Femanon, if you have a smell chest hope that your future bf never had a big tiddie gf. Otherwise deep inside...

Femanon, if you have a smell chest hope that your future bf never had a big tiddie gf. Otherwise deep inside, he will always feel that nagging feeling that something should be there where is nothing und remember his big tiddie ex.

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t. germanfag

>a big chest fills a man's hands

yes i'm aware, you post this everyday to make damn sure i see it and i have. i get it, you're slimey move along and go orbit your instathots

>have cowtits
>get first boyfriend
>he doesn't like tits

I feel disappointed

flat chested girls are terrible

You picked a bad (boy)friend then

I'm just fine without back problems and being able to fit into children's clothes, thanks. No bf is worth the hassle of having big tits.

I suppose l did

>have bigtits but not cowtits
>get bf
>he only thinks about cowtits
>no interest in my tits, never seen my E cups
>never asks to
>leave him one day because i'm sick of him only thinkng/talking about cowtits, ignoring me and liking other girls cowtit pics
>he literally doesn't even care

OP is right. if you don't have huge fucking tits just kys a man will never love you fully

E cups are big tho. You sure you weren't imagining it??

My bf has been with a lot of dumb titcows but he says he like mine because I'd look weird with big tots, and big tits sag. I choose to believe him
Though he's probably fucking this girl with a nice set as we speak. But still, I believe him

Nope, he ignored me hard and never once expressed interest in seeing mine, only other girls. And when I left he was unaffected. Maybe its because I'm too skinny but I dunno. Shit hurted. It sucks that you can do everything else right but he will become bored if he sees bigger tits. OP is right and its depressing.

Men are ungrateful.

its true, big tits look more deformed and uneven usually. more stinky too. i like cute pink nipples and nice shaped milkers

I've dated both. You kinda get over big tits

Its true :(
I should go full lesbian again.

big tits get in the way, they stink, look masculine and burly, take up space, and are generally visually unappealing. slavic tit masterrace 5ever.

I think I'm going to go back to being celibate. I was alone my entire life before I was with my person. I can handle it again. It's a shame they can't seem to love people beyond the physical.

What is considered the line between big and small though? I guess it depends on the person.

No you're just gay, dude.

rather be gay than fuck a whale with big onion smelling uneven beast tits

Please get the fuck off this board. I hate every single female on Jow Forums who thinks they're a robot. Holy fucking shit, get off this board or post tits

k gimme a sec i gotta find a pen

>they stink
>big onion smelling tits

user what are you on about? We know you've never been near a real pair of breasts, just stop.

I've got one who doesn't like big boobs at all

Don't do it, they don't deserve to see them.

you aren't celibate anymore retarded fucking roast. get the fuck out

women up close smell like onions. bigger tits = more crevices for sweat and gross bacteria to pool in = more smell. moldy tit ass

I've never had sex, but perhaps abstinent would have been the better choice of word.

Calling bullshit and even if - that doesn't make you one of us. Tits or gtfo

But what if the guy doesn't like boobs?