You are reborn with 100 points, how do you spend them?

You are going to be born again tomorrow. You will not remember anything of this life. You have 100 points, how do you spend them?

Here's the shop:

>Default: Randomly selected by world's population
>Western European (or Anglosphere diaspora) - 30 points
>Japanese - 25 points
>Eastern European - 15 points
>Jewish - 10 points
>East Asian (non Japanese) - 10 points

>Default: Your current IQ (adjusted to your new race)
>140 - 25 points
>130 - 20 points
>120 - 15 points
>115 - 10 points
>80 - 25 points

Your height:
>Default: Randomly selected depending on your parents
>6'4 (or any above) - 30 points
>6'1-6'3 (you choose) - 20 points
>6'0 - 10 points
>5'11 - 5 points
>Free to choose any height beneath this

Facial aesthetics;
>Default: Randomly selected depending on other variables
>10/10 - 60 points
>9/10 - 50 points
>8/10 - 40 points
>7/10 - 25 points
>Free to choose from any height beneath this

Your family:
>Default: Randomly selected according to other variables
>Very loving and caring family - 25 points
>Healthy, functional nuclear family - 20 points
>Free to choose anything subpar

Your family's wealth:
>Default: Randomly selected according to other variables
>1m USD/year - 30 points
>500k-1m USD - 25 points
>200k-500k - 20 points
- 100k-200k - 10 points
>Free to choose anything beneath

>Top 1% immune system - 10 points
>Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity - 10 points
>Pick the year you're born into (otherwise it'll just be 2019) - 20 points
>Older sister (randomly generated according to other variables, thus one might exist anyway) - 5 points
>Younger sister - 5 points
>Older brother - 5 points
>Younger brother - 5 points

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>80 iq
>8/10 face
Everything else default. Got 5 to spare so imouto I guess

What's the point in planning if I'm going to forget everything?

>no black option

You can freely choose to be any race if it doesn't have a price. Considering most the babies in 2019 are born in Africa the random generator will likely give you it anyway

>140 IQ
>five foot eleven
>top immune
>top metabolism
There are too many points. My life is now perfect

> Race
> no country

I dont want to be a rich white man in fucking Cambodia

Just pay for a fucking plane ticket

The odds of being a Western European being born in Cambodia is 1/100000. And if you hit it, you're probably the baby of reckless trust fund kids going on a 'world tour' or some shit.

>western european
>130 IQ

bruh theres no latino

These are all lit. OP's generosity with points is basically 'create your ideal self'

Race: Eastern European - 15
IQ: 120 - 15 points
Height: 5'6 - 5 points
Facial aesthetics: 7/10 - 25 points
Your family: Supportive of a NEET lifestyle, don't get involved. 0 points.
Your family's wealth: 1m USD/year - 30 points

low ball all of it and take pick year bonus and start in 3535. Whatever I'm suffering they can fix it before I'm born.

>20 points - born in 1933
>10 points - Jewish
>10 points - 6'0
>60 points - 10/10 face

Want a man in a strapping SS uniform to kiss me.

>be me
>6 years stem graduate degree
>wagecuck 10 years

>tfw 10points

>Western Euro (30pt)
>IQ: Default (0pt)
>Height: 5'11" (5pt)
>Face: 6/10 (0pt)
>Family: Very loving (25pt)
>Family Wealth: 1M / yr (30 pt)
>Bonus: Top 1% immune system

Being an only child into a very loving, rich as fuck family means I'm set for life. I'll inherit everything. They'll hook me up with jobs and connections.

Money is everything, and with it, I don't give a flying fuck about facial aesthetics beyond average. Hell, I was gonna go with 5'10" for 0 points, but I had 15 points leftover (threw the other 10 in immune system because I'd rather not have all this money and then die of MRSA). My current IQ is already more than enough to thrive in this scenario.

Threw my other 30 into Western Euro because fuck it.

Cash really does rule everything around us.

