What if I told you this girl is 13 years old?

What if I told you this girl is 13 years old?

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she looks about 13, thanks for telling me bro. is this a scummy pedo thread?

Are you serious mate? I feel like they must've started to put female sex hormones into the water

relatively flat ass, small breasts (despite low angle) and a childlike face. It's really not shocking to suggest she is 13.

>modern looking photo
>relatively underdeveloped body
yep makes sense that shes 13.

Well, if you told me that I certainly wouldn't ask for more pics, and if you posted them I certainly wouldn't fap to them.

I'd have said 15/15 but theres honestly not much in it. The real way to tell before the era of instagram and makeup tutorials was that older teens were generally more put together in style and the way they presented themselves. Now its just happening younger. Its not that the girls themselves look older, they look their age mostly. She'd be a little girl if you changed her clothes and cleaned her face.

14/15 I mean. There isnt a huge physical difference in those years generally speaking

I believe it. That hispanic chick poster that r9k has been spamming here nonstop for the past year is only 14.

I dont believe for one minute she is 14 and you are idiotic to

Do you mean muffy? I thought she was 17

She confirmed it herself, dopey. Several times to people like you who didn't believe it.

No. I forget her name. It was a normal girl name though.

What if I told you I don't give a shit?

Op, i hope all of these replies showed you how much of an autist you are.

confirmed or proved? just strikes me as another attention whoring tactic, and if its been a year then she certainly wasnt 13 before

Jeff start the van, we've got him

I'd say that, in my country, it would be legal if had sexual intercourse with her.

I'd say she's illegal.

I would say that's a tight rummy

>No. I forget her name. It was a normal girl name though.
I think it was Nicole.

I'd tell you jail is just a room

id say she looks too old for me

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its the clothes and makeup you morons, they used to wear dresses designed to minimize sexual attractiveness you know. this is the opposite, it maximizes it

You talking about Brooke?

I wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, she doesn't have the face of a girl who's 18 or older. She doesn't even look 16 to me.

I'd say when it comes to beauty age is irrelevant and that by the time you're reading my post her image has already been added to my massive collection.

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That's the one