All memes aside I wish i was American

All memes aside I wish i was American.

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Agreed. I make fun of them a lot but anything is better than here they have money to spend too

Why? What nationality are you? I really regret being american a lot, I wish I was a euro who just absorded five languages. Instead I live in a shitty midwest hickville.

You really dont

>shitty health care system
>shitty education
>high incarceration rate
>broken fucking democracy
>Israel's bitch
>wisespread circumcission

t. American

Estonia. America is a lot better than here we are a dying culture too

Estonia sounds cool though. Didn't you guys get voted the world's most beautiful women?

K.D.? That you? Puukko user here

No, you don't. America fucking sucks.
Everyone's trying to sell you something, public education fails most people, you're probably going to get shot (and when you do you'll have to pay for it), sugar is in fucking EVERYTHING (even the goddamned bread tastes like fucking cake), and your political system is a joke.

There's so much more to complain about. Being American is the worst.

same reasons +
>mafia runs the country
>widespread corruption
>poorest eu nation
>surrounded by enemies
>ruined by bolshevik kikes
and the absolute worst part
>no matter how far in nature you go you can still hear fucking cars
no circumsision tho

Basically this. I hate it a lot, this country sucks. I envy euros so much.

>no circumsision tho
That's actually how we caught a lot of spies during the Cold War. No joke.

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Your country looks beautiful, at least from a cursory google image search. Where would you want to be in America?

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lol maybe that was the reason for the circumcision craze
some comfy state with 4 seasons and nice outdoors and not too many people

Tallinn is a beautiful Old World city, Riga is nicer architecture. Estonians are a lot like the Finns, just a bit more friendly.

YOu should check out 'laulupidu.' 25-30,000 singers singing nationalist/traditional songs.

no sorry user orgt

it's not what it used to be. unregulated capitalism and progressive liberalism has corrupted the honor of americans.

Jesus christ dude that's impressive, way more so than a bunch if hicks awkwardly singing the star spangled banner at an auto derby.
Most states really just aren't comfy. I live in iowa and it has 4 seasons but I just sucks man

There's another Eesti user on here. He wanted to buy one of my knives but it turned out it's illegal to mail them to Estonia.

Siiri Sisask is one of the greatest classical singers in the world. "Mis maa see on?" (What is this land?) is akin to America's "This Land is Our land" in the sense of it kind of being a 2nd, unofficial anthem. It's a lot deeper, sadder and more beautiful, though. I tear up when I hear it.

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I disagree, we have freedom of speech which many other euro countries don't or have retarded hate speech laws which are often used to screw over people giving uncommon opinions. Also we have more gender equality than Saudi Arabia or some other shit hole. America's middle class is also the rest of the world's upper class so the standard of living is much higher. Also I can own a gun and many Europeans can't

you want to be an immigrant in america after you got your education, stay away from ghettos and have enough saved up for the lousiest medical emergencies

intact cock, superior metric

idiots and ingrates

no i dont want to be an immigrant and be looked down to

you wouldnt wanna be close to hardcore xenophobic rednecks and hillbillies either

Not everyone in the US has money.

It's dogshit. We just arrest at higher rates than other countries, than all of them. We are the least free country. Why move here, so you can get blocked from piracy websites, have shit yet expensive Internet speeds? Overpriced housing? I could go on. There's nothing special here.

>wanting to be American
>not European

I wish i lived in a country with bidets
Like seriously i can hardly get clean with only toilet paper. I have a terrible sense of smell but i'm always paranoid that I smell bad because it's been noticed before

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im have an airplane obsession , so if i was American i would be doing my best to become an airfag pilot

You're not missing anything. If you're poor you'll hate it here and if you're rich you can do whatever you want. It's literally like every single other place on Earth.

All of us are soo ungrateful, us Americans and Europeans make up the minority of the world population but we are FAR better off than any third world country.

As for the competition between American and Europe
America has more rights and we have an actual military and nicer weather but Europe has better architecture and more support for the poor anons

I might rather live in India.

>nicer weather
>better Architektur
buildings sure, roads are shit
>more support for poor anons
only western yurop

you forgot having to worship trannies and tumblrinas unless you want to end up in jail

All countries are shit America is just a little bit better but if you come here you have to deal with this

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They make inexpensive travel bidets that mount on existing toilets, user

I really wished I lived in Estonia. Elva, Eesti, to be exact.

Ameriburger here. It's pretty good, would recommend. Be wary though, you NEED to have a car if you live anywhere even a little bit rural.

If you are already educated and can get a job that has health benefits or make enough money for health insurance, you'll have no problem. Just don't be a neet and it'll be fine