>East Asian, 10 points
South Korea is an option.
>Default, 0 points (10)
I'd be asian so I'm smart enough.
>Less than 5'11, 0 points (10)
5'10 thank you. Pretty average for asian.
>Facial aesthetics
>7/10, 25 points (35)
I have points to spend.
>Your family
>Functional, 20 points (55)
It's ok
>Family wealth
>200-500k, 20 points (75)
More than enough really.

>Top 1% immune system, 10 points (85)
>Top 1% metabolism, 10 points (95)
>Younger sister, 5 points (100)

Sounds pretty fun.

>Western European (30)
>200k-500k (20)
>Loving family (25)
>1 older brother (5)
>3 younger brothers 15)
>1 younger sister (5)

This is objectively going to be the best life.

30 - west euro
15 - 120 iq
5 - 5'11
50 - 10/10 face

family and family wealth don't matter, and the default option ensures a positive outcome if it's based on the other variables.

>younger sister

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>Eastern European
>120 IQ
>Healthy, functional nuclear family
>Younger sister

I would trade 5pts from 6'0 to 5'11" and put 10pts into the younger sister if I can assure that I will have a loving imouto like couch-user

>All these faggots wanting younger sisters

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Or brother

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Race: Japanese - 25 points
IQ: default
height: 5'10
facial: 8/10 - 40 points
Family: Very loving and caring family - 25 points
Family's Wealth: 99k
Bonus: Top 1% immune system - 10 points

hmmmm i wonder what all these bots would want younger sisters for

If you aren't picking top 1% immune system and metabolism you're a complete fucking idiot

>140 IQ
>healthy family
>1m USD/year

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Suicide by 20 after accidentally expressing emotion

Shoulda posted a pic of Frodo

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10/10 face
very loving and caring family
all bonuses


>Western European - 30
>130 IQ - 25
5'10 - free
>Loving and caring family - 25
>99k USD/year - free
>top tier immune system + metabolism and muscle building capacity - 20

That's a hundred points tallied.

irl I have a score of 182.5

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Western European: 30 pts
140 IQ: 25 pts
5'10 height: free
6/10 facial aesthetics: free
healthy, functional nuclear family: 20 pts
99k/yr: free
Top 1% immune system: 10 pts
Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity: 10 pts

Still have 5 points left so I guess I'll throw in an older brother for 5 pts

>Healthy, functional nuclear family
>Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity

Fear the jew

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for cuddling, protecting, headpats, and hold hands. having her be cute and take care of you when your sick.

if your mind is in the gutters, I must inform you having sex with your little sister is not acceptable.

That sounds like a relationship with a cat. I can't imagine doing that shit with my younger sister

This seems poorly balanced.

Being white is 30 points but being jewish is 10? Why would anyone waste their points on being white? Especially when there's an option to adjust iq to your race for free.

No idea why 80 iq is more points than 115 instead of being free.

Height and looks are both extremely overvalued.

1m usd/year family is extremely undervalued.

20 points to pick the year you're born in seems hardly worth it at all, there's very little reason to want to live in the past.

I'd go with jewish(10), default iq adjust for race(0), 5'10.9999999"(0), 7/10 face(25), caring/loving family(25), million usd/year(30), and then probably a sibling or one of the immune system/metabolism things.

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wtf, are you saying that your cat takes care of you when you're sick? or are you saying that you have sex with your little sister, you disgusting fuck.

>Being white is 30 points but being jewish is 10?

>wanting to be a filthy yid
The 20 extra points are worth it (as long as you aren't born in Italy or Iberia)

>Being white is 30 but being Jewish is 10

Jews tend to get depressed more and always feel on edge since they're a minority everywhere (unless you're born in Israel - but would you really want to be surrounded by Arab nations?)

