Tfw thinking about a lonely fembot needing comfort before Valentine's day

>tfw thinking about a lonely fembot needing comfort before Valentine's day

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Lol fembots are all busy getting pumped and dumped by Chad, stupid

Hold me, OP. Another Valentine's Day alone.

How are you holding up, hold me poster?

Not very well, I haven't slept in days. The isolation is getting to me. I'd give anything to go out on an actual date tomorrow. How are you holding up? Any plans tomorrow?

>tfw thinking about hamplanet ex who's probably lonely on valentine's day and coming back won't help either of us

Have you tried taking something to get to sleep? Benadryl or nyquil works for me sometimes. Hope you get to sleep tonight, user. And nope I don't have any plans. Might just do schoolwork

I have a prescription for psych meds/sleed aid but I stopped taking them. I have no reason to care anymore. You should try to do something nice for yourself tomorrow between studying.

Did the meds at least make you feel better? Why don't you have a reason to care anymore?

They helped me sleep but they didn't help with anything else. I want to sleep but have a hard time actually going to my bed to do it. I don't care anymore because I've been abandoned and I can't afford my rent. I'll probably an hero soon but maybe that's weird to say.

If I come here tomorrow can you comfort me? I know I am going to be so sad and lonely.

if we be good boys will femanons be our egf for tomorrow?

I don't mean to pry, but what were the meds other than the sleeping ones for? Do you have any family around to take you in?

Sure user. I'll probably be on here sometime tomorrow

They were meant to help with depression and anxiety and bipolar disorder. I don't have any family, my family moved out of state and left me here alone. I can't drive, I have no rental history and I don't make enough to rent here alone. I was trying to find a way to move out with a friend who is long distance but they aren't handling things on their end. I haven't spoken to another human being in a very long time.

You seem like a nice OP with these threads. I wont be any lonelier than any other day though. My housemate will be working from 6am and wont get in until 8pm so I don't even see them ever. I guess it would be nice to do something for valentines day but I'm 26 years old and only received one card as a joke once. I'll be cleaning the house - I have a huge depression pile of washing I'm just not getting through. And hanging with my dogs. Probably finish my rewatch of Game of thrones (judge away) I would order a pizza for a treat but I was in a crash a few days ago and totalled my car so will have to tighten the purse strings even more. Nothing really to survive on and badly need to buy food and haircuts for the dogs. as wella s booster injections for two of them. Im in a fucking orecarious position and its only the start of the year. Its like every bad event fucks me over so bad because I havent recovered from the last. Its been a hell of a year already to be honest. Maybe I could get some cheap wine and ice cream

i just came imagining being fucked by werewolf and having his teeth around my neck so i dont need comfort rn

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Is there no way you can get your family to help you out, or do they just not really care at all? You honestly need someone there to help you out. Do you live in a big city? Because I would imagine driving there or learning to drive there would be a nightmare without some help.

Haha, good one friend

Tomorrow marks 4 years since I woke up from a coma that lasted a year. On the day I woke up from the coma, my first and only boyfriend ever and of two years came to visit me in the hospital and told me that he was gay and had been seeing someone. Valentine's day brings so many emotions that I don't remember how I make it through each one year after year. I'm over him but something still tugs at me each year on this specific day, and I get thoughts like why did I wake up, why couldn't it have all just ended. I'll be alone this year with nothing but my paycheck, so I might go do some shopping and eat a nice meal somewhere, alone. Although I am jealous and bitter about all the couples I will be seeing while I'm out, I will also be somewhat happy that they will never have to know my suffering. I wouldn't wish any of this on my worst enemy. God, why couldn't I just have stayed asleep...

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pls allow me to hug you

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Sounds like a good day to me, friend. To me, theres nothing better than drinking after a long day and watching TV. Hope your luck gets better though.

No, my family doesn't really care. My mom used to be in charge of my finances since I'm getting neetbux and I was dependent on her but she left without much notice. She basically took my money and left to go live with her boyfriend in another state. If someone wanted to teach me to drive I'd go for it but I don't know anyone here. The only friend I have lives about 250 miles away but sometimes she'll drive up to visit me. After trying for the last year to get my shit together I have finally realized that I am indeed fucked and out of options.

This is so sad, user. I hope you can find someone who cares for you.

I hope so too. I'm actively making an effort to improve my mental health and claw my way out of the mess of a life I have partially created. I do think I have unseasonably bad luck compared to others. starting with two years ago when my nice car was rear ended, then hit again front on a few weeks later. effectively writing the car in two minor bumps. I then had to buy two more cheap cars and run them into the ground, then I managed to get a decent motorbike. But as one of the cars had just given up on me I had no choice but to ride it to work in icy conditions so I came of of course, then my work gave me this car I crashed on the condition they take some of my wages. I feel as though they are going to shaft me and pretend it wasnt still on company insurance and then fire me over it.

sorry for ventpost. I am always a bit unsettled at this time of night

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>my first and only boyfriend ever and of two years came to visit me in the hospital and told me that he was gay and had been seeing someone

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I'll give you a 2nd card

i changed my mind please comfort and give attention

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I wish I could help you out on the driving, but I doubt I live near you. If you live in the u.s, life can be tough as fuck if you can't drive. Would you be able to work if you could drive? Have you checked to see if maybe you could get a grant to go to college?

