Sad feels thread

So whats making you sad today?

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my gpa, and the rain outside. i hate the rain

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lonely and procrastinating my shit as usual
probably not getting into a good college
maybe have to join military and be one of those racist ptsd afghanistan vets

whats ur gpa
mines 3.1 weighted
2.5 unweighted

braincel detected. Also, probably underage.

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I miss my ex gf but now she's married and pregnant and lives in a different country so any hope I had is dead

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joining the military might be one of the best things that happen too you. I got rid of my depression and learned self-discipline I could have gone with out the ptsd tho.

mines 2.36 unweighted. had a pretty rough first uni semester, tryin to pick it back up

Little sister is dating a drug dealer and threatening to run away from home if I tell anyone

Not much really.
I am alone this valentines day but it doesnt bother me. Kind of contemplating drinking but I am still a bit hungover from yesterdays drinks.
Should I pop down to the shop and get some more?

not an incel but yup

Call the cops on him. Letting her go on like that isn't worth it.

I'm failing two classes
What hurts the most is knowing that my parents will be pretty dissapointed
shit suckies

I really wish my grandma was still alive. I loved spending Valentine's and the holidays with her. Her birthday was in February too.

my origbapo life

out there, right now, ex bf is sleeping with with someone and loves them more than they ever loved me.

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Was feeling down in the dumps earlier because I missed my internet x gf from high-school, but thinking about how she's a blown out pussy having slut now made me feel a little better.

my family fell apart and i'm getting some after shocks

I feel like I never got to experience a crucial part of my adolescent life (socializing, partying, having girlfriends) and I'm too old to start now. Also, I just graduated university and I don't think I'm going to find even a mildly shitty job.

I have only a few months to live due to a tumour on my brain. I was told yesterday.

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wanna get high as fuck and enjoy your last days in full-on hedonistic pleasure?

i dreamt i had cancer with 6 months to live. it felt extremely real, but then i woke up and was sad

spaming this caus i dont think

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I've got a lot of supposed trauma going on at the moment, but I don't feel anything from it anymore

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well that is very sad; how old are you now?

I'm eighteen. I'm not sure if I'll make it to nineteen.

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Hell yeah. When and where

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Just lost my interest in my last source of entertainment, waiting for tomorrow now

is there anything you you'd like us to remember about you?

my only friends use me, only talk to me when they want something. makes me feel like shit

I should've ask her out when I had the chance. Now it hurts every day seeing her cute face and talking with her finding out how much in common we have and knowing that she goes home to another guy. At least he's a good fellow that takes care of her and loves her. That gives me some comfort.
Also feels really weird that almost all of my dysfunctional friends including the absolute social outcast that only talks about anime and vidya and the alcoholic that spends all his money and free time to drink in the park now have real girlfriends while I'm still a kissless virgin. And that's only because I focus on girls I've already missed my chance with and push away interested in me girls. Then after I get over the first ones I start getting sad about the ones I pushed away. I really don't know what's wrong with me.

In addition my grandmas now very old and sick, my mom has some formation on her thyroid gland, my car broke down and I've got so much shit to do I can't get 8 hrs of sleep.

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I just came back from a party.
It's really tough seeing people having fun when you're impervious to said fun. It's also very sad seeing cute girls that you know you will never be able to talk to.
And even then, if I were, a voice in my head whispers I'm better off alone.

Each time I go to those, I die a little inside. It feels like once I'd have done that enough, I'll be completely gone and my body will move on its own.
There are times when I wish I could just un-exist. With none the wiser, so I can't disappoint my mom or my dad, so I can't be regretted.

Worst part? I get extra-sad when I drink.

Bruh are you literally me?

ever read Emergence? thats gonna be your sister if you dont do anything

Add Valentine's Day to the heap when my only relationship was a 32 hours long shit with a fucked-up crazy sex-deprived abusive manipulative whore and I'm just about ready to yeet myself.

I wouldn't wish being me on someone, even if it might appear enjoyable on the outside.
It's a lengthy battle against myself that I lose no matter what.

I just realized I haven't pooped today and its past midnight already.

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BTW user we're you living around a college in California before your diagnosis?

I lost 40 lbs last year, haven't been to to the gym since November and I can't find the motivation to go back or actually grow as a person. It's been on my mind for a while

Had to break up with my gf even though I still have serious feelings for her

I'm so goddamned lonely and horny I almost can't control myself anymore

>jerk off 4+ times per day
>see woman at the store
>blonde with a ponytail (fuck I love this)
>she's wearing these sheer gray leggings
>those HIPS
>that ASS
>that movement her buttcheeks make as they shift around while she walks
>every nerve in my body feels like it's on fire
>muscles go all taut
>body temp goes up
>almost frothing at the mouth
>still haven't calmed down entirely almost 40 minutes later

jesus christ help me bros one of these days I might do something Ill regret, but I don't know how to stop myself. I jerk off a shitload but I'm still horny all the damn time.