80 IQ is the sweet spot for happiness and getting laid.

>Heights and looks are extremely overvalued


>1m usd/year family is extremely undervalued

Is it though? Rich kids always have mental illnesses and shit. And what difference does it make between 200k-500kyear/1m USD? A bigger yacht, who cares

>20 points to pick the year you're born in seems hardly worth it at all, there's very little reason to want to live in the past.

I agree with you but tell that to all the trads and shit

No the cuddling protecting and headpats part.

whenever my sister or I have been sick we take care of ourselves/mum & dad take care of us. or activelyl avoid because we dont want to get contagious'd

>not wanting to protect your little sister.
just because you have an emotionally cold relationship with your family doesn't mean that others who are caring are bad.


Protect from what? If she catches a cold she can take care of herself, I'm not going to get infected just to pat her head or whatever you fantasise about

>East euro - 15 pts
>130IQ- 15pts
>Very loving and caring family - 25pts
>100k-200k - 10pts
>Older sister - 5pts
>Younger sister - 5pts
!Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity - 10pts

80 IQ is like the stupidest white person I know
he has gotten laid with a handful of unattractive women and once attempted to drown himself when drunk in front of 20 people so idk

Being a jew is basically the same as being white, except you have a higher iq and you're likely to be better off financially.

80 iq is literally mentally retarded.

The jump between 7/10 to 8/10 is too high, for the same amount of points you could have rich parents which could set you up for having lots of money of your own, getting a good career, and being able to get plastic surgery.

Money/Upbringing are far more valuable than anything else but cost relatively few points.

I don't get why so many people want sisters but no one wants brothers

Having a daughter seems like a liability whereas having a son seems great, same logic imo

>Being a jew is basically the same as being white
>Money is far more valuable than everything else

Hmm (((who))) could be behind this post

>Being a jew is basically the same as being white
let the games begin

Wow wtf why are you here

no one wants to be a jew lmao

lol good guess but we all know there are no minorities on here

Point is that you don't really face any hardship being jewish in modern times. You're essentially treated the same as a white person outside of small subsets of people who generally hold no power in society.

>Point is that you don't really face any hardship being jewish in modern times.

Maybe not from other people but every Jew I've met has been a complete neurotic and thinks that there's an antisemitic waiting to grab them from around the corner. Whites might perceive Jews as their fellows, but it's not felt vice-versa.

you're right, it is very hard to distinguish a jew from a white, but the jews and the whites both dont think so

Really lol?

Jews have very distinctive noses, cheekbones, eyebrows and most importantly, surnames

It totally has nothing to do with my big sister JOI fantasy

>Eastern European - 15 points
>Default: Your current IQ (adjusted to your new race)
> (132 IQ)
Your height:
>6'0 - 10 points
Facial aesthetics:
>7/10 - 25 points
Your family:
>Free to choose anything subpar
Your family's wealth:
>1m USD/year - 30 points
>Top 1% immune system - 10 points
>Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity - 10 points

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congresswoman is called out for criticizing israel? criticizing israel isnt even anti semitic.

>Whites might perceive Jews as their fellows

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>it is very hard to distinguish a jew from a white
mate I can tell you exactly which european country a white person comes from just by looking at them I can sure as fuck spot a kike

For some reason I doubt you can tell the difference between a Portuguese man and a Spaniard, a Lithuanian from a Latvian, a Swede from a Norwegian, or even a Welshman from a Scot

Top 1% metabolism and muscle building, almost ensured to be athletic and almost certain to be world class athletic. - 10 pts

Japanese - First world nation and since almost all Japanese are in Japan or other 1st world nations I'll be almost guaranteed to be born in the first world. 25 pts.

IQ 140 - Literal genius level. I'll be smart and saavy enough to use my natural athletic abilities to their prime. 25 pts.

6' 4" or above - Combined with my ability to build muscle I'll be assured a massive and powerful body to be an athlete and make millions of dollars. 30 pts.

6.9 out of ten appearance. Oh well

I guess dedicated and loving single mother family. I'm already top tier intelligent and have superior genetics and I will grow up in the 1st world.