I hate driving because I'm afraid I'll get in an accident. Fortunately that hasn't happened yet. I would probably never want to drive again if I had so many accidents. I don't mind the venting either, friend. Sometimes everyone needs to get shit off their chest, and they might not have someone or want to burden people they know with it.

How are you doing, user? Other than the euphoria after masturbating.

Fembots don't exist. I'm sorry to break this to you, but they're about as real as fairies and Santa Claus.

>Tomorrow marks 4 years since I woke up from a coma that lasted a year. On the day I woke up from the coma, my first and only boyfriend ever and of two years came to visit me in the hospital and told me that he was gay and had been seeing someone.

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Riddle me this user: How long do you think our species would have survived if the lazy/unfit males who were back at the hunting camp playing pick up sticks (while the chads were away for days hunting) were able to breed with the females who they spent the much more time around?

Surely, if there were unathletic robots in the past, they would have outbred the chads simply because they'd have spent the most time with the females. And yet, this did not happen.

You have built in biological software that is actively discouraging you from finding a mate for the good of the species. It's not just the Stacys, its your brain too.

Start working out, your DNA will recognize you as a hunter, a valuable member of the species worthy of reproduction, instead of the guy who helped the women pick berries, and you'll switch into GF getting mode.

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it scares me to be honest, I've had a couple of near death misses too and I swear im a good and safe driver. but the road is so unpredictable. its either I drive or I spent 500 (britbux) a month on travel to work. And thats like half my wage.
if only it were from genuine interest

I guess I'm fortunate enough to live in a small-mediumish city in the u.s. granted you could be a complete braindead retard and get a license where I live. I still have yet to have even a near miss. Probably not enough traffic here. I hear European nations have pretty strict standards on getting a driver's license.

awful, im lonely and cant get a bf because i haven't left the house in over 6 years. psychosis is killing me episodes are more and more frequent and im afraid i will hurt myself eventually. i am constantly tired and struggle with everyday things like cooking cleaning etc i really dont know what to do

Guess I'm just defective.
Must have gotten the genes from the guy who just stayed alone in his cave all day.

Maybe you should leave the house love

>women alone ever

those who arent slurping on dick right now will be soon. theyre probably eating like pigs and laughing at you

never take pity on women. theyre like wild animals. guess what happens when you heal a wounded animal

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I actually did my test in rural scotland where the biggest hazard was sheep and deer jumping out, and having to reverse for people on single track roads. It did very little to prepare me for the real world. I mean still had to do all the usual things with the usual high pass standard. but the level of traffic was minimal at all times.

It is from genuine interest. Compounding.

It's called methylation. You have Chad genes and kissless virgin genes. The fact that you aren't exercising means your in virgin mode. Work out, you'll methylate (switch on) the chad genes. It's not about looking better, you'll raise your T (not really as simple as that but part of it) and other hormones which affect your personality and give you more confidence and less anxiety, leading to the GF.

i'm not the user but what a terrible advice.. kill yourself

i cant without having a major breakdown. nvm forget it i dont know what was i expecting

No better advice desu

Just walk out dude. The world isn't out to hurt you. It's not like you even have to react to anyone or anything. Just step outside in your backyard if you can.

You really need to get out, friend. Being isolated for that long is not at all healthy. Cooking is easy though. Just keep practicing at it until you get it right. Find a recipes you like and keep making them. Cleaning is easy, but you have to have the want to do it. I go through a lot of periods where I don't feel like cleaning, but it gets to me after a while, and I have to clean.
I know how you feel. Everytime I ride with someone in a bigger city, I wonder how the fuck people live like that every day. It seems like you have to pay attention to so many things at once.

that seems really tough hang in there user. it's always a good idea to not resist and oppose what you feel which leads to living in constant tension. i know it's easier said than done but it's all i can offer. happy Valentine's.

im a woman. but thanks for nothing bye

holy shit, you're exactly what I've been looking for! you're my soulmate!

Guess this is a sign from God himself saying that I should try again and fall back into a coma, albeit a permanent one this time.

pls ignore retards and giv me hugs ty

>incels trolling is a sign from god
Don't listen to them.

First and foremost, let me apologize.

Yeah, I do know you're a women. Doesn't change anything I said though. This is coming from a fellow person who suffers from schizophrenia. I couldn't even leave the house from 18-22 because of it. I know how it is.
I tried a bunch of shit inbetween that time, went back to college for a semester, and dropped out after a week later because I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
I would constantly, I mean literally all the time, have on headphones and listen to music because I couldn't even tell if someone legit was talking to me. Shit scared me, especially when I was alone.
But I realized the more I feared it, the stronger of a hold it would take on me. And I just learned to accept it. All of it. It's a part of my life no matter what. It won't ever change. I could continue living a miserable life until I die, which would take a long time, or I can see whatever reality my brain shows me and live that out.

I have to apologize though. I don't know the type of psychosis you went through. But just know it won't ever get better. And you continuing to live this path will only perpetuate it longer.

Hope you end up better. I sincerely do.

Wow, this roastie is very toastie. A well done toastie marinated for 1 year.