How does r9k feel about gavin mcinnes?

how does r9k feel about gavin mcinnes?

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I think he is probably close homo. I think vice jewed him pretty hard though he was a huge part of why it was successful

Your semi cool friends uncle

Creme supremacist asshole who used to be cool back in the 2000s and founded a magazine for idiots that doesn't fact check its sources.

He decided to be a fucking loser.

What makes him a "fucking loser"?

anyone who dresses like that has to be a closeted fag

>I think he is probably close homo.
Ya think?

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About to get BTFO by /ourguy/ Coppercab

He's a lolcow in my book at this point. Along with Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern, Charlie Kirk, and all the alt-lite retards

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>my dick is bigger than his

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holy shit thats cringy

>shaved ass
kinda sketch

he's gotta be gay with that sense of style

Hipster Alex Jones wannabe that attracts edgy alt right beta orbiters.

What the fuck???
why did he do this shit

To pwn libcucks

Another angry wh*te guy on the internet.

He's a pathetic fucking sellout. He should've stood by his convictions and never sold out the proud boys.
That being said he's had his moments unironically owning the libs, sometimes his boomer humor is on point, and I hope he fistfucks the Southern Poverty law center for their defamatory kikery.

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Why the fuck is he hard?

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Didnt he also actually put a dildo up his ass on the show

An NPC just like anyone else who sides with these childish distractions.

The Quartering is the only Jow Forums friendly news. He is actively against the ruining of male hobbies by feminists, along with actually being the only person I can think of that doesn't immediately condemn all "incels" just because they can't get sex.

Anyone who dresses like that, styles their hair that way, and does all that shit to their mustache is an absolute faggot. So the fact that he does all three makes him a penultimate faggot. That's my take.


>penultimate faggot
2nd only to you

Defend it

>quarter pounder

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>White people find this "entertainment"

Well, penultimate means 2nd to last, so if you call him a penultimate fag, who are you implying is 1st?

Oh wow I used that word wrong. Damn.

Don't worry it happens to all of us dummy