99,999 dollars equivalent family income. That's plenty.

10 points left. I guess I'd take a few brothers and we would dominate School sports and shit. Maybe be a dynasty like the Manning kids.


>Default: Your current IQ (adjusted to your new race)
>130 - 20 points

Your height:
>Default: Randomly selected depending on your parents
>6'3 - 20 points

Facial aesthetics;

Your family:
>Mixed, some liking and some cold

Your family's wealth:
>200k-500k - 20 points

>Top 1% immune system - 10 points
>Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity - 10 points

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absoIotely based

>IQ 140 - Literal genius level.
This is what sub 100 IQ people believe lmao.

>no option to pick gender
i pass

>t. mutt
ok well I can definitely tell a welshman from a scotsman that's pretty easy and probably have decent go at the others

>132 IQ

>wanting to be a girl


Japanese 25 points
120 15 points
5ft 4in 0 points
Default 0 points
Healthy functioning nuclear family 20 points
>Family Wealth
200k - 500k 20 points
>Year born
1990 20 points

Can be reborn as a girl?

This is as a 6'3, wealthy Black Bvll (Man) OP. You better not be tricky here
Everything might as well be meaningless if the gender is thrown into a lottery
Might as well not exist at all if you're gonna be sucking dick and taking it in the ass

>Eastern European - 15pts
>115 IQ - 10pts
>5'11 height - 5pts
>10/10 face - 60pts
>Raised by loving babuska - 0pts
>90k salary from babuska being talented seamstress -0pts
>Great immune system - 10pts

A perfect life as the most beautiful model in the world, then I turn a designer using the knowledge I gained from the industry and babushka!

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>I can definitely tell a welshman from a scotsman

I assure you that you're lying unless you belong to either of these demographics.

No one possesses the sort of retarded self-confidence that you do unless they're an Amerimutt.

>Japanese (-25)
>Current IQ is fine (-0)
>Below 5ft (-0)
>10/10 (-60)
>Orphan (-0)
>everything else is irrelevant because with the options I selected I'd be set for life

you made this too easy for girls

sad thing is, all the ones relating to appernce besides hieght i can change but the one thing i will never be able to is race pepehands, oh well ill just reproduce with a white woman. not racist just being white has so many advanteges in this world

That's not true, being a beautiful youthful Japanese orhpan girl is no good, because you would likely get molested and even sex trafficked.

>Eastern European to save up some points
> Default IQ, I'm a spic so it may just stay the same even after adjustment
>Buy 6'0 just in case race fucks me up
>Buy 8/10 face, going 9 or 10 would make me paranoid
>Choose a Single dad household with the best dad ever, mom is dead. That way I keep points and have an okay life with a good role model
>Buy 500 to 1m tier so I get assured higher education
Buy 1% Metabolism on the bonuses, since a body good at that will probably be good against disease too, and if I get any kind of hereditary disease the immune system would mean jackshit anyways

IRL I have 125 points but I'm still a fucking loser. Fuck I'm pathetic.

Anyways if I could choose:
EE [15]
IQ: 115 [15]
6' [10]
7/10 [25]
Very loving family [25]
100k-200k [10]
younger sister [5]

East Asian, 140 iq, 1m a year, 7/10 face, top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity.

>unless you belong to either of these demographics.

Race: Default - 0 points
IQ: 140 - 25 points
Height: 7'0 - 30 points
Facial Aesthetics: 6/10 - 0 points
Family: Very loving - 25 points
Wealth: 99k - 0 points
Top 1% immune system - 10 points
Top 1% metabolism and muscle building capacity - 10 points

Easy, who cares about race if I have an IQ of 140, measure 7 foot and am in the top 1% metabolism, muscle building and immune syste,

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>all 100 on luck

>5'10 freeboy points
>6/10 freeboy points
>single mom freeboy points
>1m USD/year
>top 1% metabolism
>little bro

comfy weaboo life
tfw female