Sum the world in 4 words

sum the world in 4 words

money, beauty, luck, socialskills

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Molten iron, aluminum, silicon and oxygen


genetics, environment, winning, reproduction

Terra, gaia, erde, tellus

All so tiresome, m8

>Molten iron, aluminum, silicon and oxygen
Pretty much this.

Nice seeing from windows.

that are huge balonkers

am i a brainlet if i dont get this

Boobs, tits, ass, lips

>am i a brainlet if i dont get this

wisdom love creation infinity

Brutal, beautiful, ruled by greedy, conniving jews

4 words, fuckin' dork.

Nothing matters except tits

can you at least tell me what it means user?

disgusting ass photo graph

unfair, indifferent, experimental, strength

Many sad people cry common elements on earth

thank you user im sorry i dont deserve to be in ur presence m'lord ill leave now and thank you for bestowing your wisdom on a peasant such as me

unfair cruel short money

Human species deserves extinction

Greed, Fighting, Stupidity, Control.

Rant: We define world by words and how it looks like also we made the world as we see it today.

A ball of shit