Why are Millennial snowflakes so afraid of hard work and personal responsibility?

Why are Millennial snowflakes so afraid of hard work and personal responsibility?

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>actor larps as blue collar hard worker

They are being brainwashed by postmodernist neo-Marxists

Todays generation does not understand the values of classical liberalism and individualism

Because your generation (assuming you're gen-x / boomer) failed at raising children at an absolute level.

college puts most of them into slavery amounts of debt for some skill that isn't marketable, slight shift to tech and scientific jobs, raised by boomers and are contuining the selfish boomer mentality, general lack of opportunities for good jobs, constant stimulation from social media and internet keeps them preoccupied and in a world of ideas instead of actions, PC culture and SJW mentalities ruining women thus reducing the drive for men to work hard and provide, also PC culture false rape accusations and the liberal mob can destroy some mans credibility and hard work by ruining reputation so status = a target, dude weed culture, general degradation of family and social structures, small businesses being out-competed by big corporations thus less opportunity for a starter-type person to succeed in building their own business

lots of other reasons too

We did work hard but there aren't any opportunities because a bunch of old boomer fucks won't leave the workforce. So why would be bust our asses working at Starbuck's and discount retail stores when there's nowhere to move but laterally?

this is a bad shitpost. dude puts in the manual labor in his show dirty jobs. he has strong forearms and good muscle in general so you can tell he is a work with his hands type of guy. also knows a lot about a lot of practical stuff so you can be safely assured he's been around the block in terms of doing blue collar jobs.

>#3 - no such thing as a bad job

that's utter bullshit

Remember: Working hard is not the same as making money. There's a lot of hard work to be done that you won't get paid one cent to do.

Based boomer dabbing on whiny privileged manchildren.

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There's a difference between doing that shit for a couple hours for the camera then going back to your mansion at the end of the day and doing that shit for a living with no hope of upward mobility.

One day at one of these jobs is nothing, it's the daily grind and crushing hopelessness of your situation that makes them miserable. It destroys your body and once it does you don't have the money to get help so it just gets worse and you're even more stuck.

Unless you're the kind of boomer who tells people to just walk up to the manager and ask for a job I don't know how anyone can stand this asshole. He's basically just a puppet for the elites who's job is to convince the masses they should be complacent with their shitty miserable lives.

>I won the greatest lottery of all time
>I'm a product of my choices not my circumstances

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They really aren't. Mike Rowe is a piece of shit grifter shill.

how can you even say he's a puppet? what even makes you say that? is everybody with an agenda a puppet?

he appeals to the hands-on type people who are probably lower to average IQ who don't have the brains to do white collar jobs so they default to something they can actually do like manual labor. i agree it's terrible for you and causes a fuckton of damage, but generally these people are too stupid to be good at anything else but like plumbing or something with a simple process that can be fixed with the knowledge and experience from doing the thing over and over. there's a lot of those people out there and it's true that we actually do need them to keep things like electricity, plumbing, construction all up and running. not everybody has the intelligence to be the architect of a building or the guy who draws the blueprints to your house. it's sad to see people degrade their bodies due to lifetimes of shitty work like this but like i said before, for some people it's their only option in life and if he can motivate people to move into those jobs then i see him as a positive.

specifically for the US, hopefully we're able to kick out illegals and therefore drive the price of labor jobs back up so people can actually do shit like this for good pay so it would at least be worth the money for them.

>he thinks white collar work requires a high IQ

This user is completely correct.

You can already tell its bullshit when one of the points is
> come early and stay late without complaints

Who with at least a bit of self respect gives away free time to his employer for fucking free? I will tell you who, a shill or a slave.

Here ya go frome one neet to another origini

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> implying white collar jobs require anything more than a degree, experience and common sense
> implying that if someone is retarded, he should work in hell and be grateful for it

Americans are so selfish and backstabbing with each other, while at the same time prising the corporate overlords that fuck you every day... its almost disgusting to see how you treat each other/think about others.

nice pic! saved friendo

Fuck off peterson. Global dildo capitalism is collapsing, you can't save it



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1. They had their lives ruined by child prison.

2. Shit wages.

The list goes on and on but those are up there.

Rule 6 is directly and totally contradicted by rules 2, 3 and 8.

