no more trannies please

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haha that is the first post I've ever made

What if the trannies are the good guys in the thread?

Oh shit

Setting up my new homemade moth trap and this absolute slut came on to me the second I flicked the lure lights on.

Still waiting for moth books from ebay so can't ID it yet. Still happy to see my very first night waifu!

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There was only one identified one in the last thread and he's not a good guy. Or girl.

She's a cutie. What are you going to call her?

Tried making a thread but nobody clicked. Sad!
Nuggie or tendie? Which is superior?

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They just come here as attention whores, they're so far up their own arse I hate them so fucking much I wish they'd fuck off and die they are scum

Try here lad

What is this cringy faggotry this can't be the official valentine picks

Its senseless to name something that only lives a few weeks, user

did 3 of us do 1. i deleted mine
i like the southernfried nuggers

I know it sounds really daft but what do you actually say to someone on Valentines Day? I've never had to deal with someone I liked before.

call her moffy

Well if you wont, I'm calling her Sarah.

ay up duck happy fucky day
or just hello

My leg is falling asleep, so I'll go with it. Night night.

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Happy Valentine's Day do you fancy going out for a drink? Or some normie bullshit. If there's a meetup invite her and I'll matchmake hurrhurr

>last summer
>go to bed
>read for a bit
>see something out the corner of my eye
>"that's a fucking big moth"
>it's a bat
>cat goes berzerk
>have unsettling and illogical thoughts about rabies
>somehow manage to get the bat into the lounge
>shut the cat in the bedroom
>now how do I get the bastard out?
>ah fuck it
>open windows
>go back to bed
>cat scratches the door for about half an hour wanting to go and catch it
>next morning the bat was gone
That's what happens if you leave your windows open late in the summer so be careful what you wish for lad, you might get a surprise if you keep on at this.

Night lad, night leg.

>sleeping in the same room as a fucking vampire
The madman the madman.

Sorry I've not been around to sort out the VD thing this year lads. Feels like I've been at the hospital or asleep all week. Based Granddad has been moved to his own room and it's looking like he'll pass in the next couple of days

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I'm not squeamish but it freaked me the fuck out. Birds flutter, that bastard was totally silent. I did wonder if I could just ignore it but it was too much of a head fuck.

Sorry to hear it lad. It's the kindest thing really, how you feeling?

You say get the fuck out normie
If anyone here isn't alone tonight I wish them instant death

Happy valentines day lads tbqhwy

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Sorry to hear that lad :( hope grandad is comfortable and he's lucky to have a nice grandson like you xo

and a day image for the day itself if a kind lad can post it, I'll be wage slaving so i'm counting on you guys

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Sorry to hear that fren no more based spoons time then?

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That's lads. I'm ok, more worried about my mum than anything. Probably the best thing for him though he wouldnt want to live a half life desu

And to you lad. I like the pigeons in the image, very appropriate. :^)

I dreamt I was in High School, and the school decided to cut off my penis and turn me into a girl. Not a pleasant dream lads.

Guess not. Will have a Guiness at the funeral for him

I'll make sure of it, promise.

Appreciate lad, hope you have a good one if you're spending it on Jow Forums.

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Boring dream. My last one I was driving round New Mexico looking for an underground rave on top of a secret mesa then bumping into Avicii and seeing cauliflower and broccoli florets sprouting through the sand. I was quite sad to wake up.

Well you have a very strange subconscious lad

Will you be my valentine madame pigeon lass? I'll take you horseback riding and clay pigeon shooting and cook you a nice dinner xo

Might buy a bonsai tree
What age is he? all my granparents died when I a wee one expect for my nutty Irish granny.

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Love bonsai trees lad, they'll bring you financial prosperity

>it's a night of listening to On GP and Burzum on repeat

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>tfw your dreams are so strange they can't usually even be articulated in language

i can't even begin to explain my last dream except that it had something to do with finding the name of a video game whilst also being in the game, but there was a lot more.

got into Burzum recently, good stuff

85. Had a good run and most of his life was insanely healthy so cant complain.

why don't you listen to music that sounds good instead?

That sounds like huge fun but unreasonably extravagant, I would feel bad you went to so much effort and also my heart belongs to a pigeon, I would be being wanton and profligate with my affection. Not fair on you.

Self-titled album is my favourite but Det Som Engang Var is amazing ambience.

I listen to a wide variety of stuff and music is one of the most subjective things on this earth, how about you post an example of "good" music.

The gf caught me cheating again lads

Superliking uggos on tinder so they feel special on Valentine's day and want to get with me

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thanks mates, just added them to my list of films i need to watch.

