Little sister is dating a drug dealer

Alright so what the fuck do I do?

>Little sister (16) dating one of my former high school's drug dealer's younger brothers, who I am sure is a drug dealer
>Said drug dealer that I knew is also in prison for battery, and a single mother kid
>She brings him to the house one day, a single look at the piece of shit confirms my suspicions
>I apprehend her about this and say that I'll tip the cops or the school if she doesn't quit it (I wasn't planning to do this, just wanted to tell dad but now I'm not so sure)
>She gets completely mad at me and says if I do anything to fuck the relationship up for her she'll never forgive me and even run away from home

So what the fuck do I do? She was genuine about her threat to run away and I don't want to estrange one of the only friendships I have

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Do it anyway. She will learn to forgive you in time. You'll be saving future her from her stupid young self.

Only solution is beating the shit out of her

Well, you've got a few options:

1. Say nothing. Let her ruin her life, since there's probably no "going straight" after this.
2. Tip off the cops and the school. Either she runs away and fucks her life (the same case as 1), or she possible goes back on the straight and narrow.
3. Go full Muslim and lock her in her room, severely police her communications and movements, etc. Permanently ground her until college.

Beat him up and tell him to never approach her again or he is dead.

Be a man for once

this is probably the best one op, its better for her if she is out of that relationship

yeah uhh stop bein a bitch and let em live her life
if he fucks her up get 2 pistol whippin and shit but you gotta let it play first

The main issue is I don't want her to run away and end up hurting herself.

I can tell the cops but I have no evidence on this guy although I'm 100% sure he's a drug dealer. Maybe the cops will investigate or some shit considering his older brother's in jail but it'd take weeks at the least.

Current plan is I need to break it to dad somehow. The problem is my dad's hot tempered, and we need to devise a way of getting them to separate without my sis running from home

tell your dad, the cops arent your friends

fuck his shit up. don't negotiate with terrorists.

>She was genuine about her threat to run away and I don't want to estrange one of the only friendships I have

So? Does that mean it's okay to let her fuck herself over? Just because your puny ego can't handle it?

You're not just handling the 16 year old in front of you, you're handling the adult she's going to be later. The adult might be more understanding than the kid is.

Then mind your own fucking business.

beat your sister before he does

OP, take it from a man who is in a similar situation. Let her continue on for a bit. Let her get on drugs, and let her fall down a little. And once she's at a low, you call the cops on them both, and arrange counseling for something. Or anything similar. If you get rid of him now, she won't know how bad it can get, and she'll just find another like him, and this time, you won't even know when she's doing it.

Tell your parents and if you get evidence of him dealing drugs send him to jail or at least threaten him that if he does not stop you will report him. Get yourself some protection if you go that route though.

Teenagers get mad when you tell them they cannot do all sorts of incredibly dangerous and stupid things. You still have to stop them from doing it

Get some bros a nd beat the shit out of her bf

This is actually refreshing and well-thought advice unlike all the other ooga booga tier shit in this thread. Seen girls who go from one shit boyfriend to another because interventions always get them out before any serious damage is done. I'm considering it - do you have any advice on how much I should let her fall down a little?

wear a mask of his face and push her down the stairs

just kill him lmao

Drug dealer here. I'm dating this virgin's super hot 16 year old sister. Gave her xans and came in her pussy last night. Shit was cash.

Trying to control her will ruin the relationship you have with her. If you care about her then another option that's easily superior is to maintain a healthy relationship with her and help her when the situation gets ugly and she specifically asks you for help.
In both situations she will have the same drug dealer boyfriend. But in the scenario you maintain a healthy relationship with her she may not run away and may eventually ask for help.

My brother is a drug dealer. (15)

>do you have any advice on how much I should let her fall down a little?
Don't intervene at all. Let her make her own mistakes. Acting bossy and trying to intervene will push her away further, so will acting spiteful or prideful or having the "I told you so" attitude after things get ugly.

Probably when she's finally on drugs and begins to steal from your family.

fuck up their relationship, if she is not a brainlet shell thank you later. make some fucking tough choices user or your sister will regret it forever.

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drug dealer = free drugs duh
how tf can you be such a stuck up faggot that you dont see the person behind the drugs and that maybe your sis really sees something to love in him? drugs = evil bad no no
orange man bad
fuckin normie thought patterns

Dude there going to do what there going to do. Maybe it'll turn out well, everyone does stupid things in their lives. If nothing else it's an experience, which is what life is in its core. besides you have no right to do this. Imagine if you dated a drug dealing female and she did the same as you.

So what if his sis ends up carrying for him and gets caught?

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Your sister is soiled OP. Lusting after regular school chads is one thing, but getting involved with drug dealers is the point of no return. No other men she meets after will be as alpha, and she will be hooked on drugs for life. Blame your parents for not doing their job, you have to let her fall and hope she learns from this.

What kind of drugs does he deal? 1000% chance your sister is just banging him for free drugs.