You get so horny because of how much you fap. Stop and it will go away.

I'm bored but I don't even mind. I don't wanna go to uni. I'll have to soon and I'd rather be bored like this forever than having to go there. Will probably drop out within a few months.

My favorite gambling den shut down so now I have to find a real job even though my only skill is ridiculous luck.

Checked. There are a lot of casinos out there user and you can gamble online too.

Yeah but this was within walking distance. I liked being able to have Thursday Poker, Friday Bingo, and a bunch of other shit. Only shut down because the owner was busted selling illegal guns out the back of it.

Started going the gym and eating right, it's like a cloud has been lifted, I swear even my senses have improved, try it brahs

I have 2 midterms and an essay due on Friday and I just want to do nothing for 60 hours but I have to be really productive I'm so tired fuck me

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My best and only friend decided to turn her life around and that ended up pushing me away, now we barely even talk, and she told me she s finally happy.

Nofap is a cult user, but they aren't wrong. Fapping doesn't lower T or dopamine, but it does make you resistant to it. You're a rat in the cage choosing water with cocaine over food for weeks. Break the cycle, life will improve. If you don't know where to start, switch to freeminding it instead of porn as a first step.

>Valentine's day is tomorrow

you guessed it OP, don't got a date.

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I know that feeling user don't let them get in the way of your happiness...even though it hurts you'll get through this

no matter how hard i try i can't get out of this shitty life. i wil probably kill myself this week.

Depression just came back pretty hard. Hasn't been this bad since maybe two years ago. Haven't eaten in a couple days. Haven't bothered with laundry and been showing up to work looking like shit. When I get home I just lay in my room and avoid my housemates. I tell myself seeking help would just cause trouble for everyone around me.

Best friend is hooking up with the only girl (and person in the entire planet) I've ever loved. Only other friend I talked to said he was tired of me on the same day I found out.

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How the fuck do you get girls interested in you though?

Is that friends gf?

No, but they like each other and will probably end up together. We were hanging out one of these days and she hugged him and looked at him in a way that I'll never forget, knowing that she will never look at me like that again..

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Tell her that you love her, man. You have to leave your comfort zone to accomplish anything.

I already did, was drunk and called her. She used to love me too, back in the day. But I knew how much of a shitty person I was and loved her so much that I knew she deserved better. So I acted oblivious. I told her all of that, but now I can't do this anymore..

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Dont be drunk next timee and dont be oblivious. Might have way of getting friend to f off if you dont care about staying friends with him. Pic not really related

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I'm such a terrible person, he didn't knew I loved her so he is doing nothing wrong in his mind. Even still I just feel hate for him, I've started to turn all our friends against him and he is being excluded from our friend group, I've also been gaslighting him and making him question the morality of his actions. All of this while he considers me a great friend. I'm truly a disgusting person on the inside and that's why I knew I couldn't be with her even though we both loved each other. He is ugly as shit too and that just pisses me off even more.

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Tell him you love her, then. If he really is a friend, he at least (probably) won't murder you, and I can mail her flowers 4 you.

What would that accomplish though? He wouldn't just forget about her because of something I told him. I'd just be losing my dignity even more, admitting that the girl he is with is the only person I have ever loved in this entire motherfucking planet, including family.

Fuck your dignity, everyone at my highschool thought I was gonna shoot them before I unenrolled and did homeschol thru church. Your dignity is not that important. If you love her, go for it, or let me help you.

Crush went on a 3 day trip to Florida.

I know it shouldn't bother me, but I jsut can't get the the thought from my head that something is gonna happen. Not sure why I feel so uneasy about this.

There's really no way I could go after her, she doesn't love me anymore, user. Also, I appreciate your offer to help, but I'm pretty sure we live in different countries.

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Murca. You a brit?

Oh kek, florida man is going to kill her with an alligator.

Kek just give it up. She deserves someone better than you. Life is cruel anyway, why don't you just rape her and pin the blame on your friend. If you really love her then force yourself on her...

I'm living in the UK rn.

Cause I'm not a retard who gives a shit about sex. I literally said that there's no way we could be together, I've already given up.

I'm completely alone in a way that nobody seems to understand, even on this board which is supposed to be for lonely people there are people who are either meeting others through normie activites or have enough conversational skills to make at least 1 discord friend
Since I'm lonely even compared to other people who are supposed to be just like me I feel so alone that it's like I'm in a void
I've been crying pretty hard for about 3 hours now
Guess I'll just get up tomorrow and go to class and focus all of my mental energy on studying for school, since it's not worth spending any on my emotions since they all feel so empty now

I haven't liked someone since middle school/ early highschool so I never really cared or felt bitter about Valentine's Day. But this one hurts. I fell for a girl who I think was giving me mixed signals though most likely it was just me grasping at straws to fit my narrative that I could possibly find someone. She leans in close to me to show me things and touches my hands and arms without flinching. She'll keep make plans to hang out. I don't have many friends and suddenly there's a girl who wants to be friends with me, and we have a lot in common and we talk a lot. Of course I would fall for her. Being starved of human contact it's almost a given I would latch on to her. She said she was bringing me chocolates tomorrow, which made me really happy like some creepy idiot. And then she said "friendship chocolates." And made it clear they were just that. I can only blame myself. I was a fool to get my hopes up. She just wanted a friend, not all this extra shit. To me, she is an extremely special person, and to her I'm just another friend. She's introduced me as her best friend before and she's quite shy and quiet around people she doesn't know. So I thought I was as special to her as she was to me. That is just ego. Those significant "signs" of affection she showed were just her being comfortable around a close friend. Nothing more. It hurts. To finally find someone who truely understands you and for it to go no further than friendship. It hurts.

