Why do the most beautiful girls support lgbt, veganism, migrants and bash the white males ?


Why do the most beautiful girls support lgbt, veganism, migrants and bash the white males ?

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>Why do the most beautiful girls support lgbt, veganism, migrants and bash the white male?

Because they have an IQ above room temperature

they are BLACKED pilled

They naturally follow the herd and that's the direction it's going.

>why do the most makeup coated thots support controversial things that get them attention online?

could they be afraid of speaking the truth due to their lack of balls ?

They don't. You are mentally ill and have a skewed view of reality. Only fat landwhale dykes care about those non-issues you mentioned. Some slut with a youtube channel proves nothing. Multiple studies have shown right wingers are better looking. And leftists are actually more likely to be racist, insofar as they judge an individual based off their perceptions of the collective. There are university studies showing this.

No. Anyone who cares about those issues is definitely low IQ. Ask any random engineering or math student about these issues and they will cringe/laugh. See above.

Look at the most prominent right wing women. They are much hotter than their left wing counterparts. It makes sense.

So triggered. The Left dominates mainstream opinion and as soon as someone veers away from that opinion they lose all hope of having a political discussion with a potential gf.

Very low level thinking. Following the so-called left has recently been the trend. The paradigm is shifting. The left are no longer transgressive or rebellious as they once were. The right wing now holds that title. The left are veering further to the left, and are becoming the censorious, moral bullies, or are selling out to corporations (ie neolibs). In 15 or 20 years it will shift back, but currently the New Right is the counter culture, and it keeps growing. It is a fascinating discussion. Too bad you're really stupid and incapable of non-partisan analysis, but I would expect nothing more from a typical leftist thoughtslave. Please don't reply to me, I've already wasted too much time on you.

You're probably too ugly for popular opinion. Neckbeards aren't the kind counter-cultural trend youngsters go for.

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>so assblasted and stupid she can't even think of a reply
Classic. Time to start cutting yourself.

there was actually a study that said on average conservatives were more attractive than liberals

There have been multiple studies concluding this.

Hole/fag detected

>implying ugly roasties aren't the ones doing this

>Normies follow normie politics

Liberalism is the untermensch political philosophy of jealousy, laziness and soft heartedness, of course they're less attractive.

Meanwhile the CHAD political philosophy is egoism/anarchism

People quit beating their children.

>Why do the most beautiful girls ?
They've coasted through life having smoke blown up their ass by everyone who wants to fuck them and thus let them get away with it.

The left is dominating because of the perceived faults of the right's political bandwagon. Trump is a schism, no, he's THE schism to end all schisms. The libs are winning because there's no unity, the right has become white supremacy in the eyes of the public at this point, and moderates are driven away. Nothing's going to change any time soon, we really need to get our act together.

>Why do the most beautiful girls support lgbt, veganism, migrants and bash the white males ?
They don't have guidance. Females need guidance.