Anyone else feel like there is an almost demonic vibe to shit like this?

Anyone else feel like there is an almost demonic vibe to shit like this?

I cant really put it into words but i get an uneasy feeling from it.

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Yeah, Judaism is the original Satanism before edgy fags tried to make Satan worship into a cool thing. Anything to do with jews will give you that vibe.

I dont mean the specific subject/benny boy although he is cancer indeed. I just mean the general way the video is made and the animation style. Like just imagine being there in that room. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

I see it. I dont know why either though
Anyone have more videos with this vibe? I don't really know how to explain it but it's something uncanny about these mysterious closed chambers filled with these computer graphic abominations
I broke the link

To me this feels worse. You can just feel the satanic energy. You can tell it's meant as a joke to trick people into worshipping satan because it's so non-threatening but you actually have to have a prayer power to protect yourself, if you know whta I mean.

Another video with this vibe would be that Tomoko video made by Foxworth, but it is lost media now because he deleted his channel and most videos were not saved (Now he apparently is a trap, and lolcow)
It was just a seemingly disfigured (from the ironic cgi) Tomok, talking to the camera about how she isn't popular, in a dimmly lit bedroom with no windows, wish I had saved it because it was one of my favorites bit it's probably gone for good unless someone can convine Foxworth to reupload his videos, if he even still has them.

Why would satan do this? is he a shitposter?

Because it's "funny" and "creepy" to watch these things that desensetise you to the topics they handle (body harm, rape, spiritual corruption by demons) which opens you up to going down the rabbit hole further and furhter until you're just done for. Usually I fix it by saaying a prayer before these videos when I realise what I'm watching.

And since I'm talking about this, I might as well post my thoughts fully. On one hand you have sygils which are symbols that evoke or banish concepts or demons, and these are effectively sygils that hold demonic powers (or at least corruption) if you think about it.

As an analogy, imagine a glass of water. By itself it won't hurt you, but if you put a finger in the glass of water and hook it up to a strong enough electricity source, you'll be shocked. The electricity source is the spiritual/demonic world, and the water are these sygils (the finger is your soul). Every time you play with these things, you are just giving satan more and more power to stay in your body. You don't want that, obviously, so I think youtube should ban these sygils and publically shame the people posting them for cirmes against humanity. Obviously they won't do that, not because they're jewish or any other actual retarded theory that the internet likes to talk about, but because it affects their bottom line (corruption goes hand in hand with money). Their advertisers also spread these sygils (for reasons that I don't understand, but probably related to satan).

>mysterious closed chambers filled with these computer graphic abominations
Can you imagine being there with them? And then seeing those creatures like in the video in the OP? And them looking at you and suddenly becoming aware and conscious of the fact that you're a normal human and not like them?

Feels like they'd try to eat your soul or something.

It's not demonic, it's surreal. It's meant to be unsettling.

So the only way to deal with this is by protecting yourself (like wearing a rubber glove before dipping your fingers into the glass of water). Prayers work, but realistically, God has to have limited power (otherwise it's a paradox), and you have to think about how much power it/he/she/them/etc can really send your way (most of it is probably tied up doing more important things). When you think about this, you realise that you're trying to fight a tidal wave of demonic energy with a sponge. Prayer by itself won't help, so other modifications are necessary. You can try to counter the demonic energy by just evading it (imagine that a wave crashes on your house, but you left the house just before it crashed). Astral projection is a way to evade demonic energies (you have to be careful not to leave a trace when you're projecting, otherwise the demons will just follow it). Another way to evade it is to refuse to accept it in any manner (atheism). This works, but as soon as the wall cracks, the wall cracks, and you're gone, because as soon as it cracks water will start getting into your house bit by bit and accumulating until it's all rotten.

If you want to know other ways to combat demon energy I can help you, but I hope you understood what I meant. I am not schizo or anything, I know how I can come across but that's just a lie.

What is stopping me from creating a video in this genre without me being satan? I guess you would believe that satan would be guiding me to make that decision and that wouldn't be of my own free will, but I just think the reason people create media like this is just because humans always want to experience things they haven't experienced before safely, so they can learn from it.

It's like Cthulu for me because it's impossible to imagine actually seeing them yet the idea of it gives me a vague sense of danger that only the subconscious could create

It's not like Satan is behind you holding your hand and teaching you how to edit video, don't be silly. The entire idea of this is that these videos condition you to create more of them, which in turn condition others, etc, and they all carry the message of Satan. Of course you have free will, that's why I exercise my own free will to deal with these bad energies. You don't have to create these evil videos if you don't want to, you're just being influenced by bad energies. Do you drink tea?

You cant imagine looking at those things in OPs video? Like just imagine standing in front of them there. Jesus, i dont know what it is but it gives me the chills. I like your explanation though, its like a subconscious uneasieness that cant fully be explained.

Im not saying the creator had an intention to make it demonic, it just feels that way regardless of what it was ment to be.

You need to understand that demonic imagery can be conveyed unintentionally.

Why are the videos evil if they only condition you to make more of them? that just sounds like inspiration, do you believe that watching esoteric media while unprepared spiritually will actually cause someone to hurt people?

Also, I'm a coffee person.

Im not the first guy. Im not saying they're evil, just that they are unsettling in an almost demonic way. Im not sure what makes them feel that way, but it does feel that way. Thats whats odd. Im just saying it doesnt have to be done intentionally to feel demonic


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