>how about you post an example of "good" music

Really like the dungeon synth stuff

Is there a list of robot tier books? I've never read much and want to get into it

Start a dream diary and write down what you remember as soon as you wake up, before you've checked your phone or made coffee etc. I started doing it because some new meds were giving me really psychedelic dreams, keeping a diary is apparently how to start lucid dreaming.

Sounds like normie problems to me lad, go on fuck off

ive thought about it before. i sometimes lucid dream by accident. especially if i sleep in.

actually loling at u rn

don't really care much for those albums, they just sound like the b-sides of the runescape soundtrack, but i do like youtube.com/watch?v=GIWGA2iqxjI quite a bit. Most of the songs on those albums are just too long for how simplistic they are and they end up getting boring because of it.

Don't read much fiction tbqh. the idiot by fyodor dostoyevsky is a bit robot tier, the main character is a proper autist and he gets obsessed with a girl over nothing.

I read you can train yourself to do it regularly, I just like looking at my diary seeing what my brain was mulling over from the day before and realising that for all the psychedelic effects they're fairly prosaic.

What are the best trees and how do they make it grow so weird?
Yeah, he saw mankind drastically change a lot and lived through major events we don't get anymore.

why? because i've actually had sex?

imagine inviting some girls to your house and playing fucking burzum lmao. you can't even dance to it.

Odds I eat food, evens I go to sleep instead.

alright lad i know you're baiting but Burzum is music for solitary listening obviously and not for groups.

I knew someone who'd make "fake" ones by getting a little sapling (20-30cm) then using copper wire to give it shape and pruning it in the right places. Young saplings are bendy enough to do this, especially pines and spruces.

Wish I told take her on a date tbqh laddos

It's ok I don't actually mean romantically as I don't like girls, but I think we could paint the countryside red together :^)

it's not music. it's a bunch of incels screaming about raping their mums or whatever.

i would have liked to have had a discussion about music but alas

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Oh that's alright then, I'm not good at the romance lark. It'd be a blast to do that in summer, the countryside is currently mud, mud and more mud.

Not a massive fan of metal music but enjoyed going to their gigs when I was younger and could handle unbridled mosh pit aggression

Me neither, hence trying to terrify /britfeel/ women into spending time with me :^) the mud is all teh fun anyway m8

If you've had sex I'll kick your fucking head in, genuinely. I will put you in the hospital.

I'm already in a hospital la, don't bother

What if I've had sex with your mum? Is that even worse?

all you need to know about music is that pretty much only niggers make good music, it's rare for a white person to make good music for the same reason white people can't dance. burzum is the whitest shit ever, so of course it sucks.


Ha, it'd take a fair bit to terrify me. I'm utterly sick of the mud, the equine flu put the shits right up everyone here so I've been out in my wellies the last week or so covering for people. I think I've developed trench foot.

That's bad news user is everything okay?

Ugh there's only one cure for trench foot, rip
Everything is fine pal I'm at work


As you know it's nearly 2am. I need to wake up at around 7am tomorrow for wagecucking.

I have slept around 2 hours in the last 48 hours.

Should I have a pizza? Should I have a snack? Should I try and go to bed?

Bit late for a pizza if you're getting up that early, i'd probably just go to bed and treat myself to a bacon butty on the way to work

Go to bed. Do not eat. Eating will just keep you up.

literally laughing at you

Call in sick and put mr shekelberg in his place

Yep, take the chainsaw to both of them and learn to walk on the stumps. I think I'm going out to the barn, night lads.

dont sleep for 5 hours it will feel like shit
rem cycles are 90 minutes
i would say try and get a 3hour nap.

Thinking about it.

Damn i hate sleeping

go to bed at 4 then?

could make a pack lunch the now i guess.

Alright lads who's gonna be my britfeel valentine?
I'd ask the guy who's really into scots if he wants a turn on the ole bag and pipe but I don't think he's around right npw

I meant a nice foots pa, a pumice stone and some nice cream but alri lass, na night x
Sorry lad, I've my heart set on someone else this year.

>i hate myself and i want to die

so how often do you say this to yourself in a day?

me? probably 15+ times a day.

>t. angsty 16 year old

Don't beat yourself up man, you're better than that

Almost finished the season 7 battle pass on Fortnite. Just two more damn tiers to go.

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>>i hate myself and i want to die
Well what's stopping you then?

cleaned up all my shit yesterday, now i gotta clean up all the challenges to unlock the overtime challenges coming next patch. not played properly in a week since apex came out though

>t. normalfaggot scum

So sick of wageslaving I want to escape. How much money does it take to go backpacking for a year assuming you livr cheaply? Sounds ultra normie but fuck this shit I want out.

>wah woe is me, you must be depressed to be a robot
if anything i can bet you're a failed normie or cyborg. true robots are content with themselves

you talk like a normie, smell like a normie and act like a normie.

Don't know you play that shit famalam

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