude I think, when their dope dropped to 60% he kept their customers aware and lowered prices.

no, it's almost finished, quantity was good unlike quality