You are granted your waifu/oneitis/ideal girl, only there is a catch

>You are granted your waifu/oneitis/ideal girl, only there is a catch
>She is small. How small exactly is up to you- You can choose a size from an eighth of an inch up to six inches
>You must keep her a secret from the rest of the world; if discovered, she will vanish. However you may tell one other person, assuming they keep the secret, she will remain

What do Jow Forums?

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wow what a stupid thought

well 6 inches duh, I second this

lol seems like it would be frustrating more than anything.

She'd be 6 inches and I'd keep her as a pet to play. I'll make her submit to and worship my dick because its her god now.

I don't think it would be difficult, just keeping her.
Practical uses are limited but you could probably train her into a borrower-tier thief or at a smaller scale, a nearly impossible to notice spy.

Six inches, tell nobody, carry her in my shirt pocket while wearing a bluetooth so as to add to an illusion that i'm on the phone with someone.

Make her six inches, she'd be exactly the size of my dick. No one would ever find out since I'm a shut in NEET but how do I keep her alive tho? Can't just feed her cum, that sounds unhealthy.

You can give her dick cheese as an exquisite delicacy

lol that is actually a great idea, I was way too focused on how to fuck it I missed all the awesome (non-sexual)mischief that could be done.

Does she retain the strength of a normal sized human like ant-man? If not my cat would probably eat her and if I went for the smallest size then bugs would be a huge threat

This was actually one of my first fantasies, even before I really knew what sex was.

I remember at the age of 7 of having a pocket girl in my hand

drown her in my cummies jar!

She's weak and fragile, you'd have to protect her.

She would be quite an asset. Even if all you wanted to do was send her into houses to steal valuable items you could get potentially massive amounts of shekels user.
If she's the size of a grain of rice she'd be pretty much limited to information gathering though. You'd need to be smarter and more careful about using her that way.

>What do Jow Forums?
Immediately tell someone about her so she vanishes and you can get back to trying to find something meaningful in life.

>how do I keep her alive tho?
What a weird question, that would be the easiest thing ever. Think about it, it'd be like feding a rat, jut give her small cut up fruits and vegetables so she won't become malnourished.

well 6 inches since that's the maximum, I guess I could get some satisfaction from her licking my dick then.
Do not tell that one other person at all costs, eventually they will break the secret and I will lose my love.
Keep her in my apartment and let her do whatever she wants throughout the day. If she's really dumb and might hurt herself, I'd make her a really big see-through cage that she can see the TV from, and give her the remote so she can watch whatever she wants until I get home, when I will then take her out and talk to her all day. When she wants to leave, remind her that it will lead to her disappearance and I love her too much for that. You know the drill.
What a weird fucking fantasy that I actually kind of like.

>What a weird fucking fantasy that I actually kind of like.
It just means you got good tastes, user

Some folks would rather the opposite.

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ez pet snek gf
Perfect for squezing my cock and being cute.

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Giant male doesn't make any sense at all, how do you have sex with her? with giantess she can put you completely inside and your squirming would get her off so it makes sense, but giant male makes 0 sense and is gross.
this is a giantess board thank you very much

I agree with this person; though a 6' gf that slowly grows into a 60' gf would be neat, like those sea monkey things except she grows an inch every time you cum in/on her or something.
This here would be a happy ending.

>6 inch tall girl
Just imagine the effort she'd have to put into just a handjob. Even a muscular 6 foot tall woman would probably struggle to lift an 8 foot tall meat tube. I have no idea how she'd be able to do anything even remotely sexual without my help. I don't even think she could lift one of my balls.

>I don't even think she could lift one of my balls.

>ywn turn a tiny qt into a buff tiny qt with dick and balls related workouts

6 inches, so I don't kill her

probably make her into a pet desu, 6 in of course. make her sleep most of the day and hang out with her in the night, feeding her and letting her see movies and read some books
in order to ensure she doesn't grow insane I would take her out at night to see the city, and make her write some stuff so she doesn't grow bored. also buy some Barbie dresses

stop making these weird fucking threads. Go away!

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this thread isn't weird, this is the random board

This is actually one of my fantasies. I'd prefer to have a girl who's about a foot tall, but 6 inches will do just fine. As many of the other posts have said, i'd keep her in my room and she'd be like a girlfriend to me. For sex i'd probably find a way to use things as dildos on her, and she could use her whole body to jerk me off, and lick my dick all over. My cum would be a nice meal for her. I'd let her use my phone for her own personal gigantic size tv. I'd love to lay in bed with her, talking to her and showing my love for her. Her pussy may be too small for fucking, but i'd still lick it and attempt to eat her out. Also those tiny feet would get some LICKING. DESU a 6 inch pet/desk girlfriend would be amazing. I'd make sure she would feel loved and protected, and sexually satisfied. I would probably make her a custom mini bed, as i don't want her sleeping in my bed with me, too much of a possibility i'd roll over on her. I could use a magnifying glass or my phone's macro camera to see her closeup and take in her beauty. As for kissing, it'd be a little weird, but she could kiss me right on my lips. And i could give her a big ole kiss on her stomach, ass, tits etc.

As a KHHV NEET, i don't think you understand how much i need myself one of these.

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If you were tiny would it be possible to play vidya? You could always use a small phone for internet purposes but I wonder how you'd live a normal life as a 6 inch tall person.

unlike a small mammal, a tiny human person requires a much more varied and stimulating life to not become horribly neurotic (even many pets do in their lower animal intelligence way)
her only source of socialization is me, since she'd vanish if seen by another person
she is incapable of doing basic tasks like reaching a bookshelf and getting a book
>can't fuck. she can't even jerk me off
>can't provide useful children (they'd be tiny or something... or nonviable... or kill the fairy girl in pregnancy or something)

this is really incredibly useless. It's like a pet that is 1000x more demanding. What made you think this was a good idea?

Have my six inch tiny waifu of course.
I got ED and dead libido so I'm fine with just have some beauty in my life.

six inches. it would be nice to have someone to talk to even if she'd die if you kissed her

>thinks women make good conversationalists without underpinning sexual tension
good lord, son

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I'd buy those weird weeb dolls with detachable clothes so she at least has something to wear.

this is just the cutest pic, op

Well tiny girls are very cute, user.

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>no one has mentioned eating her

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Well, I would like to put my ex in a microwave, that'd be fun

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fucking original

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Would you, robot?

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I want to cum on a mini girl

>Absolutely no carbs or protein

Nice work fag
What happens if she gets sick?

she would have to be 6 inches tall for maximum ability to perform tasks and safety (imagine being an eighth of an inch tall and a mosquito gets into the room). She could play on my phone and use it to watch shows or play games. I would have to keep her safe from 3 cats which would be a nightmare, but building a small fortress for her to chill in wouldn't be too difficult. Sexy stuff would have to be her advances otherwise it would make me feel like im taking advantage of it.
Does she understand the rules of her existence about other people finding out? I would keep her a secret from absolutely everybody until/if I found a real wife and she could just live with me forever being a helper or friend. Can it be literally anybody? even anime girls, and if so would they look like anime girls or just a 3D perfect equivalent basically cosplay girl? would they retain all memories and personalities of such characters?

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does she keep any or all abilities or superpowers?