If you bring up safety problems you are complaining.

Since you never complain how can you ever fix safety issues? If you are unsafe you are not in compliance with rule 2.

If your job is vastly and completely unsafe but you wouldn't dare complain then yes, your job sucks.

We used to use children to mine coal because they could fit into passages that could not fit a grown person. They would run carts of coal through passages barely large enough for a child for 12 hours a shift.

There are definitely bad jobs that no one should ever do and a multi-millionaire who lucked out and landed a TV show has zero (0) say about what jobs suck.

poor parenting

Although I have little sympathy for mellenials, this list is utter horseshit. Was this made by an early 1800s textile mill owner?

have fun dying in a hole

most jobs pay overtime. obviously you'd be stupid to work for free, but i think his greater point is to just commit to being a workhorse and outwork the competition, which is okay although only suited to people who can handle that which is not many people.

i never said high iq. but low iq people probably in the 80-90 range would fuck things up more often and not excel at white collar work and would probably not be hired over somebody more competent.

when did i say people had to be grateful for their shit job? when did i praise corporate overlords? if anything i think if people go into manual labor jobs they should go into local small businesses that are growing and stay away from big companies that overwork you and pay you shit. fuck off retard.

>he still believes that life is a blessing
>he still believes in free will
This bootlicker is stunningly bluepilled.

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because, parenting is now easier than before, thanks to aids.

>The world is completely just. You get what you work for. Your situation is completely due to your own choices

Boomers need to leave, or better yet just be put down

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Superior pledge incoming

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>his greater point is to just commit to being a workhorse and outwork the competition, which is okay

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>goes to job
>puts in a couple hours of work to get a few shots for the show
>works "dirty job" 10 days out of the year while not even putting in a full day on any of those jobs
>flies back to his mansion
he doesn't even work a full day on those jobs lmao. he just goes there, does a few scenes then goes back to his five star hotel and thousand dollar escorts. he has muscles because he has a personal trainer.

lots of anti-americanism in this thread. what ever happened to the american ideal of being a hardworking powerhouse? not really helping OPs case here you faggots.

You can only blame your parents until you're 16.

NEETpill best pill

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Absolutely BASED. Wagies stay mad.

This. Also their left wing parents allow them to be such pussies.

>t. 15 year old redditor who doesnt understand capitalism
>thinks there is a better alternative

There are winners and losers. You are a loser, with the attitude of a loser. Stay mad, retard. I can't wait for the upper class to just utterly abandon you filthy, lazy commie piles of shit, merge with AI and explore the galaxy while you continue to argue about if transgender wierdos should be able to use the girls washroom.


Jow Forums is against global capitalism, it has nothing to offer us. How fucking new are you? Just admit you have autism and fuck off back to the shithole you crawled out of

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>global capitalism
My god you are a fucking absolute retard. Global capitalism doesnt exist. Capitalism implies competition. Predatory multinationals dont allow this.

Life isn't fair, youre a loser and I laugh at pathetic betas like you. Kill yourself, commie newfag.

>Dude under capitalism the best and hardest workers succeed. If you're unemployed then just like stop being poor lmao, pull yourself up by your bootstraps

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>born loser
>tfw none of the superior elite will ever take pity on you and keep you as a pet/cocksleeve
What a shitty dystopia.

>what ever happened to the american ideal of being a hardworking powerhouse
flooding our country with illegal aliens who lower the value of labor

compare the price of houses in 1960 and average wages, versus today

you have to work 5x as hard for the same job, and work 5x as many hours to buy the same thing

Because I'm too busy spending all of my money on avocado toast

>redditard gets BTFO so hard she starts strawmanning more in a separate post
I guarantee you came to Jow Forums to shill on Jow Forums, then got bullied and humiliated so now you frequent this loser board so you can fap to traps. Kys faggot.

>mike rowe is not a blue collar laborer
>this response
did you mean to respond to a different post?

Keep being a loser. Makes things easier for the winners.

Very based i must say indded oh yes

Doesnt matter how much you suck Mr. Goldberg dick champion, you will stay a looser claiming to be big game.

The bitch doesnt get a place in the will...

