What do robots do on valentine's day?

What do robots do on valentine's day?

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same thing as every other day: nothing

spend it with their beloved one (waifu)

Post in this thread looking for a fembot to be my valentine

jack off and spend time with waifu

what's the worst that could happen if i message my oneitis on FB saying "Happy Valentine's Day"?

Her boyfriend find out about it and beat you up.

I know for a fact she's single

Here, I made a Valentine for everyone in this thread/board. Now you can't say you didn't get any Valentines.

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Then you've got nothing to lose.

Don't patronize me you bitch.

Based (original recipe)

needs more loomis fren

Nice drawing, user. Post more.

Play games procastinate bitch about something else here.

Start drinking a bit earlier than usual

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Usually I don't even notice when it's Valentine's Day. It's just another day for me

Sorry, I'm not a trained artist I just wanted to do something nice.

Damn, that's really good user, if you're not already pursuing a career in art you should. I'm diggin' the style

Thank you user. You are very nice. I hope you have a good day

>those digits
I will not fall for your false hopes

Shit, I didn't even notice

Thank you......!

Beat my dick like a plantation slave and cry myself to sleep.

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>she reads it
>she doesn't message you back

Thanks satan. Is that a character from something or OC?

I'm an elementary school teacher and I was making Valentines with my students. This is just a quick random doodle I made with them, added the words later on for the thread!

Thanks satan I feel like a special boy

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Very nice, thanks for sharing with us! :)

Wake up early, walk the dog, visit the graveyard, make food, get drunk.

The loneliness. It hurts so much. Plz take my soul.

>visit the graveyard
i'm not going to ask but i'm sorry user. i hope you're okay.

Thanks, user. I like your drawing.

based and materialismpilled

Sometimes it's like I live in a different universe to normalniggers. I just can't even imagine what it's like to consider (mild) romantic acknowledgement a real or, god forbid, normal thing.

Think about my waifu to stop myself from committing suicide

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I jerk off to humiliation JOI videos, particularly those themed around Valentine's Day.

Apparently, go to classes. Tell my self that I will apply for a job. Not apply for a job. Waste a few hours on Omegle, go to bed.

fuck my fwb till she throws up then kick her out

Probably get drunk an play destiny or minecraft while i think about how my crush hates me

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Literally nothing.
I'm going to transfer consciousness to the Void for an entire 24 hours.

Drink, eat chocolate, and shitpost.

mutually broke up today
spending the day with him tomorrow but probably never seeing him ever again

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I didnt even remember that shit until now
I never celebrated it tho and never had a friend who did as well
So I really dont care
Maybe I'll play some Stronghold 2, I reinstalled it and frequently forget to save before ending missions, shit sucks kek
Also Ill probably go to the store and buy some beer

The same as any other day - it's not special and never has been.

this is what I did with my gf today. whatabout all you lonely NEETS?


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spend it playing cs and jacking off to anime feet

so this is what r9k tranny shiller has been up to...

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Despite all the efforts to hide it you can still see the stubble above the lips.

>...user ASKED ME OUT
>Ewwwwww HIM!?!
>Gros, what a creep!
>I'll let everybody know .....

Go to uni, go home, eat, study some more, workout, play vidya and listen to metal or watch animu. Just like every day

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Wow thanks satan

Clout is good.

Playing teraurge
>tfw no real life monsters to date

>90s computer
>discord server
what the fuck?
is this the kind of "person" that comments on my vaporave videos?

She could be rude and mock you. You should still go for it on the chance she loves you too though. Beats being alone and depressed.

im asking out a girl today wish me luck lads

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thanks user u cute

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Go to school, go home, come to my dance classes, get back home and sleep.

Thanks, I'm going to have a nice brew now.

I'm at work watching over machines and robots packing cider right now.

nice digits
But yeah I'm doing okay enough, been just over a year now. Just trying to stay alive to be honest.

spending time with my waifu and listening to music also my psychologist called and wants me to go to see her today so i guess i can go

I really want to be offended by what I know to be a false promise and a complete lack of actual personalization, but that's honestly the sweetest thing that's going to happen today, and I sense that you made this in good faith. I must also accept that Satanic trips cannot lead me astray. So thank you, user, on balance I do appreciate it.

cheked and nicepilled

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I made a this so people can pretend to be on a Valentine's date with me and maybe feel a bit less lonely.

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I'm going to a smash tournament and maining Dedede