Swollen squishy mass of stuff that feels like veins right above my left testicle

>swollen squishy mass of stuff that feels like veins right above my left testicle

Oh fuck me what the fuck is this shit? Itouch my balls every day and this is the first time I felt such a thing. Why me???

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user, listen to me very closely. I am not joking about this at all. There is a pretty good chance that this is a tumor, and could be cancerous. If you don't go to the doctor as soon as possible about this, you could lose your balls or die.

Pretty sure that's just a normal thing.

I looked it up. It feels close to a "varicocele"

it's not nearly as big on my right side. it literally feels like a big bundle of veins

You can't be too careful. Please see a doctor as soon as you can

Sounds like testicular AIDS to me. Might already be too late.

Just go to the doctor, better safe than sorry

Go to the doctor if you dont want to end up like this guy.

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FUCK I don't fucking want to go to doctor and have and say "there's something weird on my balls"
I don't even know the process is, I'm at uni, I can't get to my GP, is it accepteble to go to the health center with something like this??

It doesn't even make sense for it to be cancer, isn't a tumor one solid mass ON the testicle itself? This isn't that, it's above my testicle and goes up into my body, I can literally push through it and "separate it" as if it were literally a bundle a veins

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well tumors need alot of blood so it makes sense, just go to any hospital and ask for a urologist. if it ends up being nothing atleast you got someone to play with your balls.

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Hope it's not a hernia, fren.

The last time I brought up something about my testicles I was so anxious I almost fainted. It's too embarrassing. I'd rather have a possible brain tumor than anything wrong downstairs that I need to ask about.

how come they never ask me to drop my pants without asking during a check up, as if it's a normal part of the check up? they've never done that to me, ever. Never had that "turn your head and cough" shit that seemingly every other male in the world has had. I don't care if they force me to let them check, anything so that I don't have to ask them myself

Doctors see MUCH worse and gross things than that. Don't worry about being embarrassed.

I thought hernias were in your groin, not your scrotum, and very painful too?

You're never going to believe this, but it's called "veins".

I understand they do. I'm not embarrassed that they're seeing my balls and dick and touching them, I'm embarrassed that I have to bring it up and talk about it with them

Inguinal hernia, fren. They aren't always painful.

i have no idea what that second part was lol, but i agree on the first one

well op you might have cancer. time to get both your testicles removed and join the furious eunuch club, all the cool guys are waiting for you here LOLLL

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I have that, it has always been there and it's on both sides, not getting it checked out lmao, sometimes it makes me nervous but if it wasn't supposed to be there it wouldn't be symmetrical.

He looks like hes loosing his mind, even his voice has changed to that of a sassy gay guy. I bet he will continue with his carcer inducing lifestyle tho.

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This user is probably correct. If it feels like swollen veins or like a "bag of worms" it is likely varicocele. Look it up on wikipedia. Nothing to worry about. Interestingly it usually affects the left testicle more frequently than the right.

lmao it's just cancer and they cured that like ten years ago

nm it was aids that they cured disregar

Don't go to the doctor user, an old man will put his hole fist inside your ass and viteotape it to the internets

I was literally just thinking about something similar
>Have pain in my liver area for a while
>Maybe I should see a doctor
>Haven't been to doctor besides ER in 16 years
>Call family physician
>He's been retired for 10 years
>Gives me a list of doctors looking for patients
>None of them are available for new patients

What the fuck do I even do? It's not an ER thing and clinics aren't equipped for this shit
>Tfw I'm 32 years old and don't even know how to get basic medical treatment in a first world

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>None of them are available for new patients
Well if you weren't a dumbass you wouldn't have just given up there. Literally just search the internet for doctors near you and set up an appointment with one that is covered by your insurance. Dont act like its complicated.

user, it's socialized health care in my country. I called like 8 doctors in my area.

I got a varicocele too. it basically makes you a low test retard. probably explains why you're on Jow Forums

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Sounds like varicocele. It's probably fine, but quit being a fucking pussy and get in to see a doc, if you're on a college campus its probably the 12th penis they've seen that day, and they'll forget you exist by tomorrow.

>socialized health care
Oh shit my bad, yeah you're fucked

I had mine checked last summer, it's not that bad. the only weird part was having a 7/10 nurse do an ultrasound on my balls. Lucky they found nothing wrong and testicular cancer has a ridiculously high survival rate anyways (99% or something like that), but for real get yours checked just in case.

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You are not gonna die because of testicular cancer, it is very rare even if its advanced. I should prob go too.. I have almost the same thing on the bottom of my left ball

I had these from jerking off to much on meth. take regular hot baths and try stretch your legs to the point where your balls feel like theyre untangling

FUCK. Guess I'll just walk it off.

>Jerking off while on meth
Oh boy. Only bought that shit once. Went on a 4 day bender and did the same. It was like uncomfortable drenched it sweat type of jerk off with hit flashes. Never again, I said.