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It's gotten so bad I'm now jealous of gay couple's. Someone help

I'll burn it all
together with my emotions
that is my salvation

Don't worry, they don't last. All the cheating, open fucking and drama deletes them all eventually.

Okay but the cool popular boy that talked to me a few times gets to cuddle with the student government president and it's just not fair

I'm so lonely. Why am I so boring and unlikable?

>cute twink I like is starting hrt

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Look on the bright side, he's far too damaged to have anything to do with. He dodged the fucking bullet for you.

pretty sure he's going to be the one shooting you with many bullets

They'll both be dead by 45. Don't envy them.

Yeah, like I said. He's fucking nuts. No loss.

Because you're dumb and purposely being boring. I've met plenty of NEET's who make conversations interesting. Also, it should be noted that if someone doesn't talk to you 24/7, it doesn't mean you're boring.

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never stick your dick crazy

>if someone doesn't talk to you 24/7 it doesn't mean you're boring.
Okay well how often is normal, once a week? I'm autistic dude theres a reason I'm here, I don't have the mental capacity to know this naturally like a normal human being, you said yourself that I'm stupid.


how come Im never able to get a yandere aspie bf from these threads?
shut up normalfag back to r(*ddit with you

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'Normal' is what you make it. What should be remembered is, no one will ever go out of their way to talk to (You) unless they're lonely. Therefore, you should keep initiating to see how they respond.

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>yandere aspie bf
This is me to a T
Thank you for posting best boy btw

I'm also a yandere aspie but you probably won't like me since I need someone of interest to cling to first. And you're probably boring since you're seeking someone like this.

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all gays are yandere

>know I don't have a chance with a guy
>start being bitter towards him

What is this mental illness called?

the homosexual condition

That could be a mix of shit self-image and loneliness, also I forget the name for the defense mechanism but it's something your brain does to avoid hurting yourself.

okay good my discord is Momo#5383 and I am a very interesting person

I will not add you unless you talk to me in the thread and give me a reason to do so.

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why do i feel like ive seen this discord posted multiple times on here

This is one of those guys who ghosts you for no reason

Who all does not have a valentine?

I was going to add you but after reading the replies I think it's better I don't, you'd probably ghost me for living in Europe anyhow

God I want to hurt gays so bad. I need to make them feel pain. fucking mentally ill faggot shits

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please kill me, i want out of this misery

not kill just hurt I couldn't handle the guilt of murder

I want you to know I love you user and that I bet you're very cute

please, i've already been hurt enough, just end it and make sure to shoot twice

Can I suck your dick user, dont dismiss a good dude suck before you try it

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Okay so what are your interests? mine are origami, physics, organic chemistry, art and anime.

I'm fucking beautiful but I don't want your mentally ill faggot love

faggot lmao
do you want to die that badly?
you knew from the start

No! My dick is for women only you mentally ill queer stop it

Please user ill wear a wig and you can call me Stacy

I'm sorry user, but I'm afraid I can't stop loving you. You're just too sweet. I would love to get to know you better.

I'm out faggots this was not productive fuck I want to hurt you

we did good

>Tfw no ohio bf for valentines day
That's it, i'm gonna say the n word

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hollar me at perimeter @mirsolav rapcak
free blowjobs guaranteed!
i also have a discord @ Hankel#1097

Me, wish i had alcohol for tomorrow.

What kind of alcohol would you want user?

doesn't work user

Maybe dark beer or some fruit vodka with cola. Anything that would make me drunk honestly.

Where are you from in ohio? I'm near columbus.

He added a ton of people and ghosted them or they ghosted him I don't really think anything notable happened past that.

pretty close, on the east side of 270

oh is it actually you again where'd you go

what do you mean, I come on here about every 6 weeks to do my meme post then forget r9k exists

First it's Sil now it's this fatass, are you all coming back to shit this place up or what?

try with swap the h
(it's an ascii h)

i hate you gays so much

Could you guys please honestly fuck off to the lgbt board

every 6 weeks for almost a year and a half now? if you're the same guy from way back in the day you definitely posted way more often than that and had a much bigger gap in not posting. i only ask because the file name is the same, and if it is i'd rather you didn't talk here anymore since you're a self posting whore

Oh, I see. There's no way you'd get alcohol so you can survive through tomorrow?