-guy who makes 80K a year and sees himself as a global elite

Predatory multinationals are a direct consequence of capitalism. It necessarily creates monopolies. Big business and the modern liberal state fund eachother. How do you not know this? This is red.dit tier rhetoric. Also, you seem to have just copied that argument from the political compass test

>Life isn't fair, youre a loser and I laugh at pathetic betas like you. Kill yourself, commie newfag.
t. Came here from reddit in 2016

Being against the neoliberal status quo doesnt make you a communist. But you wouldnt know this since all of your political discourse comes from the internet. I suggest you go back to that red.dit shithole you crawled out of

You know that it's obvious when you samefag like this, right?

>Predatory multinationals are a direct consequence of capitalism
Woah, groundbreaking intellectual detected. No shit retard. Which is why capitalism must be regulated to ensure true competition can be maintained. You're too stupid for me to talk to. Thanks for proving how much of a newfag you are by telling me you "Came here from reddit in 2016".

You're obviously a commie/socialist. Get with the times, those shitty ideologies have been ruining countries for the past century. I guess that's one reason they call it the regressive left. Fuck off.

More strawmanning. And anti semetism? Pathetic.

>schizophrenic commie too new to know how to check for samefags
Comedy gold. You're so mad and its hilarious. Epic win.

> anti semitism

Ok, you are literally a newfag from reddit. Thanks for making it even more clear.

>50 years ago
>get a job with a firm handshake straight off of highschool, buy a house by age 23.
>Wife and 2,5 kids by age 30
>need college+2 years of experience for any starter position
>can't fucking buy a house since you already have student loans to pay
>all women are whores
It's all about incentives.

I mean while I think people my age are lazy as shit why not just become a boomer? That's what I did. I work in a unionized job for my electric coop.

>projecting this hard
>calling people newfags and redditors on r9gay
Found the triggered newfag

Trades seem like the way to go as of a few years ago, unless you get a degree in something useful like engineering. Even then, the price of the degree may not be worth it.

>The redditor is immunized against all dangers, one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, faggot, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a redditor and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: "I've been found out."

So you think capitalism must be regulated? That's all fine and well, but good luck trying to do so when Dr. Goldberg has bought off half of congress. You could've just said this at the beginning and we wouldnt have had this discussion. My guess is that you're just backtracking and saying "well uh no, we need SOME regulation".

Again, like I said, being against the neoliberal status quo doesnt make you a communist. Really I'd consider myself a mutualist or distributist.

>Thanks for proving how much of a newfag you are by telling me you "Came here from reddit in 2016".

No you absolute retard. My point is that your cultural libertarian rhetoric literally screams that you're a refugee from r/The_Donald. I suggest you stop trying to argue politics when clearly all of your knowledge on the topic comes from internet memes

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as of 2017 for every engineering job in the US there were 2 to 3 engineering graduates

very area dependent, some places are good some are awful
they got mobbed back around 2013 on due to people not finding work with degrees

Not that user but you did kinda out yourself as a newfag. Your response is only "no u!!!". I suggest you just stop dude, you're not fooling anyone

>mutualist or distributist
You're so fucking stupid and its very funny and also epic.
>muh r the donald boogeyman
Redditor fucking confirmed. Go back, and take your autistic commie ideologies with you. You also have a very elementary understanding of politics and come off as highly uneducated.

>hard work and responsibility
>when people in the past literally worked less and institutions of power (such as church) assumed more responsibility for them

lmoa shut the fuck up le wrong generation faggot

Been here since 97. Sorry I had to call you out, but that doesnt mean you have to hide behind "not that le user tehe xD".

>when people in the past literally worked less and institutions of power (such as church) assumed more responsibility for them
False. Apart from 1 or 2 of the previous generations, you have it much easier. Please kill yourself for being such a pussy.

It really does depend on the job market but then again the only "market" for jobs where I live is mexicans who pick tomatoes and the Indian casino. But damn sparkies where making really good money in Orlando. Actually a lot of contactors for my coop have issues filling jobs for whatever reason. Its a free CDL and $17/hr starting I don't know why people don't want to do it.

What is keeping you from relocating?

Faggot OPs thread got archived

holy shit boomers DESTROYED

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It's mostly right, for every incel there is somebody worse off than them doing better than them.

