Friendly reminder that you're an incel, 'cause your standards are too high

Friendly reminder that you're an incel, 'cause your standards are too high.

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oh boy. the feminist machine is here. being sexless now constitutes a homeland threat.

well im not gonna fuck a chernobyl escapee.

Friendly reminder that uggos aren't human. And I'd be damned if I were to fuck anything but another human.

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Saying you're not an incel if you wouldn't date an ugly deformed woman is like saying you're not hungry if you wont eat food that has gone bad.

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funny thing is her body count is probably higher than all of us in this thread combined

This earth is cruel as fuck. Thank you for this thread, op.

So they are volcels not incels, you fucking retard

Probably right.
I want a human being for a gf.
Not an animal.
Not an empty husk.
Human being with personality, thoughts, feelings, emotions and all that.
But they don't exist.

Youre such a fucking faggot and so stupid that you may as well just be a trap desu

>Blonde hair, blue eyes
>Objectively at least 6/10 face
>Undergrad in accounting at good Uni
>Text this 5/10 Korean dropout, after a few minutes of unenthusiastic back-and-forth she literally 'seens' me

yeah ok, fuck you.

Actually I score dates with girls way outta my league. They just leave when I show them my piss collection, which is weird.

>Friendly reminder that you're an incel, 'cause your standards are too high.
Wouldn't that mean you weren't 'involuntarily celibate'? Your statement makes no sense.

Aren't you that bitch from the hills have eyes porn parody?

I'm never going to stop being bitter that being an average man means the best I'm allowed to get is a deformed 2/10 reject
I've done nothing wrong, why am I being punished for it

>Mid 20s
>Have to work to pay the rent
>Have to work to pay the bills
>Have to work so much that there's fuck-all room for socializing
>Old friends also work a lot for the same reasons, so there are basically no social circles for me to meet anyone since we never see each other
>Was a an asocial retard to begin with, so no skills at flirting, not much of a personality, and not very interesting to talk to
>Haven't had sex since a one night stand with a ruined cougar 3 years ago

I'm an incel and surely, without a shadow of a doubt, OP is correct and my standards are too high.

all that and you still get ignored? wow your personality must be fucking terrible LMAO

A woman like that can easily bag a 4/10 or 5/10 male.

Thank you.
It's okay to feel bad.

Ok ok I see this a lot but,

I am seriously disgusted with this image

No, food that has gone bad will kill you if you eat it, an ugly woman with an okay personality will curb some of your loneliness but the ugliness will disgust and bother you, and embarrass you in public but you won't die from it. Dating an ugly woman is more like eating stale gruel that -almost- makes you vomit but doesn't. You won't like it but it won't kill you and it has /some/ calories to it.

>I'm involuntarily celibate but I could have sex but I don't want to because food analogy so that makes me an involuntary celibate