Frick off nerd ill do what I want

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I might get some or i might steal some but it wouldnt be much. Id want to get wasted really badly, its not even about valentines but ive been feeling like shit for a long time now and i need to get a mind reset.

any iowa anons here? ;_; orig

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at least you didn't deny that you posted pictures of yourself trying to be a trap in the r9gay discord server. i forget if you were one of the ones that threw a fit over the fact that they got rid of the selfies channel, probably though

Good luck with setting your mind then user, and I hope that you get to feeling better tbch.

go on grindr
and have sex
not like you have capacity for pain and emotion
not like you give a fuck
but it's so easy to paint yourself as a hurt victim after hurting countless others, right?

i wanna sniff a smelly cock

are we doing slam poetry now

sent a requesto

>go on grindr
>and have sex
I've already done this and it's just as empty as you'd expect it to be.

>and I hope that you get to feeling better
So do i, you should get some drinks too user.

>When you overhear gay classmates talking about their shit experiences with bisexuals.

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hey user. lets cuddle. im cold.

I wasn't trying to be shit. You really hold a grudge over some pixels from over a year ago lol?

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>you should get some drinks too user
I might do that myself, we shall see.

Not him but I remember that. Yeah, it is starting to look like a few of the server fags are coming back, sucks it's not the interesting ones tho.

yeah but casual sex with people you don't feels gross. it's why cuddling is inherently better than sex. sex you can get from any rat-addled street corner, but cuddling can only be done with someone you truly love.

speaking of pain and emotion i've done this counting calories gig for 7 days

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this but they're straight and they're annoyed with gay people for the crime of existing

>over a year ago lol?
like you probably aren't going to do it again, if not worse, the second you find someone in your state lmfao. i figured it's just fair to warn other anons that have the displeasure of adding you. interesting you came back the day before valentine's though, is the blind validation from seeing legs not enough ?

How's it been going for you user? I've never had much results from dieting

the damage is done
i'm giving him the outcome he wanted
the one he expected
since he crushed my only hope
i will crush his in return

you hear about the proposed bill in Tennesse?

Im sure we can agree that anyone who has been on "official r9gay discord servers" should be avoided and bullied.

>trying to be a trap in the r9gay discord server
Reminder to not associate with these people.

based anons thank you

at the start i was 160 pounds and now the scale says i'm 155 pounds (i just woke up).
that seems like i lost more than what i thought i would, i'll have to check again later.

yea m8, i wont stop till the whole world sees my thunder thighs, and once i reach my goal i'm coming to crush you with them.

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what about going on grindr and faking emotion?
what about having casual sex with strangers and denying one that genuinely likes you
I don't care if people dislike me for being bitter and vengeful, i can't contain this anger.
call me a kid i'll answer to that.
a monster as well.
I'll carry these curses on my back for eternity.
there is no cure
there is no hope
despair and death await
2nd law man

see now it's not fun because you're trying too hard, i'll still be here to ruin your chances though

>tfw no bottom bf that doesn't uwu

Most anons in this thread abhor Grindr. Your posts read like a 14 year old single chromosomed troglodyte that forgot to take his meds.

>tfw no bottom bf that doesn't s-stutter

>tfw no bottom bf that uwus and s-stutters

>so hurt he wont give me my (you)
Now you're just being a sore loser

>tfw no bf that lets you chew on his fingers

is it really a turn off for some people?

>tfw no top bf that wants to eradicate all uwu and s-stutter posters

not fun for you
i'm enjoying my time
go to fucking bed
go get your grindr fix or whatever you like
like lmao

i would argue most use it out of desperation
nobody wants to be lonely after all

i wasn't talking to you, go take your meds schizo