Thoght the jacklet looked british, didnt recognize a35 as an american model. Also, youd be surprised what crowdfunding can accomplish (ie interntational shipping fee campiagn disguised as an organization to actually claim land for kekistan.

Hey user, I am also in need of a friend, I don't mind if your conversational skills are bad, mine are too, but if you want, we can try to be friends or just talk.. Add me on Discord if you feel like it: RiceTwice#9960
Anyone else who wants a friend or just someone to talk to is free to add me as well, I'd be grateful.

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>Friendship chocolates
tell her you care about her more than that. I have enough human contact and yet am serioisly overattached tto the point of being willing and ready to kill for a girl I barely know.

Sorry fren, might be the alcohol setting in but I can't understand a single word of what you're trying to say.

>Be me
>19 yo CS dropout
> Now have no idea what to do with life careerwise

I keep having dreams where I have sex with other girls I know and it makes me feel bad because I legitimately love my wife

I appreciate the gesture and the (You) but every time I try to make an attempt at getting out of this lonely void I fail and the pain only makes me sink deeper, for now I figure my best bet is to forget about people and hoping to ever have somebody to talk to and just focus on school.

I start campaign claiming to be with goal of claiming land for Kek.
gullible sheep who think they are kekistani donate.
i hae enough money to mail her floerrs and possibly other shit.

Sad because everyone I love, friends, family, love interests I end up pushing away by trying to show them I love them. And people who obviously love me, I push them away too because I cant help it. Why am I like this?

Will you actually listen to what i say without judging for a few minutes? Please?

Oh, I see. Was referring to the whole "jacklet" part too (what?). But I mean, there would be really no point in mailing her flowers, it's clear that she doesn't love me anymore and never will again.

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To confess my feeling would be the most selfish thing I could do. She didn't want these feelings. Neither did I. She just wanted a friend. I don't want to lose her because it's so much fun to be around her. I don't care about my feelings. They will eventually fade. I will get over it. I don't want to lose a friend as close as her because it's hard to even find people in general who understand one another. I know its stupid to live for anything other than yourself and I should probably act on these feelings. But hearing her clearly state what she sees me as is enough for me to just accept it and move on.

When she comes to your house/apartment/NEETcave/cardboard box tommorow, ask her to come in and offer her a tea and then tell her how much you love her. The friendzone is bullshit. If you were drunk when you told her your feelings, she might have heard you slurring and dissmissed it as drunken rambling.

My pathetic grades due to low effort and drive, being broke, inability to find someone to love or even develop attraction

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You honest to kek need jesus.

ive pretty much decided that when my dog passes away in the next couple years im ending my shit too. shes the only reason why i get out of bed in the morning and other than taking care of her im a waste of space. i was on track to finally reach my dreams and then a bunch of shit out of my control happened and ruined the chances of that ever happening and now im wagecucking away. im 21 and all ive done the last few years is take care of my dog and then drink and work my days away. i want off of mr bones' wild ride, bros. maybe next reincarnation will be better. and if not better, at least not this life im doomed to.

>She wanted a friend
> You didnt want these feelings
> Neither did she.
Thats usually how it starts.
> I should probably act on these feelings NOW.
life is far too short to not act niw, you live in the UK, there is ironically a terrorist attack every 3 minutes. You don't knoww when Mohammed is going to decide to do it for allah. Just tell her. Stop thinking so damn much and just feel and do.

I'm always the second option I'm always the one people talk to when bored I'm never someone's first priority I just wish I was important to someone somewhere.....

You canbe important to me!

No homo, forgot that

Pretty sure the guy I like is oblivious to my feelings for him. That, or he's not interested, or he doesn't want to date because he's my superior at work. He keeps giving me all these signals indicating that he likes me but I'm just so confused and anxious.

Also, found this link

Get senpai!! He can only be yours, and if not, no ones!

I mean, last night at the end of a Discord call before we hung up I was like, "Hey we should hang out sometime" to which he agreed. I said something along the lines of "Well since we both have closing shifts on Thursday, maybe when we're done we could catch a movie or grab some food?" His response? "I'll keep that in mind!" How am I supposed to interpret that? This is a guy who was saying earlier in the evening that we had a lot in common -_-

I meant with women but ok user since I do really only have one (1) friend