How many of us are staying in tomorrow?

How many of us are staying in tomorrow?

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Getting shitface drunk tonight in hopes of sleeping through as much of it as I can.

The company that makes those candy hearts got bought out and they didn't have the resources to make them this year. Valentinesfags BTFO

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No resources to make blocks of sugar?

Im going outside because i know Ill just end up doing pity faps all day long

some girl asked me to go some place with her even though i told her im not looking for a relationship a month ago already
gonna break her again tomorrow bros

I'm gonna chill with my dog tomorrow. Couple of walks, maybe throw his favorite ball around the backyard, hell if it's possible maybe even try to teach his dumb furry ass a trick. Think i can teach my dog how to do a flip?

Your based digits might give you the wherewithal to teach your dog.

I spent over 2.5k on clothes and shit for a girl who rejected me. Just this morning I added $150 in flowers to be delivered to her house. Might as well go all in and escape beta territory, I'd rather be the creepy stalker, at least she'll think of me then. Tonight I'm going to fuck a girl in the butt to get over the bad feels. So weird. Girl using me, I'm using a girl. No one is happy. The circle of feels. Gonna work tomorrow so I don't get too sad about v-day.

I am 25, this is my first year where I have a valentine. I have been out shopping all day and honestly I have no idea what I am doing. Can you guys give me some advice. I can take a picture of what I've gotten her so far.

Go ahead, but know that you're getting the shittiest advice on the internet. How much do you want to be alone again?

I will take the advice with a grain of salt.

Pic related is what I plan on bringing. In all it's:
>a bouquet
>an elephant plushie
>warm mittens (she always complains that she is cold)
>like 15 pairs of novelty socks (she said she likes that kind of thing)

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>Be gay
>Look up old oneitis from high school
>Confirmed hetero
>No sign of him
>Ask around a bit
>Eventually get response from an old mutual friend
>"Yeah, he killed himself. Turns out he was deeply closeted in the note."

is that true? that's so sad, they remind me of my childhood

with those numbers you have to shoot your dog

record it

I feel like your putting her on to much of a pedestal, way to many gifts. Otherwise it should be fine as long as you dont sperg.
Good luck and stick it iner butt

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I'm looking forward to some cheap candy afterwards.

>"haha guys atleast pornhub premium is free on valentines day haha *snort* haha *snort*"

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I'm engaged to a girl but we don't have any romantic feelings towards each other, our arrangement is purely practical. I've been debating with myself whether or not I should do something for her tomorrow. I was think about making her a nice dinner and giving her a gift card to a bookstore. Should I do more?

I think is right. If you haven't known her for long what you're doing is a little overboard. Maybe give her the mittens and the flowers, regardless, I'm sure she'll be happy just spending the day with you.

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Just give her something. I'm about to leave someone because he doesn't give a shit. Show her you are thinking of her, that's all that matters. Don't give her too much, though, it will make her feel bad if she didn't get you anything.

Me and her have been together for around 10 months. We met about 14 months ago.Is that long enough?

I don't really expect her to give me anything. I feel like valentines day is meant for men to give women gifts, not the other way around.

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You obviously sent him gay energy and deeply confused his natural heterosexuality.

1 gift. Dinner. And cuddles.

You need to splurge on her birthday. That's the most important day for any girl.

>Been together less than a year.
>Giving her that much shit.
No. Too much, too fast. You're going to paint yourself in a negative light if you smother her like that. You don't want to come off as desperate, extravagant, or easily taken advantage of.

Gonna go out on a limb and say this is your first time to the rodeo.

Yes, as I said this is my first time having a valentine and my first relationship longer than about a week. I feel like I need to buy her things to apologize for how bad of a person I am. She is willing to spend time with me despite who and what I am, so she deserves things, if that makes sense.

Her birthday was a few months ago. We went out on a date and I bought her new headphones because she lost hers recently.

>buying into the vagina Jew holiday

Tomorrow is just another day for me.

>Her birthday was a few months ago. We went out on a date and I bought her new headphones because she lost hers recently.
Next time you take her to a live performance like a band or a musical or something. Then dinner and hanky panky.

I stay in every day.
Got a feeling my ex is gonna ask me to bring her some flowers or something since she moved to my town a week ago or so... but she can fuck off.

Instead of buying her shit, why not actively work to improve yourself and show your development. If she actually gives a shit about you that will be appreciated a hell of a lot more than some trinkets.

Honestly the best thing you can do with her is speak openly with her, and encourage her to do the same with you. If you have feelings of inadequacy speak with her about it, talk through it, and come to a solution. Small issues turn into large ones if you don't learn how to communicate.

This is bad advice. You need to get your gf a gift on Valentine's Day. If you don't she will know you don't love her as much as her friend's boyfriends love them.

This is why autists are alone.

This guys got the right idea, just try and take her somewhere you'll both enjoy. It'll be way better that way and strengthen your bond.

Actually both of you are right, but he needs to cool it with the amount of presents he is giving her.

I'm not saying don't give her a gift at all, I'm simply speaking in terms of the grand scheme. In the long run a few flowers is worth a whole fucking lot less than a strong and healthy partner.

At least the bro should space it out. Maybe in the morning give her 1 item. Then later for lunch give her another. Then at night give her flowers and dinner. Make it a big tease.

I feel like that's way to early in the relationship for that many. But that is a damn good idea for maybe a two year relationship. Or maybe not, this girl may or may not like it. If you think about it we know nothing about her.

>we know nothing about her.
We need more info on her, OP.

>Tonight I'm going to fuck a girl in the butt to get over the bad feels.

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How real will sexdolls be in 3 years?

What do you need to know about her? I can answer questions.

I cannot stay in. I have work and class. Otherwise yes, I will be alone.

What is she like? Why do you like her?

>Does she have big titties?

She's very sweet. She's in school to be a teacher and teaches special needs kids. She performs in her local church's choir band. She also has a disabled cat who is really sweet. She is smart, funny, a dork, and generally a very good person. She makes me feel calm, like I am not such a bad person when I am around here, if that makes sense.

She does have fairly big tits, yes.

I stay in everyday.

You better treat her right, m'eight. No cheating. She sounds like waifu material.

Don't let her down, mang. Be the man you need to be.

i have the bottle of whiskey ready my fellow user just like every year

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Got a hot date with 60mg vyvanse at 5:30 in the morning

Literally had a neckbeard atheist say this out loud in one of my uni classes

All I need and want is my waifu, so yes.

got school, don't really have the option