Jow Forums truly died when orbiters were cast out. Prove me wrong

Jow Forums truly died when orbiters were cast out. Prove me wrong.

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All the bums that orbit this completely AVERAGE 5/10 girl are to blame

You fucks have such low standards that it makes me SICK

You are correct.


orbiters are the most oppressed minority

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Check the dates and post quantity. Check closely.

All orbiters deserve the rope.

I also love how a face thread is so hot to be on that list.

What I don't get is why the janitors keep deleting these threads where actual discussion, yes it's not a great discussion but still, yet let the bs mtf, hrt, random hate threads that never go anywhere. Why is their autism ok but ours isn't?

Goodbye Ciara. Stay away.

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Because they're trolls and like it to be the 'bait' board.

>lol loser men want to meet up
>ban that shit they deserve no friends
>lol loser males lonely trade pictures of females
>gay is fine though
>race bait is fine though
>silly lonely straight white males fuck niggers and each other then xD

im the same age as ciara
will she be my gf

No she is dating a 36 year old man

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Ciara looks like a retarded child

Post rare sunny's while you have the chance!

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i want to actually die
i have a noose in the woods behind my house

Orbiting wasn't shunned until incels migrated from reddit.

Sometimes it's best to put down a dying dog.

Jow Forums died when reddit incels started invading. Luckily they seemed to have either fucked off or assimilated.

Yes, and most incels are from their inceltears sub. They have mostly visitors of their subs, their normalfag invasion was actually real so they brought the onslaught with them. Their inceltears becomes their mods over there, it stands to reason we have inceltears jannitors here now.

Hence things like 8 chan existing, yes.

There is actually a tripfag in this thread bitching about board quality and moderation. Such terrific irony.

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>Facebook frog
No you.