Our girl Crispy is live streaming again

Our girl Crispy is live streaming again.


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>inb4 (((janny))) shits his pants and removes the thread

Fuck the jannies


Fuck jannies

Her voice is so cute

I just want to say crispy is incredibly sexy

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i got banned for mentioning r9k lmao

permabanned, dont mention r9k in chat if crispy is your waifu

Serves you right, faggot. Retards like you always come in and act like a cuck and give us away. Bet the thread gets nuked now, dumb bitch.

I want her to verbally abuse me so bad

She's skittish you faggot. You're gonna scare her off if you do that

i dont give a shit retard. id do it again just cause you're such a faggot lmao

sent 200$ ;-)

Esta bien bonita la Crispy pero todo lo que dice me pone a dormir

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I wish Muffy would have streamed.

If she wasn't so political on Twitter she would be perfect. She's so wholesome

Get banned again, jewrat

Have fun orbiting Mrs Nightmare in Halloween town. Dumb fuck lmao

Y'all are gonna cause her to kill herswlf

>Mrs nightmare jn halloween town

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damn she looks extra cute today!

btw she already made $400 and cleared the target lol

It's not like we are doing anything to her.

>the mime again

I like how the hotpocket left after nuking the waifu general. Generals are good ya know.

Why do you faggots make multiple threads to shill every time she streams?