The day I stopped making excuses and started making changes I realised I was a pathetic coward. I realised that the main reason for me not achieving anything in life was I was scared of everything, I believe the same for most incels

Millenials really are the worst generation. Based gen Z will save us with their entrepreneurial autism and level-headed conservative views.

Of course it is. This board is fucking pathetic.

You spent 10 minutes shitting your pants and couldn't even refute what I said?

>You're so fucking stupid and its very funny and also epic.

Translation: I dont have an argument, so I'm just gonna use snarky demeanor to feel like I've won.

Also, how much of a retarded zoomer do you have to be to say "this is epic" unironically? You're so new it hurts

>Redditor fucking confirmed

I mean, you come off as very alt-lite. Where else could you have come from? Again it hurts that you have zero self awareness

>You also have a very elementary understanding of politics and come off as highly uneducated.

Considering your post contained no counter arguments whatsoever, I have a hard time taking you seriously.

user, is it really hard to believe that not everyone who opposes international neoliberalism is a communist? There are anti-capitalists on the traditional left and right. But again, you have a very polarized view of politics. I suggest you put the memes away and lurk moar faggot

Why would I?
I'm employed by an electric coop I make more than about 85% of the people who live here and rent is cheap. Only problem is everyone speaks Spanish and the town is 3% white if that's a problem for you.
But man I love my job it's just a shame I have to stay here for another 2 more years until I become a journeyman meter man.

>Been here since 97
Are you actually clinically retarded? Or are you just really bad at trolling?

No I'm not the same user you retard. But I wouldn't expect a newfag redditor to know how to detect samefags

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I pretty much agree with a lot of these statements, but I'll come right out and say that #3 is complete fucking bullshit, and #7 is a fucking joke. Enthusiastically jumping on every bullshit, menial task doesn't distinguish you as capable of anything besides fucking bullshit, menial tasks. As for #3, there are some shitty, thankless jobs that don't pay well at all out there. Believe me when I say that some places you're better off abandoning than sticking around.

neets confirmed superior beings

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This. If you don't know how to do something you can find the answer online in seconds, and you should absolutely look for it if you know that there's a crucial area to life where you're lacking knowledge. The only thing you can ever truly blame your parents for is emotional issues caused by your environment.

Nice sweater, oregon

I already said I'm not here to argue with you you retarded commie faggot.
>so new she cant detect irony
And low IQ for sure. The rest of your incoherent post isnt worth responding to. Sorry, youre really just that stupid and clued out. At least its entertaining. I give you the last word so you can try and fail to regain your dignity, since my intellectual superiority gave me an unfair advantage in this exchange.

>i-im not the same user i p-promise
>i-is that trolling or not?
Back to r3ddit

>since my intellectual superiority gave me an unfair advantage in this exchange

Yeesh, you spent another 20 minutes pissing your pants and still couldn't refute what I said. Your autistic meltdown has been glorious. If your just gonna fish for (you)s and not engage with me the I guess we really be talking

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So you are just clinically retarded, got it...

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Really shouldn't be talking*

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Why is Mike Rowe?

Upvoted for epic win.

/b/ was started in 1995, /a/ in 96. Apparently wikipedia is too hard for redditors.

>Why are Millennial snowflakes so afraid of hard work and personal responsibility?

Because they've witnessed the lie of that firsthand with the death of the American Dream.

Boomers promised college education would be valuable. Work 4 years to get one. Come out and all you have is debt and a worthless degree, or at best one that entitles you to become an unpaid intern. Yes, even STEM.

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>muh boomers
Its always someone else's fault. Typical millenial trash. Just ignore the fact you were too stupid to think for yourself and listened to a fucking boomer. Get and engineering degree. 95% employment rate. Oh jk youre too stupid. Cry more and kys. Stop being a left wing pussy.

Mods, ban zoomers

Millenial retards are such pussies. Go back to your r3ddit hugbox, faggot.

>Stop being a left wing pussy
user, everyone hates boomers. Right and left

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>I've been here since 97 newfag
God it hurts

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You being new and falling for retarded bait? Ya.

The 12 good goy Commandments

>I was just pretending to be retarded guys XD

Imagine being this much of a bootyblasted redditor

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>Its always someone else's fault. Typical millenial trash.

>Literally born into recession created by the excess of a generation that got to live through the highest levels of prosperity that have ever existed in human history