Capitalism is the best economic syste-

>Capitalism is the best economic syste-

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>it's a ditch diggers should earn the most money because they do a lot of physical labor episode

this thread was made by gulag gang

I want to cum inside Belle

>beta orbiter scum losing money
>a bad thing

Literally doing God's work, swindling money from dumbass betas.

I fail to see how this is 'bad', senpai
if anything it's proof the system works

REEEEEEEEEEE Stop spending your money however you like!
I don't spend money on e-thots, but Christ, knock some sense into your fellow men instead of blaming businesswomen for supplying desired product

Capitalism is the final economic system because it is the one that appeals to human nature. Human nature also includes worshipping disgusting whores like Belle Delphine, it goes hand in hand with capitalism. If you try to implement communism, you have to rule with a fist of iron to prevent the natural progression of things towards that which reveals humanity's true nature. Eventually, a weak link in your dictatorship will come, whether it takes several decades or several thousand years, and the progression will continue. Whores, materialism, worship of nigger culture, promiscuity, everything robots and Jow Forums hates about this world, is a product of this natural progression. It is unavoidable and inevitable, like the higher entropy leading to ultimate balance in the universe.

Under Communism, we would all have an e-thot gf.

Fascinatingly wrong.

Hopefully one of her obsessive orbiters kidnaps/kills her

Even if he's right I bet he'd be one of the autists screeching at robot culture of 3d waifus. The threads are generally pruned now days. Yet it's to be expected. i know Jow Forums is not one person but, really makes me think.

So how do you feel about waifu threads user? You can't have your cake and eat it too you know.

Well, she's smart in a way.

>so asshurt you can't even come up with a rebuttal
This is peak reddit arguing.

>e-girls are all communist because they want to share what they have with everyone
w-whoa, it actually all makes sense now.

No, you would just be killed for being a defective retard.

Not every post on the internet is worth debating. Sorry your post wasn't one of them.

White boys giving money to white girls who get blacked. It's the perfect system

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Are you expecting upvotes? What is your end goal here with all these reddit tier gotcha posts?

>she provides a service that some people want
>people that want that service trade it for money
>no one is getting hurt
>she isnt stealing from anyone

i really fail to see whats wrong here.
i would never paid for something like this so i dont. done

>i dont know what capitalism is
read the wikipedia article faggot

There's no "gotcha", I just said your post was wrong and you decided that I must be angry. Nobody itt is angry. Have a free random e-girl for your troubles, but it's the last (You) I'm giving you.

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This. Girls posting pictures on the internet isn't "capitalism" anymore than sharing a sandwich is "communism."

>Economical system =\= culture
Make arguments against these people, talk to other people if you want a cultural change. If you make compelling arguments, attitudes will change and social pressure will change culture eventually.

>but it's the last (You) I'm giving you.
Glad to have made you this mad, redditor.

>tfw no government assigned instagram goth thot gf

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i would give her all the money in my bank account just to nut one time inside her warm, tight little pussy

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There is but ok

Nobody said that. It's the fact that people can be obscenely wealthy just by being fap material for losers.

We used to call these people whores, and it wasn't a valid career choice.

There is a government assigned instagram thot gf for me?

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Fuck off, fag. I want to fap and if other dudes want to pay for my boner who cares? Little bitch.

I feel dumber for having read this word salad.

DAMN IT NO! Thats what she WANTS you to think! Dont fall for it!!

i was only joking user, i'm a neet with $0 balance in my bank account.

would still love to empty my balls inside her though, given the chance

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t-these shirts aren't real r-right?

I wonder what she looks like when she's not slapped on a fucktonne of make-up on with a snowplow.

She has freckles.

Wish I could tell you they arent

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The cunt's providing an in demand service. It's dumb, but there's nothing wrong with it. Blame the dumbass orbiters that make it work.

I hate white women anyway

A fool and his money are soon parted

Does she even post real nudes on her private snap or just teasing shit like that

Shes just taking advantage of a luxrative market. Can't really blame her.
Blame the idiot rich betas wasting their money on her.

yea she posts "real" nudes from time to time though i guess she prefers not to go full frontal cuz her tits are too small

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The number of people irl defending this chick's right to make literally over a million dollars a year for being cute is insane.

this is probably the closest to no makeup you can find on the internet

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Barbarism is the final system of government because it appeals to human nature. If we just stop governing at all and let everyone act on their animal instincts, human society will be great.

Thank you capitalists for teaching us that human society works best when we all act like animals instead of organizing to advance society. Who the fuck wants to do that anyways. Civilization? Fuck that pussy shit. Just rape, steal and kill. Human nature faggot.

that's how sandniggers act, and they're not human beings
go back to saudi, mohammed

A fool and his money is soon parted. Capitalism doesn't and shouldn't stop people from wasting their money on useless shit.

She'll be forgotten in 2 years. Great that she'll be a millionaire, but that million will only be finite.

desu if I looked like her I would whore myself out, too.